"My name is Sadame Unmei, miss, and I deal with endings. Any kind of ending you wish for whatever you want, I can give to you. Wish for a happy ending? Or do you want to change your bad ending into something more bearable? I can twist fate to allow you the ending into another. All I ask of you is one possession of special importance from you." A tall man with wavy blonde hair, wearing a poet shirt and dress pants, said. He spoke while he spun a cane around his thin wrist.

"Um, I don't even know what I'm doing here," the high school girl told him, remembering that she was walking down an alley before entering the store. She sat down in one of the tiny chairs that were in the cramped room. The high school girl wore a green turtleneck sweater and jeans. Her thick glasses were foggy because of the abnormal temperature in the store, changing from cold to hot in less than a minute. Her brown hair was tied back into a ponytail.

"You came to my store because you wished for an ending to something important in your life," Sadame explained. "It could an end to just about anything. Like your time at a club, your job, a love, or even an ending… to your life." Sadame spoke the last three words slowly, letting it sink and taking delight in seeing the girl's terror.

Sadame's creepy smile did its job on the girl, she was freaked out. The weird interior of the store only made it easier for her to run out of there as fast as she could.

It was small, for one. Only five people could fit in this room, if everyone of them doesn't mind being cramped. There was a tiny wooden table in the middle of the room, covered with many scratches that looked as if someone had clawed against it until they took their last breath of their life. The chairs were no different. They were wobbly and uncomfortable and covered in a suspicious red-colored liquid. It was dark as well, as a very old light bulb hung from the ceiling, circling slowly around the room.

The girl's eyes moved to the room in the back, where she could see a woman. The woman had the same blond hair as Sadame and wore an apron over her casual clothes. She had the same elfish feature like Sadame, so she assumed she was related to him in some way. She wanted to see what Sadame's relative was doing, but her back blocked the view. The high school girl could still hear a barely audible squeak every time Sadame's relative moved her hands.

"Hello? Important spirit talking here, so you better be listening," Sadame said moving in front of the girl's sight.

"I'm sorry!" She said quickly, fearing his reaction.

"As long as your listening to me," he said tapping his cane against the chair she sat in. "First, I need to know your name before we do any business."

The girl nodded. "My name's Reina Hasakimi."

Reina bowed and so did Sadame, for a second.

"Well, Reina, since you walked into my space, you must have something you wish to have a ending, something you know for sure will not end the way you would like it. Tell me, and I'll twist fate to make the appropriate ending for your case."

Reina was silent, choosing to stare at the black tile floor.

Sadame lifted her head by lifting his cane below her chin. He leaned closer to her, until his face was only a few inches from hers, and smiled wickedly. "Tell me, Miss Reina," he said with a smooth persuading voice. "What ending do you wish for? I can't help if I do not know what you want. So please, do tell an interesting story."

Reina spoke with a little hesitation "I'm graduating this week…"

Sadame jumped back, laughing as he spun his cane. "Ah, high school graduation! How many times have I did a happy ending for the graduation? Surely I have done a lot!" He looked down at Reina. "Students usually wish to have a big bang for their graduation… but what do you want, Miss Reina?"

Reina hesitated again but she spoke. "I'm the manager for the tennis team and… there's this guy."

Sadame smiled as he leaned on his cane. "Haven't confessed?"

"He's one of the best players on the team and a year younger than me. I'm going to graduate without telling him my feelings and I'm sure I'll regret for my entire life." Reina's face was bright red and she went back to staring at the floor.

"You wish for the ending of your graduation to be confessing to him," Sadame said, suspecting that was her reason for coming. "Yet you cannot do this yourself. Why?"

Reina still spoke, no longer caring what she told him. "I'm afraid of what he'll say afterwards. He might say that he doesn't have the same feelings for me. I don't know what I'll do if he says that."

"Let me tell you one thing before you continue," Sadame said leaning closer to Reina. "I may be able to twist fate but I cannot twist free will, I cannot make the boy love you. I can cause events to happen to you two, possibly bringing you two closer, but what he feels is up to him and only him."

"That's okay," Reina told him. "I just want to confess to him, that's all I want."

Sadame smiled. "You're asking for a undetermined ending, miss Reina. It could turn out bad or good." Sadame spun his cane. "But I can tip the favors to the good ending. Would you like that?"

Reina nodded, agreeing to Sadame's offer.

"Then let's get started," Sadame said placing his hand in front of Reina's face. "You'll start the next day, go to school, and at the club meeting, you'll have your chance to confess. I'll make it that nobody will be around, all you have to do is confess and await your answer. And as for payment, I'll collect when the job is done."

"Hope for your good ending, Miss Reina."

Reina blacked out.

The next day started the same as every other school day for Reina. She showered, brushed her teeth, combed her hair, changed into her uniform, and ate breakfast. She left for school at the same time she did everyday and in class, waited for the bell to ring so she can go to the tennis courts to see the one she had a crush on. She had no memories of Sadame at all until she had got to the tennis courts. As soon as she stepped on the green square to get the tennis balls, memories of Sadame and his weird shop flooded her head.

She fell to her knees, wondering how she could have forgotten about such a terrifying store and the one in charge, Sadame Unmei.

"Finally remembered me?" Sadame said appearing next to Reina. Today, he wore a sky blue poet shirt and his cane had a handle made out of steel, unlike the plastic handle it had yesterday.

Reina screamed and jumped away from Sadame. She pointed at him, trying to speak but her mouth didn't work.

Sadame smiled at her reaction. "Your memories of me don't return until I will it to happen, which is always when I'm about to work, and nobody except you can see me. Always fun to watch from the sidelines, giving advice now and then. However, I'm only here to give you pressure to confess. I already twisted fate to make it easier on you to confess."

Reina looked around and noticed that none of the other tennis club members were on the courts, when they should have been there by now. The tennis club only had ten members, including her, but some should have been there before her.

"Senpai? Are you the only one here?"

Reina's heart began to beat faster when she turned around to see her crush, Hayato Minai, running over to the tennis courts. He was a tall teen, with spiky black hair and a innocent-looking face. He was in his tennis uniform and carrying a tennis racket as he ran over to Reina.

"Where's everyone else?" Reina asked in a shy voice, trying to look up at the tall Hayato.

"I don't know," he answered. "I called one of them and they said they ate something bad yesterday. Apparently everyone else is the same."

Reina glanced at Sadame, who was whistling and spinning his cane innocently. She knew it had to him who poisoned the other club members, all for the sake of her being alone with Hayato. In some ways, she was horrified, but in others, she was glad to be alone with him.

Confessing her feelings was the only thing left to do for her.

Reina tried to open her mouth but a lump in her throat prevented her to say anything. Sadame stood next to her, whispering into her ear to hurry and confess. Even with no one there to hear and Sadame pressuring her, she still couldn't say it. The images of Hayato telling her he didn't feel the same kept popping in her head, keeping her from saying what she wanted to say.

She looked down at the ground and turned away from Hayato, her eyes tearing up when she thought about she finally had the chance… and didn't take it.

"Senpai? Can I ask you something?" Hayato said when Reina hid her face by going for the tennis balls at the other end of the court.

Reina faked sneezing, instead wiping her eyes quickly, and turned around to Hayato. "Sure, what is it?"

Hayato smiled nervously. "Are you doing anything this weekend? I mean after you have your graduation party… would you like to go out with me?".

Reina's heart stopped. She was completely surprised that Hayato had just asked her out.

Next to her, Sadame was frowning. "This isn't what I predicted, instead of Miss Reina confessing, he asked her out." Sadame tapped his cane against the ground impatiently, as if he was waiting for something else to happen.

"Um, Senpai?" Hayato said noticing how Reina was speechless.

Hayato's voice struck Reina back into reality. "I'll go out with you!" She reacted when she came back to reality.

Hayato jumped at her sudden answer but he was glad. He smiled, looking as if a great weight had been lifted off his back. Reina was the same.

"Great, so where do you live? I'll pick you up."

Reina and Hayato began dating after Reina's graduation. The two had went on a few dates but love was easy to see between them. The two were inseparable, always spending whatever free time they had when Reina wasn't working for her college fund. Hayato still had another year to spend in high school but they didn't care. The two were definitely made for each other.

Coming back from there last date, Reina held on tight to Hayato's back while he cycled down a steep hill, with Reina sitting on the back, to where Reina lived. Reina kept looking at the five pictures she took with Hayato in a photo booth. They were laughing in each picture, both trying to make the other look silly in the picture. In the end, they both looked silly in every picture.

Yet, the pictures made Reina feel warm.

"Hayato?" She said stuffing the pictures into her coat pocket.

"Yes?" he replied.

"Can you believe that I was going to confess to you on the day before I graduated?" She asked.

Hayato laughed as he pedaled. "You're not very good at hiding."

Reina looked up at him. "You knew?"

"Hard not to notice, seeing how you always blush when I talk to you and how you were so nervous around me," he answered. "But I asked you out before you confessed."

Reina smiled and hugged him tighter. "And I'm glad you did."

In her heart, she wished to happy with him for the rest of her life.

"And here's your ending," Sadame said clapping his hands. He had appeared in the air besides Reina, floating next to her as Hayato cycled down the hill. He had his legs crossed, with his cane spinning around his left wrist.

Reina's memories of Sadame came back flooding into her head. She stared at him, terrified as to why he was there and that she had forgotten everything about him.

"I got to tell you, this is a mediocre love story," Sadame said looking at Reina. "You were suppose to confess to him, yet instead it happened the other way around. You two date for a while, and fall madly in love."

Sadame smiled wickedly. "But that's not how this story ends."

Sadame disappeared, taking the memories of him from Reina.

Reina was in a daze for a bit, until she noticed they had past an apartment building.

"Hayato? We past my place," she said pointing at the apartment building, which was getting farther and farther.

"My brakes aren't working!" Hayato yelled trying to stop his bicycle by dragging his feet against the ground. They were going too fast to stop and if they turned, the bicycle would fall and send them both flying into the air.

The bicycle went down the hill to a intersection.

Where the last thing Reina and Hayato saw and heard was the massive shape of a truck and the blaring horn.

"So they died?" The woman who was related to Sadame asked, setting a plate of biscuits and tea in front of Sadame.

Sadame looked at the five pictures of Reina and Hayato, the pictures he had taken from the pocket of Reina's coat before they were hit by a truck. In Sadame and the woman's eyes, the pictures were letting out a multicolored stream of transparent energy. There was a lot of the energy coming out of the pictures that it made Sadame and the woman drool.

Sadame opened his mouth and dropped the pictures down his throat, closing his mouth with a satisfied smile.

"Ahhh," Sadame said savoring the taste of the pictures. "Love mixed with tragedy, nothing tastes quite like it." Sadame lifted the cup of tea and drunk it in one gulp.

"You haven't answered my question," she said, a little jealous of Sadame eating the pictures.

"They are still alive, Sister Yume," Sadame answered.

Yume's expression didn't change. "Pity they're still alive. I was wishing for them to have a real tragedy."

"Sister Yume, I am the spirit that twists fate and eats emotion," Sadame said standing up and leaning on his cane. "Whether they live or not, depends on which ending I make."

Yume chewed on the outer layer of one of the biscuits. "What ending do they get?" She asked curious.

Sadame smiled wickedly and slapped his cane into his other hand. "That's still undecided."

Note: Sadame is Fate while Unmei is Destiny, just so you know about his name. Also, Yume stands for Dream.