Konichiwa! I am Adamu (Adam), formerly known as Shadowcloak. After a 4 year hiatus, I finally decided to rejoin the Fictionpress community. Anyways, I've come back with a new story, based on a manga that I am currently creating with the help of a few friends. I have been interested in Parkour for a long time, and so I decided that my manga should be based on it. I am utilizing the Fictionpress community in order to obtain a broader fanbase, and I hope you guys like it. This is my first story in 4 years, so please bear with my rustiness. Remember to review, whether you like it or not, because any criticism would be gravely appreciated. And if you so happen to like it, feel free to Favorite my story. Sayonara!

Route 1: A Wrong Turn, Straight Into Opportunity

In the classroom, you can clearly hear the sounds of rummaging paper, and the pencils that are brushing against them. Alongside them, is the rhythmic ticking of a timer, positioned directly on the teacher's desk, behind the nameplate that reads, "Mr. Kobayashi Hideo." Amidst all of this, a young man stands from his seat in the middle of the first row, and walks up to the teacher's desk. "Nerd." whispers a voice from the far reaches of the classroom. As Tsetsu places his paper on the desk, the teacher, Mr. Kobayashi takes an upward glance from his newspaper that he was seemingly into, towards him. "As expected of you, Hayasegawa-kun." Mr. Kobayashi says, with praise. "And in less than 3 minutes, too." he adds, smiling. "It was so difficult, that I almost fainted under the pressure." says Tsetsu.

Mr. Kobayashi stares at him sternly, his smile now long gone, wiped away from the aftermath of Tsetsu's sarcasm. Tsetsu clears his throat, in preparation to redeem himself for his sarcasm. "What I meant was, um... What I meant was that it was so difficult that I er... I was very unsure if I passed." Tsetsu says, while nervously touching his two index fingers together in succession. He looks to Mr. Kobayashi, in hopes that he'd buy into his cover-up. "You of all people should be the least worried." says Mr. Kobayashi. "I'm almost certain that this will be another perfect score for you." Mr. Kobayashi says, somewhere along the line, finding that smirk that left his face some odd seconds ago. He had actually bought into the cover-up. "You may leave."

"I swear, mid-terms are so lame…" says Tsetsu to himself, recollecting the exam he aced as he walked his routine route home. "They always make me feel so constricted …" he adds, as he looks up to the sky, enviously. He takes notice to a figure in the distant sky, and stops walking as a result. It flew within Tsetsu's view, consequently revealing itself to be a bird. But it wasn't just any normal bird. "It can't be… A Hayabusa falcon in Rakuon District? In this region, nonetheless…" he stares flabbergasted, at the notoriously fast bird of prey. He glares on for a moment longer, and as if an epiphany came to him, he rushes in the direction of the bird. "Maybe if I follow it, I can find where it nests..." he says to himself; his eyes transfixed on the falcon in the sky.

As he continued to follow the falcon, he began to feel the distance between him and it increasing drastically. But due to his love for wildlife, and the sensation that overcame him from running, he remained persistent. Tsetsu cut through buildings and alleyways in an attempt to keep up with the bird. But after a few minutes, he was too exhausted to continue any further, and the falcon disappeared into the sky. "Damn…" he pants. "That thing sure is fast."

After taking a brief rest, he stands upright, and notices that his surroundings are completely unfamiliar to him. "Um… This is definitely not Rakuon District!" he yells, exaggeratedly. He frantically races around the area, trying to find a clue as to where he ended up; the residents of the area staring at him in utter confusion. His exaggerative antics attract the attention of a group of delinquents, who approach him. "You lost, slinky?" says the female in the group, referring to Tsetsu's height. "Yeah, actually! It's a good thing you noticed too, because…" Tsetsu begins to ramble, oblivious to the fact that they apparently have no intention of helping him out of his predicament.

He is cut off mid-sentence by one of the guys of the group. "What should we do with him, Megumi-sensei?" asks the boy, as he pops a bubble he made with his gum, and cracks his knuckles. "We should make him feel… true pain…" says one of the other boys, in a sadistic tone. By this time, the gang is only a few feet away from Tsetsu. "Not just yet, Watanabe." says Megumi, as she walks toward Tsetsu, stopping a few inches away from him. She enticingly lifts Tsetsu's chin slightly with her index finger. "I want to have fun with him first. Besides, he's kinda cute." she states, lustfully.

Tsetsu, now fully aware of the danger of the situation, dashes away from the group of delinquents, with blinding speed. "WHY DO THEY ALWAYS RUN AWAY?!" Megumi yells, making her feminine insecurities apparent to the rest of her gang. She becomes serious, instantaneously. "Get him." She says in a calm, yet commandeering manner. At that instant, the rest of the gang disperses in the direction in which Tsetsu ran.

Vaulting over rails, fences, and walls, and scaling small buildings with ease, they quickly catch up to Tsetsu. "That beautifully slender punk is indeed fast. I wonder what he tastes like…" says one of the men chasing Tsetsu, as he gap jumps from one building to a smaller one, then to the ground, just a few feet in front of Tsetsu. "You must be petrified." he says, as he inches closer to Tsetsu. "But have no fear, for Megumi-sensei told us to be extremely delicate with you." He adds, licking his lips. "Get away from me, you sick letch!" screams Tsetsu. Startled by his sudden appearance, and even more alarmed at the man's statement, Tsetsu attempts to run away from him, but stops when he notices that the one named Watanabe is blocking his route. "You don't know… how much of a pain it was… chasing you… But soon you will… " Watanabe says, as if it pained him to even utter such words.

Instinctively, Tsetsu ran to the side, but was blocked by another delinquent. That's when it became clear to him that he had been completely surrounded. "Shit!" Tsetsu says. "No one runs from Kenta! Now we're gonna thrash you!" says the gum-chewing brute. "Not after I get a little taste, first." says the lip-licking man. "I called first dibs, Tatami, you flesh-crazed letch!" screams the voice of Megumi, who is running frantically in their direction. She makes a dead stop right in the middle of the circle, in front of Tsetsu. "Now, where were we…" they all begin to close in on Tsetsu, but stop when they hear a voice calling out to them from above. "Now why would such a beautiful woman want to be seen with such ugly beasts?" says the figure, jumping down from the small building he was on, and into a roll, in order to nullify the impact.

He stands upright and dusts himself off, slicks his hair back, and walks towards their direction. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A BEAST, YOU FUCKING SHRIMP?!" shouts Kenta, enraged. The mysterious short boy, who was initially focused on flirting with Megumi, instantaneously directed his attention (and rage) at the masculine brute that was Kenta. "AND WHO ARE YOU CALLING A FUCKING SHRIMP, YOU BRAWN-FOR-BRAINS OF A FUCKING GORILLA?!" The two end up completely ignoring the situation at hand, preferring to scuffle with each other in a rabid fashion. "STOP!" Megumi shouts at them.

They immediately stop there fighting. "Now, why the hell are you here?" says Megumi to the boy. He clears his throat, straightens his hair (again), rushes over to Megumi, and in kneeling position, takes her hand. "I am Noboru Soraji, at your service." She instantly snatches her hand away, staring at him in utter disgust. For a mere second, he appears heartbroken, and then the next, wears a serious facial expression. "Leave the kid, alone. Or I'll make you."