Chapter one : Meet your room mate.

Blue Moon University Fall Semester August 20th

Nine a.m. a white limo pulled up to the main gate of Blue Moon University. The driver got out and opened the door of the limo and stood at attention to help the passengers out. The first to be helped out was Tabatha Logan or "Tabby Kittens" wearing a red tank top and a white skirt, and white flats. First year college student, age eighteen from Draw city on the Texas Oklahoma border. She was five foot four with black hair that reached her upper back, brown eyes but she wore blue contacts. Tabby Kittens was athletically built and had expense clothes, her favorite color was light pink. She specializes in dressage with her black fifteen hands Dutch Warm blood gelding Prince of Wooded Acers Estates. Her family owns and rents out land to only the highest bidders, who are very wealthy.

The second girl to be helped out was Jennifer Ann Marks "TK" wearing a pink tank top and pink skirt with pink heals. First year college student age 18 from Draw city. She was five foot three with dark brown hair that reached her shoulders, she had light brown eyes. TK was athletically built and had expense clothes, her favorite color was bright pink. She specializes in show jumping with her liver chestnut fifteen two hand Danish Warm blood gelding Winter's Pride of Winter Meadow Estates. Winter Pride had a white face and four white socks. TK's family was very wealthy being the top real estate sealers in the area. They only sold to the highest bidder, and they had to be worthy of living in Winter Meadow Estates. The last to be helped out of the car was Libana Groesbeck "Libby" age 18 wearing a light green tank top and dark blue jean skirt. First year college student from Draw city . Libby was five foot four honey brown hair that reached her mid back, she had hazel eyes. Libby was athletically built, her favorite color was pink in general. She specializes in flat racing with her chestnut sixteen hand Swedish Warm blood mare Wonder of Groesbeck estates. Wonder had a white star and three white socks. Libby family owns and rents out apartments at the highest price and only renting out to the ones who are worthy to live there.

The three stood taking in the sights, the smells, the heat. "Ahhh its too hot, why is it so hot?" Tabby Kittens wined fanning her self with her right hand. " Because it is, we are out in west Texas, way west Texas. Its going to be hot." answered sarcastically wile rolling her eyes. " now, now girls its our first day as college students. Can we try to beet mature and get along?" Libby asked the two. TK and Tabby Kittens nodded lightly . "Good now lets get checked in and find our rooms. Come on." Libby started walking up the sidewalk to the resident living office. The other girls quickly followed. Finally catching up to Libby TK asked "Who do you think will have to get a separate room mate?" "I hope its not me." said Tabby Kittens "having to coordinate the room the way I want it will be challenging if the person doesn't like green." "I don't know but as long as everything is pink I don't care if its me ." answered Libby "well here we are ladies." the door was opened by a tall man wearing a light blue suit. "welcome ladies if you are here to check in Mrs. Sara will take care of you." he waved them to the front desk and a short lady sitting on the other side. The girls walked in and up to the desk. The lady stood up to great them with a warm smile. "welcome ladies to Blue Moon University . What can I help you with today?" "we need out room assents and schedules." answered Libby "ok names please and we will get them right away" ""Libana Groesbeck" "Tabatha Logan" "Jennifer Marks" "ok Jennifer and Tabatha will be in room two zero seven, Jennifer room A, Tabatha room B. Libana your room mate is Elizabeth Millsap who is already here, room two zero six you have A she has B. here are your keys, I.D. badges, room leases, and schedules." she handed each girl the items "Joe will take your luggage to your rooms." "thanks" they said to Mrs. Sara walking out of the office and into the dorm building. "what do you think this Elizabeth is like?" asked TK " I don't know but if she doesn't love pink we are going to have a problem." answered Libby. They laughed wile TK pressed the up button on the elevator, the doors eminently sled open and the girls walked in. Tabby Kittens pressed the floor two button. The elevator went up with a jolt and stopped suddenly on the second floor, the doors opened and the girls stepped out. They turned left out walking down the hall counting the numbers as they passed. " Here we are" said TK as they came to their room. "see you later Libby." said Tabby Kittens as they unlocked the door and entered. Libby waved and walk to the room across the hall and unlocked her door.

Stepping inside Libby gasp, the living room had a cream color carpet a giant flat screen TV hanging on the far side wall. Two recliner chairs that were white with a cherry stained wood frame. There was also a cherry stained love seat on the wall closest to the door that also was white. The last furniture was a cherry stained coffee table in the middle of the room. On the other side of the door was a small kitchen and bar area with a mini refrigerator and a microwave. There also was a full dinning room set that was also cherry stained. " o no no no this will not do. Were is the pink its all white! Ok lets see what my room looks like." Libby Walked to the door with Libby engraved on the wood, that was also painted white. Libby stopped to look at the other door that had E. M. engraved on it, no name no picture just E. M. She tried to open the door only to find it locked. "Dam locked o well I can just have some one let me in." she walked back to her door and unlocked it. Inside was a bed against the back wall under the window bright pink bedding was made on the soft mattress. The window had pink curtains and the carpet was a light pink, the bed frame was the same cherry stain. The desk sat on the wall next to the door the same stain was applied as the bed frame. On the desk sat all the supplies she needed for the year as well as a school supply credit card for any other things she needed. Her books sat on the small bookshelf on the same wall as the desk. A pink rolling chair sat in front of the desk. The last item in the room was a bed side table that sat next to the bed on the opposite side of the room, with a pink lamp and a pink alarm clock that were both set and plugged in. the closet had French doors that were also pink and had pink handled door knobs. Libby opened the doors to find all pink hangers a dresser that was cherry stained. There was also shelving in the closet on ether side of the dresser. And a hanger bar over the top of the dresser but not covering the mirror that was on the back of the dresser. " now this is more like it." then came a knock on the door "yes come in" the door opened to a middle aged man wheeling in a cart filled with hot pink suitcases with Libby engraved into each bad with light pink lettering. "your luggage miss." he said "yes put them in the bed room. Except that bag put that one in the bathroom." "yes miss." Joe put the one bag into the bathroom and lugged the rest into the bedroom. "Joe have you seen my roommate, you must have helped her with her bags." Libby called from in the living room. "no miss I didn't she took care of it and would not except my help. She said it was her bags and she would take care of them." Joe answered from the bed room. "would you like the maid to unpack for you miss?" Joe asked "yes I don't want to break a nail handing up my cloths or even unzipping the bags." Libby answered Joe rolled his eyes at the way all the girls never wanted to do their own work. No each one would yell at the maid for not putting each item in the proper place they want it when they don't even tell them were they want it. "yes miss I will call the maid up." Joe took out a cell phone and sent a text to the maid to unpack room two zero six a and to watch Libby's attitude trying not to yell at her like the last girl. "o the little pink bag bring that one here" Joe picked up the smallest bag and brought it into the living room placing it on the love seat. "is that all you need miss?" "yes for now, o what time is lunch served?" "lunch will be brought to your room at noon miss." "good, thank you that is all." Joe gave a you spoiled brat smile at Libby and walked out of the room shutting the door behind him. Wile Libby waited for the maid to unpack her room and to redecorate the living room.

About ten minutes later a soft knock came from the outside door. "maid service" "Finally yes come in" the door opened to a girl in her late twenty's, short brown hair that was pulled into a high ponytail. She was in a light blue skirt that reached her knees and a white quarter sleeve shirt. " you needed me to unpack your room miss?" she asked "yes room A and do be careful my cloths cost more then you make." "yes miss." she walked into the room and quickly set to work putting away Libby's things. Libby opened the small bag taking out a pink couch cover, pink chair covers, and a pink rug that would cover the area under the coffee table. Once satisfied with her work she moved on into the bathroom. The only things that were on the sink on the fare side was a blue toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a blue hair brush, and a small blue glass. "man this girl really likes blue. It looks like that will have to be replaced." . she opened the door to the shower and gasped the shower curtains were a cream color as well as the bath mats and the towels. "hmmmm cream well have to get a new bath set." Libby walked back to the living room and pulled out photos from another bag that was placed on the couch. She also took out command hooks and placed them in various places on the walls. Than started placing photos of movie stares, famous people, pink flowers, and models. When she was finished with that she took out her cell phone and called her driver to pick up some pink roses from town, some hot pink towels, glasses, toothbrush, shower curtains, and bath mats telling him he had twenty minute to get them and come back. When that was done she took a vase, that was wrapped in newspapers, from the bag . She placed the vase on the coffee table right in the center , finally taking out magazines on hair , make-up, and vitiates of other things and placed them on the table. One slightly on top of the other. A knock came a minute after that, and a maid opened the door with two dozen hot pink roses, and took the other items into the bathroom. Libby took the roses and placed them into the vase. She stepped back to inspect her work. "perfect well except the carpet, I'll have that replaced tomorrow." Libby turned around right as the girls opened the door and stepped inside. Both wearing black riding pants, a pink button down shirt, black riding boots, and careening a black helmet with a pink horse on the side and their name on the side. "knock, knock" Tabby Kittens sang. "hey wow love what you have done to the place." TK said looking around. "what's with the maid carrying the blue stuff out of the bath room?" asked Tabby Kittens "o that, it was my room mates but I couldn't have blue in my bathroom so I had the maid replace it with pink." Libby answered "ok well hurry up and get dressed we need to go riding." TK said. "right I'll be right back." Libby disappeared into her room shutting the door behind her, wile the girls took a seat. TK on the large chair, and Tabby Kittens on the love seat.

A few minutes later Libby stepped out of her room wearing the exact same as the other girls except her button down had a vest over it. "O.M.G. I lave that vest, were did you get it?" exclaimed Tabby Kittens. "O mother had it mad for me, its pure leather." "wow" TK said "well lets get going" Libby said walking out the door and locking it behind her. The girls walked to the limo, were the driver was waiting. He opened the door for them. "to the stables misses?" he asked "yes" Libby answered. He shut the door hurrying around getting in the front seat and drove off the campus to the Blue Moon stables.