This is just something I came up with, mostly because I keep seeing people knocked or killed by poisonous gases. It got me thinking, and this what I came up with. Hope it's not too depressing or anything, I just really wanted to post something and this happened to be lying around. ^^'


There were so many ways to go, so many reasons. Murder, Manslaughter, Suicide. Love, Hate, Jealousy. But I think, one who's never once before faced death, I think the worst way to go would be by poisonous spoke. Because you can't stop it, you can't slow it down. You have to breath, therefore you have to die. Because as you sit there, bringing about your own death, breathing it, you have time to think of the people you'll miss, the people you'll miss you. Time to think of the things you should have done, things you wish you hadn't, and things you wish you could do, but never will. And you have to come to terms with the thought of what's next. Is there a God? Did you do good, will you be rewarded? Or will your existence end with your death? Yes, these are the thoughts that come with death by poisonous smoke. And as you breath you last breath, you think of the person that made you happiest, and wish they could know that they were your last though be slipping in to the darkness of death.....

Again, hope it's not too depressing and I hope you like it! Please drop me a review if you like it, or don't! Thanks!