An Unwise Decision:


It all started with the mortals. They were the cause of this unruly behavior, thought Athena, as she surveyed the swirls of color that the party consisted of. The whole occasion was quite ridiculous, in her opinion. But, she had promised Dionysus that she would enjoy herself, so she grudgingly let herself have one glass of wine.

They are the ones at fault, she thought as she downed another glass. She couldn't stop… the taste was almost addicting.

No, not the mortals… It was Zeus! He had created the damned creatures, hadn't he? Had he? He was to blame, either way. He was always at a fault for something, she mused. Her mind began to cloud up again; the clamor of the party caused her to feel dizzy, and she gripped a marble pillar for support, before sitting down rather unsteadily.

Laughter bubbled up around her, louder than the dim of the party, so she groggily focused her unsteady gaze there.

The unrestrained laughter came from Aphrodite, who was worse off than she was, it appeared. Her dancing at the beginning of the festivities was much more refined, but Ares, who was with her now, didn't seem to mind in the least…

Athena watched them for a few moments, before she sneered at them, and turned away, taking another sip from her glass. The way that Ares watched her, it made Athena's heart feel like it was crawling its way out of her chest. She had never told Ares of her feelings for him, knowing that he wouldn't reciprocate them.

And why in the world would he? Athena reprimanded herself. He is perfectly happy with Aphrodite by his side. I just want him to be happy, that's the most important thing, right? But her subconscious mind screamed at her, "You aren't happy, and that's more important."

The wine she was drinking suddenly tasted bitter, and she swallowed roughly, trying to stop the ache from blooming inside her throat. She wiped the pinprick tears away from her eyes, vowing to never act on the feelings that she had for Ares. The pain was just too much.

"Ares, where are you going?" Athena heard Aphrodite faintly whine. But what caught her attention was the fact that she heard Ares' footsteps falling nearer, and nearer to her own partially secluded spot. She gazed up and was half-surprised, half-thrilled, to see that Ares was towering over her.

"I bet you regret making that vow of chastity now, don't ya?" Ares drawled, as his glazed eyes locked with hers. Normally, she would have found such a remark appalling, but since Dionysus shared his stash of wine and beer so freely, she found that her irritation had vanished completely. She smiled back up at him, much too broadly for her own good. The vow in the back of her mind seemed hard to stick to, with him standing so close...

"Not quite, Ares. I'm not as far gone as you are, yet."

"How much would it take for you to be as drunk as I?" he said, a smirk plastered on his face as he tilted his head to the side in amusement.

"That depends only on how much wine Dionysus has shared with you…" she said, trailing off as she stared into her own cup filled with red liquid. A prickling thought came to warn her, but it was too muffled to make any sense, to warn her of where the conversation might end up going…

"Just how drunk are you, Ares?"

"Drunk enough that I don't care if Aphrodite becomes angry if I make an offer to sleep with you."

Athena choked explosively on her wine, and gasped for air. "What did you just say, Ares?" she questioned incredulously, between her coughs and gasps.

"You heard me, Athena," he responded, his smile wide, his eyes glinting mysteriously. "You work too hard for your own good. I believe you need to socialize more."

She frowned, looking at him as coldly as she could manage in her drunken state. "I socialize just fine, thank you very much." She scowled into her glass, mumbling angrily, contradicting herself.

Ares seized the opportunity of Athena being distracted, just enough, and snatched her goblet away from her grasp.

"Hey!" she cried in alarm and confusion. "Give that back!"

Ares merely smiled and clicked his tongue mockingly. "Now, now, Athena. You know which type of socializing I was referring to," he said with a laugh. "Why are you still so much of a prude, even on the first birthday party we've thrown for creating the mortals? Surely, you can't be concerned about doing the right thing all of the time…"

"I'm not a prude!" Athena snarled, as she tried to stand up. But her head was too lightheaded, and the ground was too heavy. She stumbled a few times, before she clutched at the pillar again, and to her fury, heard Ares' quiet laughter.

"Don't you dare laugh at me, Ares!" she cried, knocking the goblet from his fingers, causing the precious wine to stain his white chiton, and sent the goblet clattering to the floor.

Ares looked at his stained chiton in horror, before his features rearranged, and he glared at Athena, whose anger flew from her, just as quickly as it came. She tried to ease away from him, but her fingertips brushed against cold marble instead of empty air.

"I'm sorry, Ares. I didn't me--"

But Ares effectively silenced her, by pressing his mouth roughly against hers. Her head was a mass of tangled thoughts and emotions, and all she could really focus on was the taste of Ares mouth on hers. He tasted like wine, and she had grown addicted to that taste because of this party, hadn't she?

She should try to fight more than this, she thought to herself, but her body didn't seem intent on letting Ares walk away now. She felt her face redden as he pressed his body against hers, and pushed her up against the slab of marble behind her. Her arms moved on their own accord, and her fingers wound themselves into his hair.

Frustrated at her own lack of control more than anything, she ground her mouth into his, and sighed when his tongue slid into her mouth. He was warm, a pleasant contrast to the cool breeze shifting her hair, that was making her shiver. She noticed how he wrapped his arms around her waist, trying to keep her here, keep her comfortable.

Oh, but she was going to lose her sanity, if she didn't stop! But damn Dionysus, and damn his wine, because she couldn't pull herself away from that taste that danced on Ares' lips.

He groaned, and it sent a welcome tingle down her spine…

Ares broke the kiss and rested his head on her forehead. Her eyelids fluttered open, and her stomach flipped when she gazed into his eyes. It was if they themselves were on fire, because they scorched into hers, down to the depths of her very being.

"Come with me, Athena, to my chambers," he whispered against her skin. "Please."

"I-I can't, Ares. You know that I cannot," she replied, trying to distract herself from his fingers that brushed against her bare shoulder.

"I want you, though," he said, biting his lip. "Honest. I'm not trying to get anything from this. I just want you," he moaned, his eyes pleading with hers.

"I made a vow of chastity, Ares. I cannot break it while I am on Mount Olympus. You know that," Athena responded softly.

His eyes flashed with a sudden burst of excitement. "Then be my consort, as a Goddess of War. You can accompany me to Gaia whenever the mortals do decide to bicker amongst themselves. You won't be bound to the rules of Mount Olympus there. Athena, you can be as wild as you want," he replied with a creeping smirk, "and none of the deities up here will discover it. Please, Athena."

"I'm not sure, Ares," she replied, knowing that it was a lie. Athena eyed him hesitantly, and Ares knew that he was starting to win her over.

"Athena, I know that you like the bloodlust that infects people just as much as I do," Ares said, and Athena eyebrows furrowed. Ares smile faltered as he tried to think of something else to say to convince her to be with him.

"Or you can help them resolve their problems that they have, with your wisdom and guidance. Please, Athena, agree to my proposal. Be my consort. Become a Goddess of War with me."

She sighed, knowing that this wasn't the wisest decision she could make, but she was tired of her reputation that ruled her behavior on Mount Olympus. She looked up at Ares, and smiled. "I will."

Ares beamed at her, before taking her face in his hands, and kissing her happily.

Unknown to them, Zeus and Dionysus were watching the entire exchange from their chairs across from that slab of white marble.

"Happy Birthday to those mortals, eh, Zeus? I knew that my wine would cause for an interesting party to take place…"

"Happy Birthday, indeed," Zeus replied. "I can't wait to see what happens next year," he said with a smirk, before chewing thoughtfully on a piece of cake.

"It's hard to believe that this all started with those mortals you made, Zeus," said Dionysus, with a drunken laugh.

"I knew that something good would come of them," he replied and saw Ares and Athena walking hand and hand towards his throne, no doubt to inform him of Athena's new title as Ares' consort.

He smiled.

It all started with the mortals…


Author's Note:

(Edited on: 8/22/10.)

Okay, so. I thought this little one-shot up today, because it dawned on me that Athena is always wise and fair; so what made her decide to become the Goddess of War, with Ares? :P This is the result... Lol. My mind confuses me, sometimes. :D

This was for the "Challenges!" thread from the Lounge Forum. :) The deadline is overdue, but I thought that the prompt was too good to pass up. xP I had to include the quote "Happy Birthday," and chose to include cake from the list of options they had. (Can't you just imagine Zeus munching on some cake? Lol. I'll bet it's his weakness, along with pretty women. :D) I also had to make the main character opposite of what they normally are, so I chose Athena, who's usually very level-headed, and chose to make her drunk, and to switch up the chastity vows with Artemis, goddess of the moon and hunt. :)

Reviews on this would be awesome! It's a first edit, actually, so anything that you would fix, please comment on. :) I also wrote this because I've been having some writer's block lately with my "Persephone's Flight" story, so I thought it might help writing about mythology. :P


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