The Dragon's of Min

In ten galaxies away lives a huge red and blue planet where dragons and other 'so called' mythical craters live in peace with one another. There are no rulers or peasants of any kind, and enough food and resources for all.

This world with all its good has like any where has problems, just much less then any where else. Here a young female dragon in the middle of a corn field was staring up into the clear bluish green sky. Her scales were a shinny glowing green with splashes of sparkling red on some parts of her body but mostly on her face.

"Claspiea!" Came a voice that broke her eye contact with the sky above, it was her good friend Splena the griffin. "Claspiea! There you are…come with me quick! Those of Min are here and looking for new wings! Come, we may have a chance this year!"

"Splena we tried the last year they came, don't you remember what they said about females entering the Min?" Claspiea reminded sharply, but not to sharp.

"Yes. I do but that is why I came; the Min finally are letting females join!"

Her dragon ears picked up at the sound of this.

"When did this happen?"

"Well it must have been during the five years, I mean they only do come around to find new wings and horns every five years or so." Splena replied.

"Well then let's go!" and with that took to the sky with Splena right behind her, "Hay I said follow me not the other way around." She replied, both smiling and laughing all the way there.

When they got there those of Min were interviewing up to 100 creatures, more were phoenixes then any but all 100 had wings.

"Why do they only want wings this year? Don't they need wings and horns evenly like all the years before?" Claspiea asked, Splena just shrugged. They both landed behind the line and asked the Pegasus in front of them; "Why are there no horns in this line?"

The Pegasus answered kindly, "This year is special those of Min are travling to other planets to do to them as done to us and only ones with wings can go with them."

"You mean there going to stop crime on other homes and make them like our home?" Splena confirmed, the Pegasus nodded.

"That sounds nice I wish to do that, help the universe become one peaceful, loving world."

"Umm…I don't know it sounds risky." Splena remarked.

"Well I like it! I'm in." Claspiea replied.

"Well I'm not…If I would have known what they were here for I wouldn't have gotten you." With that Splena walked out of line and sat near by to wait.

"You' not going to stand by your friend on this very special day? I mean it's not every day a female gets to try and join the Min ya' know." Said an old kaimara setting next to her.

"No I'm not, I should yes, but I'm not going to…only because I don't feel right about-this whole making the universe like us thing."

"And you have all the right in the world to think that, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be by your friends side in the process…" He advised.

"If I stand by her side this time like I always have in the past, this one time I would hate my self and probably put our friend ship on the line…so still my mind is made up I'm not standing by her this time; be sides, this is the very first time I won't." She remarked back.

When it was finally Claspiea's turn she tried not to be nerves or overly happy. Those of Min were brave and powerful, ready to strike down what ever may endanger them or others. Claspiea looked into the leaders eyes…he was a huge black and brown dragon, his eyes were as pink as a dally rose and his wings the size of a human kind football field. The other main three looked down upon her as well; one was a yellow and orange griffin with brown eyes that gave her shivers up her tail, another was a golden phoenix; his red eyes flashed when they made eye contact, the last main leader was another dragon…a white dragon, his calm blue eyes looked at Claspiea with care.

The leader then spoke, "And you are?"

Claspiea gulped, "My name is Cl-ass-p-a…" she answered slowly so to spell it better.

"And my name is Ss-pl-en-a!" right then Splena appeared right next to her. Claspiea looked at her, "what I couldn't stand back and let my friend have all the fun."

"But I thought you said…"

"Ya! But then some old kaimara talked me other wise." She smiled.

"I'm glad I'm not alone." Claspiea smiled back. The leader glared at them both,

"I hope you both know that we only allow up to 20 in the Min, and as of now we have 19…so I'm afraid your little friend here will have to leave, or just wait to see if you fail…which I feel you will, but from the look on Groo's face I may be wrong." He remarked looking over at the white dragon who had a small grin on his face.

"That's not fair…can't we just bend the rules a little? Please…" Claspiea begged. The black dragon stood up bigger over covering Claspiea in his shadow, "Either obey the Min's rules or leave!"

"It's ok Claspiea…I didn't want to join to begin with remember?…but still I'm with you all the way my friend." and with that she once again stepped off to the side to wait, there the old kaimara walked up to her again. "I'm so sorry…I just didn't want the same thing to happen to you that happened to me…" Splena looked at him with worry,

"What do you mean…what happened to you?" he looked at her sweetly.

"You see that golden phoenix right there?" Splena nodded "That's Huner, he and I were once best friends, but then he went with the Min and has never looked back…he doesn't even know who I am any more…"

"That's awful…but I don't think me and Claspiea will end up like that."

"I just hope your right little one…I hope your right."

The leader looked deep into Claspiea eyes and asked, "Why do you wish to join the Min?"

"I have always dreamed of one day being part of such a wonderful thing…but was crushed when I found out the Min was only for males…but now I heard of females joining and all hope came back to me…that's why sir." With that said she then bowed her head.

"That's all the reason we need," Groo, the white dragon replied softly "Don't you agree Rewtq?" the black dragon looked at him carefully.

"We still need to be sure she can fly at our rate." He said.

Groo nodded, "Claspiea, see that ring way up there?"

She looked up way above them, there hanging in a Harpies' claws was a huge ring.

"Yes." She answered.

"In exactly one minute you are to be up there and though that ring…can you do that?" Groo questioned. She nodded, "good start!"

Claspiea wasted no time she flew up as high as fast as she could go and flew though the ring with one second to spare.

"Well done Claspiea, well don't you think she has done a great job in order to join?" Groo asked looking at Rewtq again.

"Yes, I believe so…Welcome to Min. Yurk!" he called, the yellow and orange griffin walked up to her and gave her a small type of collar that went around her neck…she was more then proud to receive it. "Tomorrow we fly!" yelled Rewtq the black dragon, leader of the Min.

Claspiea ran up to Splena "I did it I got in!" she said happily.

Splena nodded. "I'm glade." She answered.

Claspiea lowered her head a little, "it would have been nice to have you with me…" she replied.

Splena smiled back and hugged her friend. "Just don't ever forget me…okay Clas?"

Claspiea looked at her friend, "What do you mean forget you? How could I?" she asked.

"Just don't." she grinned.

Claspiea smiled and nodded.

This is a story I started some X years ago I had planed on trying to get published...but as time went on I lost my passion for it and so now it is nothing more then a fic. please review! ^_^ just because it has died as a real book doesn't mean it sould die a lost file never to be read. ^_~