Stone to flesh, flesh to stone
Stone is our brother, our father, our Mother
Stone is our sibling, we are its child

Flesh to stone, stone to flesh
Flesh is our sister, our uncle, our Aunt
Flesh is our gift, we bear it well

[Name] bore his flesh with pride
Kept it strong in the service of Stone
We who remain are glad for him

[Name] was a true daughter of Stone
Spreading the music of the Song Which Is Second
But now she plays The Walker's Dirge

Mourn not for it! They who have passed.
The Heart-Soul is gone, the Mind-Soul shall fade
But the Name-Soul lives on in the Song of the Stone

To Mother Stone and Father Sculptor
We send its Name
All who are present, remember it well.

Li zhima qria, li qria zhima
Zhima shlin muradu, shlin sinyiashu, shlin Sinyiashi
Zhima shlin murad, shinli yinas thianqal

Li qria zhima, li zhima qria
Qria shlin muradi, shlin sinyadu, shlin Sinyadi
Qria shlin vasam, silan shinli thian viazham

Silanurg lash tsalmam [Name] qria aqiluqal
Tsimalurg srudli Zhima dul
Jazhmur zhalni shalhunulmur lash tsalmam shinli aqilu

Shanurg [Name] tsilin yinasi Zhimaqal
Mazh breth mal Salnaurg Giazhi Qanami
Mazh miqa aqili Agbuv-Giazhi Norzhniashqal

Qitsan agbuvam! Zhumdiurg aqila
Balnuurg Lalnia-Yinalim, marazhurg Miralu-Yinalim
Shanmur Thrin-Shulini sli Giazhi Zhimaqal

Li Sinyiashi Zhima breg Sinyiashu Lilnyaash
Zhumdi shinli Thrin thianqal
Shabdu nim mishi, shalhunmur thian.

To stone flesh, to flesh stone
Stone our male-sibling, our male-creator, our female-creator
Stone our sibling, we creation of it

To flesh stone, to stone flesh
Flesh our female-sibling, our uncle, our aunt
Flesh our gift, carrying we it nobly

Carried with happiness [Name] flesh of him
Kept strong Stone always
Continue to be who will always remember with happiness we him

Lived [Name] good (well) female-creation of Stone
Sounding music of Coming Song Second
Sounding now she Sad-Song of That-Which-Walks

No sadness! Passed they
Went Heart-Soul , faded Mind-Soul
Living continuously Name-Soul in Song of Stone

To female-creator Stone and male-creator Carver
Passing we Name of it
Staying all here, will always remember it.