To worship God

is not to rise at dawn

and listen to a Father preach.

But rather to see the beauty

within and beyond reach.

Make a child laugh one day.

Write on used paper

instead of a new page,

and smile at those who pass your way.

Remember kindly those who die –

cut a flower,

then move on with your life.

Dare to be someone who stands for good.

Fill up with determination...

but listen when you should.

Reap what you must,

spare that which you don't.

Fret not about seeing a new day

or even that you won't.

To worship a God

you don't need a church,

meditation, or offerings

in order to prove your worth.

Life a full life,

of failure, guilt, and love.

Never doubt your place on Earth

below us or above.

Someday, inevitably, you will move

to gaze on the world with new eyes

or sip nectar from the gods' dish;

You might sink into the arms of oblivion

or Heaven, if that is your wish.