"Hey Jill listen to this, according to this website a witch is either a women who practices black magic or and ugly old women who is called a hag. Last time I checked I didn't practice black magic and last time I looked in the mirror I'm pretty sure I wasn't an old hag…" I smiled as Jill walked out of my closet holding a brown dress up to her.

"You know, its just plane sad that people always think we practice black magic. We are so better then that elementary school stuff." She smiled and looked in the full length mirror by my closet. "Do you think this dress would look cute on me?"

"You are supposed to be finding me something to wear you already have a dress." I said as I put some music on the computer and stood up from my extremely to comfortable computer chair. "I don't think brown in your color you would look better in a red or a… wait I have the perfect thing." I said as I ran into my walk in closet. I grabbed my red strapless dress and threw it at her. "Try that on." I said as I grabbed the brow dress and put it back.

"You're the best Breanne I owe you." Jill said as I grabbed a purple dress for me. It was a v neck dress that flowed to the bottom of my knees. I slipped it on as I walked out of the closet. Jill already had her dress on and had turned on the curling iron and the straighter.

"So Jill remind me why we are going to this party?" I sighed as I went and looked in the mirror. My dark brown hair was flowing down to my mid back. My white skin made it look even darker. I pulled my hair into a bun and started to put makeup on. I held one dark grey eye open as I put my eye liner on.

"Because, Taylor is going to be there which means her boyfriend Jayden is going to be there which means his best friend Kyle is going to be there which means his best friend Troy will be there and let me remind you a Troy is hot, smart, and single. So my dear friend that is why we are going." She explained as she straightened her hair.

"I don't know why you keep chasing after mortal guys. It's not like you would ever be able to tell them the truth about your self. Why do you get into these relationships when you know it's not going to go anywhere?" I asked already knowing the answer

"Because guys who are witches are so responsible and always follow the rules and are so boring. I mean really the last one put me to sleep talking about the importance on the blood of a unicorn. I mean really is that all he could think to talk about?" She said as she grabbed a clip and clipped up her dirty blond hair.

"OK what ever you say Jill. Now tell me. If Taylor and Lexi are going to be there why do I have to go too?" I asked as I took my hair down and let it fall around my shoulders. It was naturally wavy so I grabbed the curling iron and started to put random curls in everywhere.

"Really? You have to ask? We all decided that it's unhealthy for you to sit in this room and read those boring books about witchcraft. Don't get me wrong you probably know more about being a witch then all of us put together but you know nothing about being a teenager." She said as she carefully applied her lip stick.

"I would rather focus on one thing at a time and I find the witch world much more interesting than the mortal one. Its much more appealing to me." I said as I frowned into the mirror.

"Well that's because everything is written out in that world. In the real world or as you always say the mortal world nothing is written out for you."

"Ok fine whatever I just don't want to go to this party. I hate Tess why am I going to a party at her house?"

"Because you love me." Jill said as she grabbed my black ballet flats and sat them next to me. I grabbed my phone and keys and headed down the stairs.

My cousins Kodee and Tristan were playing in the family room as my Aunt Tiffany sat on the couch reading her book.

"By Tiff I'll be home before one." I said as we passed her.

"Ok have fun." She said as she tossed her long gold hair over the back of the couch. One of the big upsides to living with my aunt and uncle is that the are both only twenty five and don't care about what I do. I swear I could get away with murder and they wouldn't even notice.

"Dude, I love your aunt and uncle. They are so cool." Jill gushed as we got into my blue truck. "You could be out till 3 and they wouldn't even care you are so lucky my mom would literally flip out. She would come and track me down." I smiled at the thought of Jill's five foot one mom breaking up a high school party with her hair in curlers and one of her husband's golf clubs in the other hand.

"You know she only does stuff like that because she cares about you." I said as I drove towards Tess's house. Tess was the most annoying and bitchy mortal I have ever met. She is unofficially the most popular girl in school and makes sure everyone knows it.

As we pulled up to the house I found a parking spot and Jill jumped out of the car and ran off before I could even pull the keys out of the ignition. "Thanks Jill…" I said sarcastically as I slid out of the car and walked towards the huge house. There was already way too many teenagers in there for me. I took a deep breath as I walked through the front door. The air was filled with smoke and the stench of sweaty teens who have had to much alcohol. I found the stairs and headed up. I was hoping that I could find an empty room and hide till it was time to go. Half way up the stairs Taylor found me and I knew my plan would no longer work.

"Breanne you weren't going to go upstairs and lock your self in a room were you?" Taylor asked with an evil smile. My friends knew me way to well. I smiled and looked down at Taylor. Her curly bleach blond hair was in a loose side braid and her brown eyes were looking up at me questioning.

"Of course not Tay. I was looking for you guys." I said as I walked down the stairs with her defeated. She dragged me to a couch where Lexi was sitting. I sat on one side of her and Taylor sat on the other. "Where's Jill?" I asked and looked around.

Lexi pointed her cup of what I guessed to be beer to a dark corner where I saw two people making out. I looked just long enough to realize that it was Jill and Troy before I looked away and sighed. Jared, Taylor's boyfriend, walked over and grabbed her hand.

"Can I have this dance?" He asked and smiled as she grabbed his hand and walked over to where everyone was dancing. That left me and Lexi. In our little group everyone had a title. Taylor was the leader. She always took charge and annoying as she was made sure we didn't do anything we would regret. She was very level headed and thought things over but also loved to have fun.

Jill was the heart breaker. At least Taylor had enough since to date another witch Jill on the other hand preferred mortals and especially ones she knew didn't want a real serious relationship. She loved to use her magic to mess with people and didn't think much of it.

Lexi was quiet. She hardly ever talked and when she did it was just to put her input in on things. And that was only when we asked her what she thought. We all knew she had problems at home. She always had bruises but the other girls never really took not of them. She was really good at hiding them now. I could see them though and I never asked. I did help her sometimes though. Her and her little sister would come and stay the night at my house when it got to bad. I never pressed for details and you could tell she didn't want to give any.

I was the nerd of the group. I was smart and they all knew it. I was always getting asked questions about homework. I was always critical and never did anything crazy or insane. I guess I was predictable also.

I leaned back against the couch and closed my eyes. Lexi got up to refill her cup and someone else took her seat. I looked over to see a boy I had never seen at school before. He had light brown hair cut short to his head and slightly tanned skin. He looked over at me and smiled. He had hazel eyes and a scar on his left cheek. I smiled back and looked around for Lexi. She walked over to me with tears in her eyes.

"Hey Breanne can I stay the night with you tonight?" She asked as she fought back the tears and her phone rang again. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I stood up and looked into her eyes.

"How much have you drank?" I asked as I hugged her.

"Nothing I was drinking water earlier." She said as her phone stopped ringing. I grabbed my car keys out of my purse and handed them to her.

"Take my truck and go pick Gaby up." I said in a low voice. "Take her to my house and tell my aunt that she is having a sleepover with Kodee." (Kodee is a girl) "Then come back I'll cover for you." I said as I pushed her towards the door. I pulled out my phone and texted my aunt telling her that Kodee's friend from school was coming over. I sat back down on the couch and smiled real big as Taylor and Jared walked over.

"Where did Lexi go?" Taylor asked confused

"I think she went out back to get some air. She said it was getting stuffy in here." I smiled and looked as innocent as I could. Taylor bought it because she shrugged her shoulders and walked back out to the dance floor. I looked over at the guy still sitting next to me and noticed an amused smile on his face. "What?" I said as I smiled back. "I'm not lying, it is hot in here and she did go outside…" I said as he started to laugh. I smiled even bigger. Realy

"My names Trace." He said extending his hand. It seemed like such an odd offer from a high school student. The second our hands touched I knew he was a witch. I could feel his power.

"Breanne" I said simply as I took my hand back. I knew he could tell I was a witch because his smile got bigger.

"So Breanne, do you go to the high school in town?" He asked and raised his cup to his lips.

"Yes I do." I smiled back.

"So does that mean I will see you at school? It would be nice to have someone who understands around."

"Ya I know what you mean. Taylor, Lexi, Jill, Jared, me and a boy you haven't met yet all understand what its like to be new and different to a school." We were trying to subtly talk about being witches but we weren't too good at it.

"That's nice to know I won't be all alone." He said. Lexi walked back in the room and put my car keys in my purse. She looked and me and mouthed thanks and walked into the kitchen.

"So Breanne tell me why did you just cover for your friend?" He asked

"Because it's the friendly thing to do." I replied simply.

"That was very nice of you." He replied simply.

"Thanks." I smiled as Jill walked over. She had Troy trailing behind her like a lost puppy dog.

"Hey," Jill said "I don't need a ride home. Troy is going to take me." She smiled and looked back at Troy. He gave her a big smile and led her out the front door.

"So… Breanne, tell me about yourself." I looked at the time on my cell phone. I saw it was already 12:00.

"I would love to but I have to go." I said as I started to stand up.

"Can I get your number before you leave?" He asked as he started to take out his phone. I grabbed it from him and entered my number.

"See you at school Monday." I smiled and went to find Lexi.

The ride home was quiet. When we got home the girls and Tristan were already asleep so we just went up to my room. Lexi was used to staying the night and I was used to her being here so we kind of have a routine. She went to my bathroom and took a shower and I sat at my desk. I logged on to my email and I got a text message from an unknown number.

"Hey it's Trace " I smiled

"Hey you should IM me on the com. My email is "

A few seconds later the chat screen popped up on my computer. I smiled and finished reading through an email from my grandma.

SmexyT: Hey NerdyBree

NerdyBree: What's up SmexyT! I like the name by the way.

SmexyT: haha thanks I couldn't think of anything else.

NerdyBree: sure… ;)

SmexyT: So… NERDYBree are you a nerd or something?

NerdyBree: I like to read… Is that such a crime? Lol

SmexyT: defiantly not

NerdyBree: Well hey I have to go but maybe we can talk later?

SmexyT: Sounds good

I heard the shower turn off so I grabbed a towel from the closet and went into the bath room as Lexi came out. I took a shower and went to lie in bed. I looked out my window at the trees swaying in the breeze and could have sworn for a split second I saw a figure sitting in the tree. I shook my head and turned the other way.

"Goodnight Lexi." I said as I leaned over and hugged her. I could feel tears on her cheeks as I hugged her tighter. She didn't respond. But I knew she heard.