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C. So

Alma named him Loup.

He was the tiniest puppy she had ever seen, with small, pointed ears that twitched at the slighest sound, and a face with so much fur he looked like a pomeranian. His fur was a mixture of light, medium and dark greys, but on his face, he had fierce black markings that made him beautiful and exotic.

Loup never sat still. He followed Alma around everywhere, and loved to play. There would be days when all he would do was run around the house or table in circles, over and over and over, until finally, he would collapse on the floor and lay there with his tongue lolling until someone came to rub his belly.

Loup was a wolf. No one ever seemed to notice, because he never acted like one. He was just Loup, the neighbors dog. People stopped on the sidewalk to pet him and love on him, since he was a very attention-loving puppy, and fed him doggie treats and strips of bacon.

Alma and Loup grew up together. All the way up to Alma's eighth grade year, Loup was at her side, even as he grew and grew. He walked her to school, as if he were a chaperone, and then made his way home once he watched her walk through the doors safely. When bully's would pick on her on the side of the street, Loup would be there to chase them away. He protected her, found her in the woods when she was lost and crying and no one could hear her but him. But, he was never an aggressive animal. Never. He never once bit anyone, or attacked anyone. No one thought that Loup could do such a thing.

So, the day that Alma and her parents found Loup hunched over the bloody body of a boy, they didn't know what to think. The boy was from a town over; they had never heard the boy was missing on the news, or even knew that he had existed until that day they found him with bite marks covering his body. Alma's father opted for the pound. After all, he had mused, Loup was a wolf. This thing was bound to happen.

On the day that Loup was supposed to be put down at the pound, he disappeared. They couldn't find him in the woods or in the streets. No one knew where to look, because Loup had never ran away. He had always been at Alma's side. Alma was glad for it. She sat on her bed and cried for hours, but for once in so long, Loup wasn't there to comfort her.