"Drug Story" the unnofficial parody to "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. Idea originally by Kiwi-kun, edited by MagellinaFluffQueen, written by CMDonovann.

We were both high when I first saw you

I close my eyes, hallucinations start

I'm standing there

In my underwear

See the fights, see the drugs and the nut house

See you naked in the crowd

And say "hello,"

Little did I know

You were a drug dealer, selling marijuana

And my daddy said "stay away from all that sh**"

But you're the only thing I had

I was beggin' you "give me crack"

And I said,

"Romeo, rape me, sometime when we're on the run

I'll be waiting for you to get really drunk

you'll be the pimp and I'll be the ho"

It's a drug story,

baby just say NO!

So I sneak out of the prison to pay you

We keep quiet, 'cause I'm dead if they knew

so close your eyes

Escape the cops for a little while

'Cause we were doing crack in the backyard garden

and my daddy said "stay away from Juliet"

But you had the gun and I was begging you

"Please don't shoot"

And you said,

"I'm gonna take you somewhere we can be alone

I keep waiting for my cash you little ho

'Cause I'm the pimp and you are my ho

It's a drug story,

I shoulda said NO!

Then I got tired of waiting

for the cops to rescue me and drag you to court

my faith in life was fading

With you killing people like it's a sport

And I said

"Romeo, rape me, I've been feeling so alone

I keep waiting, but the cops will never come

Is this in my head? I'm too high to see"

He knelt to the ground,

pulled out his car keys and said,

"Get outta here, Juliet

We can't outrun the cops again

Just broke the law for time number ten

Think your dad's dead, his blood's on my shirt" so

ends the drug story

Remember, just say NO!



'Cause we were both high when I first saw you