Clicking sounds echoed through the pink painted room. Pakui collectors items sat on the shelf, staring at the girl searching the internet, reading what she found. Also, the Pakui posters also stared out, their eyes motionless. A smile spread on her face, the latest fanfiction story for the fandom Pakui belonged to.

As Ashley clicked the next link, the first thing she read, was the author's note at the very beginning of the chapter. She found her eyes suddenly going wide, as she read, "I just so happened to read the latest Manga chapter. I am so mad, because the author kills off Pakui." The twelve year old's jaw dropped, flabbergasted that the creator of Pakui could be so cruel.

As her lip trembled, she reached for her phone, and dialed up her older cousin. The male voice spoke up on the other end. "What is it Ashley? It's midnight... shouldn't you be in bed?"

"Pakui's dead!" the preteen wailed, her voice sharp in tone.

"What do you mean, Pakui's dead?" the older boy asked. "Last time I checked, he was very much alive."

"I was reading a fanfic..." the girl stated, pulling on her short black hair.

"Haven't I told you, you shouldn't be reading that?" came the sudden comment from her cousin. "You are just so gullible. Just because the fanfic author kills off Pakui, doesn't mean that he really is dead."

"No!" Ashley's voice quavered. "Pakui's dead. The author's note says that they are mad because Pakui was killed off! I am not stupid! And it isn't as if I have an account! I just am reading!"

"I never said that you were," a deep sigh could be heard on the other side. "Hold on... I'm turning on my computer."

"And..." the girl bounced in her chair.

"Personally, I think Auntie should pull the internet from your room," the boy commented half-heatedly. "You do realize, booting up the computer takes time."

"You're mean!" the small girl commented.

"What... for helping you," came the soft laugh. "Oh, you mean the fact I think Auntie should pull the internet from your room. It's just that I think that she should pay closer attention to what you do on the internet is all. I see some pretty stupid stuff from kids your age, and the end results aren't nice."

"So... Pakui's dead, right?" A few tears dripped down her face.

"I am reading the newest chapter," came the response. A period of silence occurred.

"How can you read the newest chapter? I have to wait until mom buys the Manga for me," Ashley commented.

"That is because..." their was a pause from the other side. The preteen began to fidget in her seat, waiting for him to speak up. "Ah... look! Pakui isn't dead! He is just playing ball with his owner."

"Oh..." the small girl paused for a few seconds. "Hey... why would that one person put that in their fanfic?"

"What is the name of the fanfic Ashley?" her cousin asked.

The black haired girl blurted out the name title. She then said, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to read the fanfic," the boy stated firmly. There was a pause from him, then he spoke up. "The guy is a troll."

"That's a mean thing to call people," came the response, which received a chuckle in return.

"No... troll is the name for someone on the internet who likes to post things to instigate something. In this case, they wanted people to respond," the boy stated.

"Well, I'm going to leave a review!" the small girl stated, clicking on the review button. However, to her dismay, she couldn't. "It says I can't review because this person doesn't accept review from non-site members."

"I'll leave a review then," the boy sighed. There was a pause, and then he spoke up. "You should go and read my review."

Ashley clicked on the link, and read the review out loud. "Thank you so much for being mean to people. Not everyone reads the newest chapter, so spoilers are a big no-no in the first place, but to lie about something that happens, particularly character death, is wrong. I have a young cousin who read your author's note, and became ..."

"Distraught," the boy commented.

"...became distraught. Please think about growing up a little, and how your actions effect others. Thank you." The black haired preteen sat back in her chair, then commented. "Thank you for saving Pakui!"

"Ahh... yeah, I guess so," the boy muttered. "Now seriously, get to bed. You have school in the morning, as do I."

"You're mean," the girl pouted. However, she climbed into her bed, and held her big Pakui doll, and fell asleep, forgetting to turn off the computer, or the phone.

- Author's note – This is written for the FanBBS August 2010 competition. The prompt is "Write a story involving deception of someone in the story, or of the narrator, or of the reader." The story is inspired by three things, the time one of my friends was asked by someone who had seen only the first Lord of the Rings movie, if Legolas died, and she told them yes, a time that someone posted a spoiler for a fandom, and got me to skip ahead to see if it was true, which it was, and rather recently, when a young fanfic writer asked me if a rumor was true, that a canon character for a fandom was going to die in a certain episode... that hadn't even had the synopsis released yet. Please enjoy.