A/N: Okay, so this is my first ever full length/chaptered story, and I'm kinda excited, yet kinda scared as well. A bit of a warning, I tend to be a slow writer, but (for all you grammar nazis, this should be a plus) I always edit my work (which is partly why I take so long). Lastly, I know this prologue looks short, but trust me, the actual chapters will be much longer. Thanks for reading, and as always, please review.


"Shit," the girl muttered. Once again she'd managed to lose her keys within the small handbag she always carried, and being a tad bit tipsy didn't help either. She walked closer to a small, silver Acura parked in the gravel lot about thirty yards from the night club she'd been visiting. The music and screams, still clearly audible, floated towards her, making her dizzy.

After finding her keys, she attempted to locate the lock on the side of the driver's seat's door, the fact that she also had a beeper to unlock the doors, completely slipped her mind. Her hand yanked on the door handle, willing it to open, when a shiver ran down her spine. She flipped around, momentarily losing her balance and falling to the ground, sharp pebbles cutting into the bare skin on her thighs that her mini skirt didn't cover. Her eyes darted between the sparse cars in the lot, the shadows of the night seemingly inky, and more frightening than they'd ever been in her life before. The heavy bass of the night club's music dimmed, the sound replaced by the erratic beats of her heart. Hands shaking more than ever, she reached up for the door handle again, frantically pulling on it, wanting more than anything to be within the safety of her car.

Then, the sound of footsteps crunching on gravel made her freeze, her eyes seeking the origin of the sound. Maybe it was just her drunken mind playing tricks on her, or a lone couple heading back to their car, but she doubted it, especially when the shadow of a gruesome creature fell over her. Backing up further against the car, her heartbeat accelerated as the beast's inhuman silhouette crept towards her. Its face became gently illuminated, a revolting cross between human and canine features, eyes flashing, fangs glistening with saliva. It stood on its hind legs, but hunched over, its spine unable to straighten out, arms not quite long enough to touch the ground. Dark claws protruded from its finger tips, dripping with what smelled like blood.

One thing crossed her mind, werewolf, and it's going to kill me. Her eyes opened wide in realization, only a moment before the creature lunged for her throat. Shifting to her right, the wolf caught her on the left shoulder at the base of her neck. She screamed, and her collar bone gave way as the beasts jaws clamped down. Its claws raked over her arms and legs, ripping away the flesh, assuring her she'd at least bleed to death. As she felt the werewolf's saliva leak over her shoulder and drown her wounds, ghostly hands slithered up her sides to claw at her chest. Pain raked through her and she knew she was almost gone, even as the ravens' cawing and wings surrounded her. Lifting her head to the sky, the full moon blinded her just as she seeped into darkness.