I am vanity

Bad to the bone, I am half way gone and almost done with

being my own best friend because I am receiving none of

God's blessings. Its lights out in the city of angels and I feel

like letting go of myself. Blind, I awake in the shadows with

a feeling that something such as my dignity is missing in my

life. I am nothing without my dignity; therefore I consider

myself to be vanity. Broken, it feels good to be forsaken,

shaken and to allow my mind to be taken away by the wind

to a place where I can be kind and not be blind anymore for

once in my life. OH, my majestic and tragic lover, I'm sorry to

say your magic tricks are not powerful enough to save me.

Please don't have pity on me because I don't need your

sympathy since I know I will be the death of you someday

for making you to be angry and cry. Losing grip of reality

and serenity, please forgive me if I decide to slip away before

I can say I love you. I know I will be better off dead so go

ahead and take the lead while I burn my ashes in my internal

abyss where I will sleep in silent bliss until I can discover my

own self worth.