Looking back at the past

That did not last.

Was it me or you?

Now I am looking for something new.

I am going back to my life,

Back to being alive,

Back to where I belong,

I am going back to my soul,

Back to my goal,

Back to sing again my song.

I am tired of not being me,

I hate living in fantasy,

I am tired of being all alone.

I am going back to my friends,

My tears and pain ends,

I am sick of living on my own.

I've got to raise my voice.

I am fed up of all the noise,

Of people teasing me all the while.

I am going to look in their eyes,

Put an end to their lies.

I am going to come back with my smile.

You said you'd always be there,

But it's clear that you don't even care.

It wasn't just my mistake.

But I hate to take all the blame.

All the hate words, all the shame.

I had to cry all night and stay awake.

My phone is in my hand,

It's time to take a stand.

Your number is being erased.

All the texts have already gone.

Your picture is no more in my phone.

You will no longer be chased.

I need to throw my diaries away,

Let me tell you something today.

You are nothing more than a jerk.

You are just a basket full of lies.

Now hear me say goodbye.

To your evil eyes and cruel smirk.

I am tired of things going wrong.

This time I will be strong.

I hate it when you make me fragile.

I am not even going to look at you.

I am looking for someone new.

It's been quite a long while.

Looking back at the past,

I see we crumbled into dust.

It wasn't you or I,

It was someone else's lie.

I hate it when you believe them,

I hate it when you fall prey to their game,

I hate it when they make you hate me.

But you trust them and their lies.

You won't even open your eyes.

You will never wake up to reality.

If you did, you would see.

It wasn't you or me.

We just walked into their trap.

I can see it clearly today.

We lost our way.

They took away our map.

Now I have found my way back.

I have figured out what I lack.

It's me, it's not you.

I am looking for something new.

You have fully changed.

They have taken their revenge.

They have defeated me.

But I am tired of crying in helplessness,

It's high time that I end this mess.

It's high time that I break free.

I am starting to lose all hope.

It's time I cut the rope.

It's time that I let you go.

I am feeling horrible right now,

But I will feel better somehow,

I won't fall for anything you do.

Looking back at the past,

That did not last.

I see I am holding on too long.

Go. I will be strong.

I am going to find something new,

Something genuine, something true,

Something that is fun to do.

I am going to find myself again,

The one without all the pain,

The one who doesn't cry in the rain.

No more listening to sad song.

It's time for me to move on.

Looking back at the past,

I am glad I came to my senses at last.