The Girl in the Mirror

"I can't plan a poem; it has to just be written if you have an idea or strong emotion."

Josie Ruby Dabinett, my Other Mother, whose words have given me the confidence to write about the person I see in the mirror, the person who nobody else sees but me, the girl that has formed from the love of my many sisters.


The mirror that I look in,

The girl that I see,

Who is this stranger?

It can't possibly be me.

Why does she not cry for her past?

Or sigh for her present?

Or worry for her future?

Her armor has not a dent.

Who has those strange green eyes?

Or that long, silky hair?

Who has those looks that, if I had them,

I would not so willingly share?

What is that giggly side?

Where are the looks of a broken child?

Why does she always smile, regardless

Of her life being wild?

The mirror shows reflections,

But I see a different girl.

A girl who has everything she wants,

And can smile to the world.

A girl who's online family she never met,

Yet loves them with all her heart,

A girl who simply loves to write,

And whose imagination is her sight.

A girl who loves her Mother J,

A girl who loves her RaRa twin,

A girl who values Sister C and Sister P,

And with her Sister V, loves to grin.

That's why, when I stand before the mirror,

I have nothing but to say:

"Who is this strange, new girl,

That I see every day?"