Chapter 6

I grabbed Emma by the shirt and yanked her towards me. When she was only inches away, I kissed her hard on the lips again. My heart was beating wildly in my chest and I was barely able to contain myself. While I was kissing her, I felt her rip open my white blouse, the buttons quickly popping out and my black bra now completely exposed. Her tongue battled hard with mine in my mouth and then she slowly moved lower.

She was making her way down my neck and towards my still covered breasts. Emma trailed her soft mouth across the valley of my skin as I closed my eyes, loving every minute of it. Then, I felt her stop. I looked down at her with sexual frustration, wondering why she had paused. "Do you want me to go lower?" She was asking permission? Fuck, she really was too pure. "Yes," I groaned.

"Yes, what? Carson, you have to wake up! It's your turn!" I blinked my eyes and glanced over at my best friend who had been shaking my shoulder. Her expression of concern on her beautiful face gave me confusion for a second, until I realized where I was. It was the next day and I was in stupid Mr. Langler's class. My eyes widened and I quickly got up from where I was sitting.

I walked over to stand across from my teacher and realized that I was finding it hard to walk, like the other night when I was with Jasmine. "When, your ready Carson." I nodded my head and tried to focus on the task in front of me, instead of the dream that I just had. I closed my eyes and once more pictured my electrical current running heatedly through my veins. Slowly, I fluttered my eyes open, and pushed my hands out, trying to focus everything, including my emotions, into them.

Light flashed through the room, as my hands seemed to explode with more power then they had last time. In fact, just like Master Falkner had told me, my teacher was not able to keep up his shield. I had gotten better and had broken it easily. Electricity went through the spell and into Mr. Langler's chest. After I realized that I hit him, I pulled back my power and ran over to him. Gasps and silly girls screamed in awe, as they all saw that he was now knocked down.

"Are you all right sir?" I couldn't help my voice from shaking. Maybe I really did need to be tutored after all and maybe freedom was actually in my grasp. "Yes, I'm fine. Carson, you're going tonight." Before I could ask him where exactly I was going, he stood up and clapped his hands. "As you all can see, experience and focus can make a difference. Carson, you can return to your seat now." I walked quickly back to my place next to Emma, feeling my face go red. I could feel people staring at me, which made me want to disappear.

"Tonight, there will be no mission. But the next time I see you all, we will have one planned. Class is dismissed." As I stood up from my seat, I felt my best friend pat me on my back. "Good job, Carson," she whispered in my ear. "Thanks," I mumbled and moved away from her. I didn't want any more physical contact with her, even if it was small. "I'll meet you in the garden." I watched her nod her head and then she gave me a re-assuring smile. "Okay, sounds good."

When I saw that Emma and the other student's left, I went up to my teacher again. "Sir, what did you mean that I was going tonight? I thought you said that there were no missions to go on?" Mr. Langler turned around and looked at me lazily. "You're going to see Master Falkner tonight for your first lesson." I nodded my head. "All right, thank you sir."

With that, I headed out the door. I wondered what my first lesson would be like. Would the master hurt me? Would he show me some tricks to my power? The uncertainty of it was what I didn't like about the whole idea. I never liked taking chances or risks, because damage would usually come after in the conclusion.

Finally, my attention was drawn to the large open hallway and the garden at the end of it. The garden; was mainly used for a hang out area in between classes, or just a private place to talk. There were stone benches to sit on and gigantic luscious green plants that could be seen behind a clear glass. The room surrounding the glass was usually dark, with a little light that could be seen from the ceiling.

Emma, I saw was sitting on one of the stone benches waiting for me. "Hey," I said, as I sat down on the far side of the bench. "Hey. What did Mr. Langler say?" She looked towards me and we made eye contact. I tried to ignore the shiver that went down my spine from just the sound of her voice. "Master Falkner wants me to see him tonight." I made myself look away from her and up at the clear glass in front of me.

"Oh. Well are you nervous?" I pushed a blonde strand of hair out of my face and then shifted a little bit. "No, of course not. Why should I be?" I was nervous, but there was no way I was going to tell Emma that. She had a certain perspective of me and there wasn't any reason for me to take that away from her. "I don't know. Maybe because no one else that we know of has ever been called for private tutoring with him before. Plus, we hardly ever see him around school. Don't you think that's a little weird?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't think it's a big deal. If you want, I'll text you when I'm done and then you can sneak into my room so I can tell you about it. How does that sound?" I glanced back at her then and saw her give me a small smile. "Sure, sounds cool. Anyway, guess what?" I let out a small breath and turned my attention back towards the garden before me. "What?"

"I think I like this guy from our class." Before I could even realize it, my head whipped around in shock. "Really? Who?" Didn't she like me still? "Charlie. He's another shape shifter in our class. Do you remember he turned into a dog or something a couple of days ago?" The memory of the guy wasn't too strong, but I was able to make out a slightly handsome face. "Oh, uh, yeah, I think I do. Are you going to ask him out?" Part of me wanted her to say no. Actually, most of me wanted her to say no.

"Yeah, I think I will. I mean I've never had a boyfriend, or a girlfriend for that matter. Maybe it'll be fun." Her small smile that was on her face disappeared and for some reason I felt like she didn't mean what she was saying. "You don't sound too convinced though. Make sure he's really what you want." I sounded like a fucken profit. A new emotion was now taking over and it felt like it was tearing me up inside.

This time it was Emma's turn to shrug her shoulders. "He's not what I want. But sometimes you have to take what you can get." That shot hurt inside me like a dagger that was on fire. "Anyway, I think we should head to our next class, or we're going to miss it." So, at that, we both got up and we walked in silence out of the room and back down the long hallway.