The trees turn green, the rose petals turn red,
And everywhere you can see there is life.
Then it all leaves and goes dark overhead,
Like the living and the dead are in strife.

'Tis all your work, your everlasting game,
For it's you who makes the seasons spin 'round.
Allowing the plants to achieve their aim,
Then taking to away without a sound.

But you are no villain, not not at all,
Without you we'd live in ignorance.
for no one but you can teach us our call,
Without your guidance we'd not have a chance.

You are the river of the water flow,
You are the ray piercing the canopy,
You give is our life and you make us grow,
You give us wisdom to live happily.

When "Father" I hear the altar bells chime,
I think not of god, but you, Father Time.