Seasons of Emotions

As we live through the seasons, we feel the difference.
We know it is slow,
but we can only go with the flow.
We yearn for beauty to last,
but doesn t it get replaced far too fast?

When winter changes to spring,
birds will gather and sweetly sing.
Melody of Man and birds will merge,
as we see heaven and land converge.
The Earth will blossom pink and white,
isn't it such a glorious sight?

As summer sets its foot on ground,
the school term comes around.
Students all ready and dressed,
joyful spirits lost in stress.
The atmosphere's so serious in the city,
isn't it just too much of a pity?

Then red leaves fall from the trees,
As autumn drift in with such ease.
Although we celebrate this festival,
we know winter hints its arrival.
The fear we hold deep within,
will we finish the trip around the Sun again?

The bare trees covered with snow,
winter itself has finally showed.
The skies all dull and gray,
streets all empty though it s day.
These months of silence and sorrow,
but wouldn t it be joy in the near tomorrow?