My little cat came to my life on 4th march, 2010, along with 2 other kittens, whom we failed to save. My dad named her 'gurguri', I named her 'guria'. At first, her mother, i.e. my other cat hid her in an empty water tank upstairs. We were scared that she would starve to death, so we wanted to bring her outside.

When I tried to touch her, she just retreated backwards in fear, and hissed at me. We put a bowl of milk in front of her, hoping that would make her loosen up. But nope! Guess what? My older cat smartly entered the tank and drank the milk!

Finally, my mom managed to put the kitten in a basket and get her out. We brought her downstairs, into our trying room. She was really, really tiny and thin, probably starving.

She and I didn't really get along well at first. My older cat was teaching her self-defense techniques. Whenever I got near her, Guria would attack my toes and feet! She would scratch me, and try to bite me! I was just fed up of her. She made it impossible for me to cuddle her- she thought she was supposed to fight with me all the time!

Then as she grew up, and her mother disentangled from her, Guria got closer to me. I finally managed to cuddle her, and place her in my lap, and to stop her from biting me. We got along really well, she became a part of my life, my best friend.

Guria had the habit of clinging to humans. She would always try to sit on our laps, she loved to be cuddled. She was a 3 colored cat- white, red and black, with a black tail. I used to call her 'multicolored cat'. She was beautiful.

She had the habit of tilting her head and looking at me. She also had the habit of hiding inside people's dresses and gowns. She used to hide under my sheets and my mom's sarees. Whenever the door was closed, she put her paw inside and tried to open it, never succeeding. She would 'meow' after that (Gosh, I miss her meow!), and keep on meow-ing until we gave her food or cuddled her. She used to scratch her nails on the door. She slept in front of my aquarium.

She was one of the cutest and most pampered kittens in the world.

Just two days back I was cuddling her, when I tried to get up and accidentally hurt my back on the kitchen table. My back still hurts, but my kitten isn't with me anymore…

Last night, she went outside the house, and never came back. She has never been out of the house for this long, and we fear the worst.

My older cat is miserable. She is just sitting on the floor and staring at the entrances. I feel horrible, I feel helpless.

I still haven't given up all hopes. But in case she really doesn't come back, here's something I want to say.

I love you Guria. I will never forget you. You will always be missed, my little baby!