A funny thought pops into my mind

A brief, infinitely simple connection,

Hooked upon the parallels only I can see.

Wasn't I a person that pursued both dream and reality?

No, not even something as something as that,

Two paths split upon a forest road,

But both lead to the same exit, right?

Only I can see the difference, perhaps,

That one is steeped in dreams and impossibility,

While the other is real and truly regular

Indeed, why even walk on the first,

If I don't even believe it is true?

In life we are told to grasp our dreams,

While keeping in mind the cruel realities of life.

Why keep trying, if you know you cannot succeed?

So I find it funny, absolutely hilarious

That the path I find myself on,

Is none other then the first.

That despite my doubt, and criticism and fear,

It is the impossible path that accepts me.

What better way to kill me?

What better way to confuse me?

Now you the reader,

Do you think you understand me?

If you don't, that's fine.

If you do, then you are wrong.

Because I drive myself on not being understood.

Because I keep myself afloat by understanding others.

After all, there's no reason for even this,

Except to mask a thought I once had.

A brief, infinitely simple connection.