Tim Blackwell looked at his wife Lisa from across the wooden table. "What should we do with it?" His voice was almost in a whisper, which meant that he was just as scared as Lisa was. Being afraid wasn't in the job description of being a husband and yet here he was, his body shaking and his mind in a ball of confusion.

"You mean 'it' being our little girl. She has a name Tim and it's Carson, unless you've forgotten that already. And what we do with her…" with that, Lisa looked down at the table. She had seemed strong at the beginning and now she felt like she was in complete ruins. Her daughter was only a baby, but at the same time, she was not a human born child. Something was wrong with her. Dreadfully wrong, and she knew that she wouldn't be able to handle being a parent any longer.

Suddenly, a knock at the door broke the silence that the two of them were in. Both parents looked at each other, wondering whom it could be at this time of night. Tim ended up giving in. He stood up from his chair and walked slowly over to the old wooden entrance of his large dark house. He opened the door a crack, just to find two middle aged looking men standing there. Neither, he recognized, however he saw that they weren't armed with any weapon to rob his home, so he relaxed his shoulders. "Can I help you both?"

The taller of the two, stepped forward towards the door. "Yes, Mr. Blackwell. My name is Mr. Falkner and this is my associative Mr. Langler. We have come, in regards to your daughter." Tim tilted his head in even more confusion then before, but before he could think about what he was doing he said, "Of course, come in, come in."

Both men stepped over the threshold and followed Tim into the kitchen, where his wife was still seated. Lisa glanced at the party before her, with a question in her eyes. When both men sat down, including her husband, Mr. Falkner cleared his throat to begin. "My name is Mr. Falkner, Mrs. Blackwell. And this is my associative, Mr. Langler. As I told your husband before, we came here in regards to your daughter. We believe that she is a special child and under certain care, she will grow to be a great woman. Do not ask, how we know about her, because that is of course confidential information. What we can tell you is that we have a place where she can grow and develop."

Lisa decided to interrupt them at this point. "What kind of place?" Mr. Falkner turned to look at her with piercing black eyes. "Think of it as a school. There are other students there, that have specialties, but of course your daughter is very unique. She will be different then the others there, however, this does not mean that she cannot relate. The academy is not expensive and in fact will not cost you anything. Except for the fact that she must stay there until she has mastered her abilities."

"So what does that mean? We cannot see her until then? How long will it take her to master, the thing that she does? How do we know that we can trust you?" Tim leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed. These men were not going to take their daughter away, without more questions first. "You cannot see your daughter until she has finished what she needs to accomplish. Mastery is different for each person at the school. It is not something that can be timed or even waited for. Whenever she is ready to complete what she needs to complete, then she may leave our training. You don't know if you can trust us, so you're just going to have to take the chance."

Lisa took a small glance at her husband and their eyes connected. The option of their daughter leaving finally, really did seem appealing, especially at this point. She turned back to the two men in front of her and squirmed slightly in her seat. "Do we have time to think it through? Or do you need to know right now?" Mr. Falkner let out a sigh and looked at his associate who nodded his head. Then, he blinked several times, as if he was still registering the question. Finally, after a couple of seconds he answered.

"Unfortunately, we do not have time ourselves. We need to get back to the academy and Mr. Langler has some business that has to take care of. We must know your decision now." Tim nodded his head and looked towards Lisa. They hated getting rid of their daughter so quickly, yet at the same time, they couldn't take it. The girl was not their own, but in fact something that neither of them could control any longer.

Lisa swallowed hard, knowing that she would soon be near tears. "Our answer is yes, then," she said quietly. Without glancing at the party before her, she quickly got up from the table and went into the dark living room, where her daughter was sleeping. She lifted the small baby from her crib and carried her into the kitchen, where the two strange men were now standing. "Her name is Carson," she said in the same soft voice. "Be careful with her."

Something flickered behind Mr. Falkner's eyes, but before Lisa or Tim could decipher what it was, he took Carson from Lisa's hands. "Don't worry Mr. and Mrs. Blackwood. Your daughter will be just fine with us." With that, both men walked swiftly out the door and into the deep night.