You brush the wind off your face
with a callow
ease, and a somewhat shallow

But that's just you [i suppose] the moment
never really
leaves enough feeling
does it?

But the sweet [and sour] promises you whisper
in my cold metallic ears
wipe the jaded years
that have left me bitter.

And i guess that makes you the forthcoming show
with your determined eyes
and empty [open] skies
[i must be the last to know].

So that makes it narrow minded to be so
reckless in leaving
for the future that's breathing
and to never let this grow.

And looking past the open doors and oyster that this
is made out to be
why can't you see
the question on my lips?

But I'll never be the first to leap without
[the knowledge of the safe
landing underneath]
first forgoing doubt

So i'll just keep waiting for another sign
maybe you'll meet
me in the midnight street
under the lamplight when the sky is fine.

And together we'll play games of Life [pretending to be others
like the primary school days] and even try
to maybe find
each other.