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She ducked into the shadows unable to believe what she was seeing. Nika…her long red hair catching the meager torchlight in the hall, coming from his bed chamber, even now looking up at him with an expression Kimari could not read and doubted she wanted too. Damn him…damn that stupid red-haired cow…jealousy consumed her as she watched him, the lying dog, lean down to plant a kiss on the girl's upturned cheek.

No wonder he wasn't consumed by wanting like she was…no wonder he refused to join his body with hers…all that cock and bull and about her needing time…to be completely healed and ready to take him…it had been all nothing but words…because he was getting his needs sated elsewhere…so why was he bothering with her, she wondered livid. She almost stepped out of the shadowed doorway so that both of them saw her, when the red-head started down the hallway in her direction. The big clod stood there watching her, shaking his head and smiling…like a cat who had found a bowl of cream…wearing naught but his leathers. The stupid oaf…tears pricked her eyes, as she held her breath, hoping the girl did not notice her as she passed.

She waited, cursing herself and him…herself for being his fool…him for just being an arrogant fool and when she thought the coast clear, she darted from her hiding place, intent on her room…his room…insisting she would never speak to him again…never let him touch her again…ever…the ass…the big jackass…

Just turning to go back into what he hoped was his now temporary lodgings, movement down the hall caught his eye and he turned in enough time to see Kimari darting down the hallway. He groaned…well shit…had she seen Nika here he wondered, calling out to her, her refusing to stop or even acknowledge him was all the answer he needed and he bounded after her vowing if she bowed her back at him before she gave him a chance to explain he was going to spank her suspicious little ass.

"Kimari…" he shouted at her, but she only broke into a run, almost making it to her door and sanctuary…almost…and she could let the tears of her hurt and anguish burst out. He caught her, slamming her against the door, making it bump shut where she had just managed to open it…his weight at her back making her shudder with revulsion. The liar…he was a liar…a heartless, calculating deceiver…and though his purpose remained elusive, she knew it in her heart and soul…he had cuckolded her…led her false and toyed with her feelings and emotions for him…his purpose his own…

"Don't you dare get all pissy about this," he warned her, hearing her suck in a breath. "Don't you dare bow your back at me without letting me explain myself…and by the gods, I shouldn't have to explain anything…you suspicious little cat," he gritted, knowing what she thought…angry that she would dare think it…since all his time and energy of late had been about nothing but seducing her to his bed…luring her and tempting her, not with promises, but with assurances of his devotion and regard for her. How dare she think he would lie about that.

"Let me go," she demanded, hearing a noise on the other side of the door, "Ballan…" she called out frantically, near to tears. How dare he threaten her, how dare he be angry with her…of course he was angry with her for ruining his little scheme whatever it was. "Ballan…open the door," she insisted, hearing him growl low in his chest behind her.

"Ballan…don't touch that door," he ordered loud and clear, she was not going to escape him…they were going to hash this out…and then he was going to spank her ass…for her unspoken accusations. "You little miss…" he gripped her arm, spinning her about only to pin her against the door once more, "There are things we need say to one another," he promised her, seeing her eyes ablaze with tears of hurt…her expression damning him already, "Come with me…"

He gripped her arm, not hurting her he made sure, striding back the way he had come, feeling more than an idiot to be tromping about in bare feet, chasing down a nonsensical…insecure and totally irrational female. He swung her into his chamber and slammed the door…no baby here to be startled by the noise he saw her wince as she turned to face him, her eyes accusing him, even as her little lip quivered.

"There is nothing for you to say…you…you…lying jackass," she assured him, seeing his head jerk back at her slur, "You cannot deny what I saw…that…that cow…sneaking out of this very room, you letch," she insisted, backing away as he advanced, "I saw her with my own eyes you miserable debaucher of women's hopes," she insisted, backing away two steps to his one, as he crossed his arms over his naked chest. She could not help but glance at the bed…the covers turned back neatly…so he hadn't fucked the stupid cow on the bed…so what…

"Aye…you saw her," he did not deny it…frowning at her fiercely, "You saw her come to tell me she is with child," he saw her outright blanche at that, waiting for her to further insult him with another accusation.

"It is yours," it was a wail of disbelief…instead of a question or accusation. How could he…would he now pick and choose the choicest of his litter? Damn him…damn her for believing him all this time…his assurances of his regard for her…that he wanted her above all women…that he…well he'd never said he loved her…but it was everyday implied she insisted, shaking her head, wanting to retch she realized, so distraught she did not notice him shaking his head at first.

"No you little brat…it is Maran's," he insisted, seeing her surprise, her out right disbelief that warred with utter relief, that only fueled his annoyance more. "Gods dammit girl…what do you think I have been doing these last weeks…if not trying to convince your guarded little ass that I want no other female but you…that I have taken none other to my bed for want only of you…and that I love you…as I've never loved another," he demanded to know shaking his head at her, annoyed and perturbed over how he was going to finally convince her of his sincerity and make her see past her own self-reproach, fed to her like pap all her life…that she was worthy and deserving of love and consideration and devotion…all those things he would give her…if she would only let him.

"Why does she need to tell you she carries another man's child," she hissed, confused, thrilled, he had said he loved her, angry at him still for daring see that cow in private…still guarded and wanting to believe him…but oh so afraid too.

"She didn't…she wanted to thank me for making sure I released her to a man who would love and appreciate her…" he cocked a brow at her, "It seems the once self-absorbed and petulant Nika has been cured of her faults by impending motherhood," he mused, not really all that amused however, his tone hardened, "What do I need to do to cure you of your naturally suspicious and distrustful nature, my sweet little girl," he demanded to know, seeing her roll her eyes. Oh…he was so going to paddle her ass for that…if nothing else for that.

He was angry, with reason she supposed, but his endearment, said with such a harsh tone assured her he did not mean it as such, little girl was usually his way of telling her she was in trouble…big trouble. But he hadn't taken a hand to her in months…well, not as punishment that was…would he now? Would he? And why did that though thrill her so? "I…you…you should not have…invited her in here…knowing if I saw what I would think," she protested, a lame excuse for her jealousy indeed she had to admit, that dark brow shooting up telling her so at once. "No less than what any reasonable…woman would think…seeing her…her man sending another woman from his bed chamber…with a sweet little kiss too…" she recalled snidely reminding herself she never seemed to know when to shut up in the face of his anger…aways digging herself deeper.

So he was her man now. That appeased him to some degree, but her distrust of him still did not. "First off…you will admit you are no reasonable woman…but are instead a jealous little shrew…secondly, you will apologize for daring to insult my honor, in insisting I would cuckold you with another, after I have for months now, worked by ass off to convince you of my esteem…," she let go a little frown at that, "And finally…you will tell me you love me…so I can paddle your sweet little ass for your bad behavior…then love you until you scream with pleasure," she was gaping at him outright…over the paddling or the loving he wasn't sure, but made sure his expression assured her he was most serious.

"You can't be serious," she gasped…her insides fluttering like a whole host of moths had been let go. "You can't be…you cannot expect to touch me if you…if you…"

"Spank your pretty little ass," he finished for her bluntly, seeing her cheeks ignite, "Oh, I can expect it…in fact I can count on it…because you'll let me…do both," he assured her, getting a sharp intake of breath from her. "Come now….rail at me again…accuse me of being a debaucher and letch…and liar…and what was it…oh yes…a jackass…" he tilted his head aside, daring her to it she knew…daring her to buck up to him again. She shook her head, feeling more than foolish now…probably stupid…because she believed him and would regret it immensely.

"Alright…I admit I was…jealous," she allowed, wringing her hands in her skirts. Oh gods, he couldn't be serious…the thought of his taking a bare hand to her bottom was making her nervous…actually sweat a little.

"What else," he insisted, crossing his arms over his chest once more, waiting… wondering if she would choke over having to eat crow…for once it was her…and not him, he realized, damned pleased by it.

"Because I was jealous…I…I might have…"

"Might have," he interrupted her that brow was going to disappear into his hair line she decided, daring peek at him from beneath her lashes, not realizing how sexy he found it. He moved to the bed and sat down, crooking a finger at her, he was only too aware she started…then fidgeted nervously, those hands being twisted tightly in her skirts. He pointed to the spot between his spread knees…insisting that she come…knowing she would.

She fidgeted a little more, her cheeks crimson…just the thought of him spanking her making her nearly ready to faint. When he cleared his throat, she jumped and skittered into place before him, staring at her hands, not wanting to look in his eyes, see his disappointment with her…suddenly she was disappointed in herself…for having doubted him. "I was jealous," she murmured, peeking up at him, to see if he were appeased…his eyes were silver…so he wasn't too angry…but his expression told her he was not about to relent. She had insulted his honor he had said…she had accused him unnecessarily…without cause. He had given her no reason to assume he had any interests in another…he was right about that…always he was with her…and their son before he started his day…and when that day was done. She was such a brat.

"You were jealous," he allowed, feeling a little sorry for her, but not about to let her out of the punishment he intended. There were consequences she was going to have to learn…when she didn't trust him…or would accuse him without cause. "That in itself is no crime…in fact…I have been accused of the emotion myself," he admitted, getting her speculative glance, he hid his grin, "Now…what else," he insisted, letting her know she was not going to throw him her pleading little glance and get out of anything.

"I am sorry that I accused you," that admission had come out easier than he had thought it would, he could admit, almost shaking his head. She was way better at apologizing and eating crow than he was. "I should not have said those mean things to you," she admitted, fidgeting some more. Only one thing left to do before her thrashed her… the easiest or hardest of all, depending on how she looked at it. The truth hurt sometimes…but it could also set you free she had heard somewhere. She peeked up at him, then squared her resolve and met his eye, her arms coming about his neck, even as his hands gripped her hips, his touch gentle, and the heat of his hands seeping into her clothing.

"I do love you," she admitted, softly, with heartfelt emotion, unable to help herself she leaned in, her lips meeting his. He let her kiss him, but he did not return it and she drew back with a small confused frown.

"I love you too," he admitted, firming his resolve…that sweet little kiss had almost swayed him…almost. "Raise your skirts and bend over my knee…" he ordered softly in the next breath, hearing her suck in sharply. "Do not make me force you sweetling," he warned her gently, seeing that lower lip quiver piteously, "A man cannot have his woman raving like some shrew at his head…and accusing him of silly nonsense without the benefit of being allowed to explain…and I swear to the gods…nothing pisses me off more than for you to roll those big eyes of yours at me…" he informed her sternly, seeing those eyes in question widen slightly.

"I did not," she protested…oh blast…oh blast and damn…he was pissed off…just hiding it well. He sighed shaking his head.

"Raise your skirts, Kimari," he insisted, his thighs closing about her knees to keep her still as she stood between them. "I have told you don't make me force you…" he reminded her, getting a little sob from her. Gods, he had not even spanked her yet.

"Does it matter that I am really sorry," she asked, gathering her skirts with a slowness meant to stall he knew. He shook his head, waiting…the hardest part of any punishment was the moments before it happened he knew…and she was making hers uneedfully painful. It was about obedience…hers to him…it was about her trusting him not to make this about more than a lesson she needed learn…and most of all, it was because she needed to know that all for he loved her…he would still command her submission…something that she needed and wanted…and fulfilled her in ways she probably did not understand.

"I do love you," she offered, feeling the cooler air touch the backs of her thighs…her face flamed, her heart nearly burst from her chest. The clod…he could say he loved her again too…before he lit her backside on fire.

"Kimari," he was a warning pure and simple, his patience was running out.

"You still have not mastered that patience thing," she dared remind him getting only a grunt that had her wondering if he wouldn't spank her for that alone. "My lord…oooffff…"

She landed over his knee, her hand planted on his calf the only thing that kept her from rolling right off onto her head she was sure…but then there were his rock hard thighs trapping her legs between his. "Please… I…"

Smack. It was almost anticlimactic, even as she hissed at the sting. Instantly his hand soothed the cheek he had smacked, he bent over her, his voice soft in her ear. "That was all I intended," he told her, feeling her entire body relax in relief, "One little smack to make sure you had learned your lesson…" his tone hardened and she tensed, knowing instantly that he was far from done. "But lest I forget you rolled those eyes at me like some little brat…" SMACK… harder this time she squealed, grabbing onto his leg to keep from going over his knee, "And stalling…" SMACK SMACK SMACK…first one cheek then the other…then that tender spot where thigh met butt…SMACK…her sit spot…SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK, "For trying to cajole me out of punishing you…" SMACK SMACK SMACK, "For making me punish you," he insisted hauling her up, her face flushed from being upside down, matched the lovely pink glow of her little round butt. "Don't make punish you again, baby," he insisted, meeting her teary eyes, she nodded, wiggling around she wrapped her arms about his neck and this time he held her close, pressing a kiss to the side of her neck. "I don't like doing that, irregardless what you might think," he chided her, his hands cupping her sweet little ass he kneaded, soothing the sting he had caused. She sniffed.

"It was not so bad," she allowed, daring peek at him, seeing that brow shoot up.

"Hmm…perhaps you need a little more," he offered, getting the vehement shake of her head, even as she wiggled her hot, little bottom in his hands.

"You promised me other things," she reminded him, blushing hotter if that were possible. For all that her butt stung…her pussy was way hotter…and wet…and needy…just thinking about his loving her 'til she screamed…he could do it too she knew.

"Did I," he teased, tilting her back to see her rosy little cheeks, "What might it have been I wonder," he dared mock her, she was still so missish of plain speaking about sex.

"Oohh…don't tease," about to suffocate in her blush, her arms tightened around his neck, "You know what you promised…now you must see it through," she told him cheekily, getting his grunt, "You would not want me to think you do not keep your promises…"

She squealed when he flipped her off his lap to stand before him, his hands busy with the laces of her gown. Laughing, suddenly eager herself, she heard a seam pop somewhere as she whipped her pelisse over her head, flung off her chainse and chemise, then started to hastily work the ties of his leathers.

"Gods, sweet baby," he growled, "Slow down…" she was going to unman him in her haste, he didn't doubt, groaning when she lifted his cock from his pants and to his utter shock and dismay, he nearly shouted out when she dropped to her knees and in one swallow took him deep in her sweet soft mouth. "Ahh…fuck…" he gritted knotting a handful of curls in a fist; the other hand clenched the bed covers, "For gods' sakes baby…slow down…"

She took him deep and held him there…just as he'd taught her…making him want to buck and force his cock deeper in her throat. She was something else, he insisted, as she sucked her way out…then impaled her sweet mouth on him once more. He could only grunt in response…if she kept it up he was going to spill his seed he knew…the weeks of teasing her to release and denying his own all culminating into this one moment he wasn't sure he could control. "Ah…dammit…" he gritted feeling his ball draw up tight as her tongue swirled around the head of his cock and he pulled her up, roughly he didn't doubt, but he wanted inside her…wanted his seed inside her…when he finally blew apart…and could only hope she was with him for currently he was worse than a callow lad with his first woman not sure he could hold himself in check to give her equal pleasure.

"Gods I have wanted you," he insisted trying to pull her beneath him, but to his utter undoing she crawled atop him and impaled her sleek wet cunt over his cock. He jerked…gods she was as tight as ever and he didn't want to consider how that could be when he had watched his child be born…he didn't want to think about that, he shook his head…not now…only that she was as sweet as ever…maybe even more so…as she raised her hips up, then came sliding back down his length. "Gods dammit…will you slow down," he gritted, sweat beading his temples and chest, he was a breath away from losing it he could admit, gripping her hips he held her still. "Gods girl…are you trying to kill me, did that hurt you," he demanded to know, sitting upright with her still straddling his hips, she blushed hotly and shook her head, and he didn't miss the little quiver of her lower lip. Well hell, he hadn't meant to make her cry, "You are about to be my undoing," he assured her, kissing a flushed cheek, the tip of her nose, "I don't want to hurt you sweetling," he traced her ear with his tongue feeling her shiver, "If you make me come now, sweet baby…I don't know if I can pleasure you," he admitted, not wanting her to have hurt feelings…she wanted so badly to please him he could tell…but he had withheld himself from her so long, he was barely hanging on, even now the little squeeze of her sheath around his cock was driving him insane.

"I…I wasn't doing something wrong," she whispered, palming his shoulders, looking into his silver eyes, knowing tears pooled in hers.

"No," he assured her vehemently, kissing her again and again between words, "But I have waited…for this moment for weeks," he admitted, "I don't know how long I can hold out…and I don't want to hurt you," he insisted, getting her little whisper that it did not hurt…but felt good. He grinned his lips trailing over her chest to catch a taunt nipple, he loathed it with his tongue and she arched her back, making him let go of her at once and brace himself with his hands behind his back as her movement shoved him deeper into her. Shit…he was going to come from just touching her…he realized, sucking on the sweet little bud, harder…and harder until he was rewarded with a taste of her…that his selfish son was only too familiar with. "Gods you are sweet…" he assured her, headed for the other one, but her gasping and twisting away from him shielding her breasts, had him looking up at her, "What," he mused, seeing how stricken she appeared. "Good grief, sweet," he sighed, "I've been curious for a while now why that little piglet was so happy at your breast," he mused, "Now I know…"

She gasped again, her face igniting, "It…it is not…repulsive…to you…" he shook his head, removing her crossed arms and latched onto her with a ferocity that put his son to shame, but this time he didn't taste her, as it so obviously embarrassed her, instead lathed her with his tongue, insisting she forget her mortification as he nibbled and kissed.

"Gods," she gasped, feeling his cock high and hard inside her, the occasional twitch or buck, as if it wanted to burrow deeper…gods she wanted it deeper…she wanted him to move…or for him to let her move…she needed this…needed him…wanted him, "Gods…I love you," she whispered, then whispered it again when his fingers slipped into her wetness against his belly and started to tease her clit. "Oh…gods…" she gasped and gasped some more, as her hips found a rhythm she was unable to resist.

"If you don't stop," he gritted, trying to hold her hips still, while rubbing her clit and sucking her breasts…and gods…he wanted all of her at once…but his cock…that had ached for her for weeks had other plans…and without his permission the felt his seed filling his balls…flooding the base of his cock…and he thrust into her, feeling her meet him thrust for thrust…high, hard, deep…she rode him violently almost, or maybe she merely held on as he gripped her hips and thrust into her, even as he brought her down to impale her on his exploding cock. With a harsh, soul rending groan, he spewed into her…spraying the insides of her sheath with spurt after spurt of his seed…and did he feel her womb lapping it up…as she took her own pleasure with him? Her little wail of release assured him he had indeed loved her 'til she screamed…and gods if she hadn't nearly done the same to him.

She lay sprawled across him in the aftermath, placing lazy little kisses over his chest and neck, even as his hands ran soothingly up and down her sides, from breast to hip and back again. She stacked her hands on his chest, resting her chin atop them, even as his silver eyes focused on her, heavy-lidded, with a hooded sensuality that spoke of sated contentment. She studied him, having always thought him a handsome man…even when she had detested him she hadn't been able to deny his rugged good looks…now…now he was likely the most beautiful thing she had ever seen…with the exception of her son of course.

"What are you thinking cara mia," he asked her sheepishly, unable to stop his sated grin. Gods…if he died right this minute…he would die a happy man he mused.

"Nothing," she mused, tracing a finger over an old scar on his chest, "Everything…" she sighed, looking up to find herself mirrored in his eyes, she gave him a cheeky smile, "You never did find that patience you were looking for my lord," she reminded him getting a light slap to her backside she gasped and wiggled, feeling his cock twitch inside her.

"I was only keeping pace with my very impatient female," he reminded her amused at her blush. "How many times do I need tell you to stop…before you listen and heed me," he asked her, teasing her about his obvious lack of control. "I could have gone on for hours…"

She snorted, elbowing him in the chest for his flippery. "You were shouting stop before I had scarce started," she accused him hotly, but could not resist a smile, "

He grinned, looping a leg about hers, his arms coming about her, he rolled with her, managing to keep his sated cock still buried inside her, pressing kisses over her forehead and eyes and the tip of her nose…her cheeks, the corners of her mouth, then her lips and neck and ears…and she was nearly breathless at the sweet, heady thrum of her body…her heartbeat in time to his.

"I…I am different," she burst out, not sure what had made her say such, even as he raised his head and gave her a questioning look, his smile never faltered and she blushed looking down where his chest pressed against her breasts. He was still so much darker than her, she mused…all sun-kissed…where she was honey gold.

"What is so different about you cara mia," he asked gently, sensing some angst in her, as she fidgeted, running a bare foot up and down his leg, "Aside from the fact you look like a woman…loved truly and well by her man," he asked, no mockery or teasing a mere statement of fact, he pressed a kiss to the tip of her nose once more, when she dared peek at him solemnly.

"I…I'm…rather plump," she whispered, her face igniting, reddening further when he dared chuckle.

"Good gods' girl," he dared laugh, "There is nothing about you to be considered plump," he assured her. Certainly she was fuller…her hips more lush, her breasts more than a handful, there might even be a little arch to her belly now…but it was still nearly flat…she was still lithe and well-muscled under his hands…and even more beautiful to him than when he'd first seen her in all her naked glory. "In fact…I feel like I've a woman beneath me for a change," he dared tease her, "Instead of a rangy lad…"

She hit him in the shoulder, but he did not miss a little dimple deepen her cheek. He shook his head, kissing her while he chuckled. "Plump…" he snorted, making a bee-line for a rosy little nipple that was daring poke a hole in his chest, "You are a silly thing to worry about such foolishness," he assured her, lathing the tip with his tongue, even as she gasped and arched to meet him. He didn't suckle her, knowing it embarrassed her…and that amused him as well…until he realized with startling clarity how hard and firm her breasts suddenly seemed beneath his lips…and now hand as he cupped her to better tease her.

He drew back slightly, looking down at the rock-hard little melons they were now, and then glanced at her, seeing her nearly suffocating in a blush. "I…I need too…" she started trying to wiggle away from him, but he held her firm, watching her intently, not sure what this newest embarrassment was about, but he wasn't going to let her go hiding herself from him. "My lord," she protested, feeling her breasts engorge. Their son would be looking for her soon; she knew…her breasts filling in a need to feed him like clockwork. "I need too…" she was so embarrassed she couldn't find the words to say what was about to happen if he didn't stop

pressing her so.

"Ah," he mused, dipping his head, he sucked a taunt little nub into his mouth, awarded with the sweetness of her, which seemed to send her into a near panic.

"Do not…" she protested, finding it strange he would want to taste her…like that…his grin mortified her.

"Baby," he sighed, "I can admit that once upon a time breasts were purely a sexual enticement…as is the case for any man," he chided her lightly, sure she was going to combust, "But you have to allow that I have seen that little piglet latched onto yours so often, that I just had to see what all the fuss was about," she hit him and shoved at his shoulder to make him move, but he held her still, "And now I know why he is indeed such a little glutton," he insisted, getting smacked again for his trouble. "It is only a natural reaction of your body, sweetling," he insisted, erasing his grin from his face, he was still amused, but trying hard not to show it…in an attempt to soothe her, "I do not find it repulsive or detracting any way in the least…and your breasts are still a purely sexual enticement…whether they feed our son or not…"

She rolled out from under him, managing to grab her chemise off the floor, but not before she gave him a hearty view of her sweetly pink, naked backside, "If you do not let go…I doubt you'll think me leaking milk all over you very sexually stimulating," she snapped. He sighed, propping himself against the headboard, watching her with a gentle smile. Gods, she was still so demure and shy with him…over something that was as amazing to him as her being able to provide nourishment for their child. He shook his head…gods he was more besotted than he thought.

Outside in the passageway, the sound of a distressed and wailing babe filtered through the doorway and he glanced at her, seeing her hastily pulling on her chainse and searching about for her pelisse. He shook his head, oblivious to his nudity he rose and went to the door, opening it before Ballan, looking distressed and no little annoyed could knock.

"Have you seen this howling piglet's m'ma," he demanded to know, getting his master's frown, but not caring. Gods…the girl couldn't just disappear and not tell him where she was going…it wasn't like he could shut this horrible racket up…he didn't have a breast to pop into that wide, wailing mouth.

Aragan pushed the door open wider, seeing Ballan's eyes go wide at the sight of the very person he sought, busily trying to restore her laces…without help so it seemed. But after a second of pure surprise…and glancing at his master, who was stark naked and still semi-erect, he started to grin…until he got thumped quite hard in the ear.

"Ow…" he grunted, glaring at his lord, who shook his head at him, taking his howling son.

"If you tease her…I'll beat your ass," he promised his man, who merely nodded, still all but gaping between the two of them. He handed off his howling boy to his mother, who was blushing like a whore in sanctuary, but she gave them both her back and after only a moment, the racket was comically brought to a halt…only the smacking, grunting sounds of a little piglet getting his teat could be heard and Aragan had to laugh. He shrugged, unable to blame the boy now he could admit.

"Have evening meal brought to my chambers," he said aside to Ballan, who was still gaping it appeared, "I mean to her chambers…ah hell…to piglet's chambers," he corrected himself…still not sure whose bed chamber was whose any more. That was going to change, he promised himself.

"Yes, my lord," Ballan answered in a dignified and crisp manner, and had Aragan not been looking at him, he would have sworn with mockery…but the poor lad seemed utterly taken aback to find his master naked…and his mistress still fretting with her laces.

"Ballan…" he warned, just to get him moving and stop his gawking.

"Aye…of course…" he beat a hasty retreat…stunned…amused… "It's about damned time," he muttered to himself, heading down the hallway to inform the kitchens.

Aragan glanced over at her, where she sat on the bed, her back to him nursing Kylar and he wondered about it a moment. She had never been shy before…so what was wrong now? He eased up behind her, pressing a kiss to the gentle, intriguing slope where neck and shoulder met, getting a shiver as she shrugged up her shoulder to ward him off.

"Don't," she insisted, not knowing why she was so shy of a sudden. Perhaps it had to do with her sucking his cock like a starving stray…or perhaps it was his daring to taste her…or…it might have been Ballan's obvious shock at seeing the two of them…and she could not help but feeling like some loose hussy, caught in the act.

"Cara," he murmured, taking her shoulders in his hands, Kylar, hearing his voice, looked up passed his mother's flaming face, gave his father a milky toothless grin, then latched back on without a care in the world. He chuckled, the sight of that goofy grin always made him smile, but he sobered recalling his very mortified and prickly little female. "What is it," he asked softly by her ear, getting another shiver from her.

"Don't distract me from the baby," she protested. Gods she felt so…exposed…so… naked, even dressed. It had been her telling him she loved him…not once…but over and over again…as if she had been unable to shut up. He had said he loved her too…but…how could he? Why did he? "And stop calling him piglet," she added as an afterthought, making sure her tone brooked no further of his nonsense.

"Kimari," he began, but she shrugged his hands off her shoulders and he sighed, lying alongside her hip he stacked his hands behind his head, thinking perhaps she would relax if he didn't touch her. "Are you angry," he asked, getting a swift shake of her head. "Did I hurt you," he queried, again the negative. "Then what's wrong, sweet," he asked, concerned, not sure what he was missing, but it was definitely something, "Are you embarrassed that Ballan found us," he dared, again the negative, at a loss, he merely pursed his lips and waited. Patience…he still had to battle that irritating trait…and with his little cara… he supposed one day he might master it…for no other reason than she would demand it.

He waited…wondering if she would ever get up the nerve to tell him and just when he was sure he would have to demand to know, she shocked him with a question so plaintiff and pitiful that he wanted to shout down the rafters at her.

"How can you love me," she asked, not daring look at him, those old insecurities ate at her…nagged at her…what was there about her that she deserved such an emotion? No one had ever loved her before…how could it be that this arrogant, egotistical…handsome, sometimes sweet, always doting and benevolent man…might love her? How?

"You are easy to love baby," he assured her, his heart nearly seizing at the pain that lanced through him, not because of her…but for her. "I am a different story…so it might be more appropriate to ask how you can love me," he insisted, no mockery in his tone, merely a sureness of the facts.

"Do not tease," she whispered, staring down at Kylar who looked up at her with his big, blue, baby eyes…grinned and went right back to sucking, oblivious to his mother's turmoil.

"I'm not," he insisted with a sigh, sitting up he tilted her solemn little face up to his, pressing a kiss to her nose. Kylar let go a little squeal and returned to his meal. The little imp. "How could I not love you," he asked, "That is a question I have asked myself time and time again…how could I have been such an idiot all those months…to not realize the smart, sexy, sweet, gentle woman that you are," he insisted, even as she ducked her head. "No," he coaxed, bringing her face back up, seeing tears in her eyes, "I love you because you're as stubborn as a mule," he admitted, getting a small shake of her head, "I do…what other woman would be able to put up with me…if she didn't have a little steel in her backbone," he reasoned with a shrug.

"I love you because you're intelligent…and far too astute for your own good," he added, "I love you because you can't lie worth a damn…and you have a temper that rivals my own…not to mention you are a possessive and jealous female, which a man finds quite flattering," he chuckled at that, "You're still as sweet and innocent as a virgin," she blushed at that, "Because you can't and don't hold a grudge, because you are a wonderful, loving mother….because you know what is right and cannot be swayed from it no matter the detriment to yourself…you are fair and good-natured, with everyone but me, but I think that mostly my fault," she snorted a small amused sound and he grinned, "You are beautiful and sexy and I love everything about you from the way you move to the way you talk, to the way you look so adoringly into that little imp's eyes and hold him so sweetly and tenderly to you…that his being here at all is a reason to love you," he drew a breath, shaking his head at her, "Do I go on," he asked, seriously and she shook her head, "I can you know," he assured her, pressing a kiss to her temple then her cheek and finally a soft brush to her lips. "There is nothing about you that I don't love," he insisted softly, then grunted when his son kicked him quite hard in the belly, where he had leaned against her to reach her lips.

"Jealous, you little piglet," he accused, tickling the boys toys, getting a squeal and a rousing bout of kicking from him, "Don't spoil your father's attempts to woo your mother,".

"Don't," she laughed through her tears, getting most of the pummeling, "You'll make him throw up…" she insisted, having to smile when he laughed outright. His laugh always made little warm shivers dart down her spine.

"Better now," he asked, giving her an almost worried look, even as he smiled threading a hand through the hair at her nape and she nodded. "I don't ever want you to think about all the horrid things that were said to you…all those years…all the ignorance that bred them," he insisted to her, seeing her nod, "This is home for you my love…this is where you belong…with me…and Ky…and Ballan and all the others who love you…for you…"

She leaned into him, her lips finding his…her heart so light it would surely float out of her chest…he loved her…how it was possible she wasn't sure…but he loved her…this arrogant, tyrant who had scared the jeepers out of her at one time…was now the love of her life, brought her such joy and had given her a confidence she wasn't sure she would ever possess….she loved him…with all her heart and soul and being…well second only to their son of course.

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