In the middle of a vast room filled entirely with black and white pinwheels spinning slowly to the gentle breeze, stood a tall man dancing to the sounds of the loud pop music echoing throughout the vast room. The man wore a crisp suit with a eccentric color design. One sleeve was entirely black while the other sleeve turned white after the elbow and the rest of the suit had almost the same kind of color design. His sunglasses were also one half black and the other side white. the man was all black and white from his top-hat to his shoes. Pop music continued to play while the man clapped his gloved hands and shook his hips to the music.

"My name is Duke Karma!" the man sung while he danced. "Welcome to my personal dimension, Father Time! Today's a good day for an Execution! Who's Execution? Why, Sadame Unmei's Execution, of course!"

"Shut it, Duke Karma," Father Time said his voice booming over the music the man was playing.

Father Time snapped his fingers and the music stopped. Duke Karma clapped a couple of times before he stopped dancing. Once he stopped dancing, he turned his attention to his guest. When he wasn't moving, Father Time could see the man's incredibly sharp yet handsome face. Duke Karma grinned when he saw Father Time, showing off his perfect white teeth.

"Is it finally time for Sadame's punishment?" Duke Karma asked. "The Lady will be happy to have that spirit erased from existence."

"The Lady doesn't know about this," Father Time told him. "And I'd rather keep it that way. We have no way of predicting what will happen if she were to find out that I ordered for Sadame's punishment for trespassing in my domain."

"She'd throw you into Hell if she found out about this," Duke Karma laughed. "And we both know that even beings like us can't escape Hell easily..."

Father Time frowned. "That's why I don't want her to find out, Duke," he responded. "Only Mother Nature and Mister Night know about this. I want to keep it among the four of us. The other nine must not find out."

Duke Karma snapped his fingers and the pinwheels in the room stopped spinning. "I'll do my best to strike that spirit out of existence."

The man snapped his fingers again and he disappeared in a swirl of black and white, leaving Father Time alone in the room of stopped pinwheels. He got ready to leave as well but upon noticing the two presences that appeared in the room, he chose to stay and turn his attention to the two new visitors.

One of the visitors was a woman of unimaginable beauty wearing a dress made out of brown and yellow leaves that showed off the curves of her body. Vines were entangled through her chocolate brown hair that went down all the way to her of the vines even had various small fruits hanging on them. The woman was barefoot but small plants grew around her feet where she stood.

The other visitor was a black-haired man with a beauty near equal to the woman. The man wore a leather vest with no shirt underneath, showing off the lean muscle of his chest and arms, and tight leather pants. Tiny stars dotted every inch of his clothing except for his thick boots. He wore a fingerless black glove on one hand while the other hand was inside the pocket of his pants. A large cresent moon was tattoed on the left cheek of the man's face.

Father Time recognized the two in an instant. "Mother Nature and Mister Night."

Mother Nature couldn't look at the man in the eyes and was playing with her green-tinted fingers while she spoke. "Don't you think the punishment is too much?" she asked in a soft voice. "All he did was turn back time once and you think that's enough to strike him out of existance?"

"Sadame Unmei is an annoyance that must be dealt with before he becomes dangerous," Father Time answered.

"But this is the first time he messed with anyone else's domain other than the Lady's," Mister Night said in his seductively deep voice. "If anyone is to punish him, it must be the Lady. Sadame has pissed her off enough that striking him out of existence wouldn't be a good enough punishment."

Father Time shook his head. "We cannot rely on the Lady to get rid of Sadame, for obvious reasons. That is why we must take this into our own hands. Sadame Unmei isn't just a spirit, he is a being capable of manipulating the world to his liking and loves nothing more than to mess with us. He must be dealt with before he becomes a danger. Surely you agree with me on this?"

"I won't let a mere spirit mess with my domain," Mother Nature answered with a hint of anger in her voice. The plants growing around her bare feet sprouted bright red flowers after she spoke.

Mister Night held his palm out in front of him and a ball of silver light appeared above his hand. "The Night belongs to me and I'll curse him if he dares try to step into my domain," he said crushing the ball of light in his hand.

Father Time smiled upon hearing the two's answer.

"Then let's hope that Duke Karma manages to capture this annoying spirit," he said.


"Is there anything I have to do?" A nineteen year-old man wearing a ocean-themed t-shirt and shorts said. The young man turned his head to the spirit standing right next to his first-class airplane seat.

Sadame twirled his cane around his wrist while he answered the man's question. "Leave all the work to me, Mister Yamada," he answered. "I am the spirit that twists Fate and devours emotions, Sadame Unmei. With me on your side, you can start planning on how you will use your father's fortune."

The young man Yamada smiled as he relaxed in his chair.

The latest client that came to Sadame's place was Yamada, a young man whose father had recently passed away and his fortune was going to be split among his relatives depending on his will. Yamada, however, knew that his name wasn't going to be in the will because of his recent wasteful spending that made his father see that he was no good with money. He could the ending where he ended up penniless and that was when he found the door to Sadame's store in the airport bathroom. He made a deal with the spirit to twist his fate so he ended up with all of his father's fortune, a good ending in his eyes. Despite being assured his good ending, He wondered how Sadame was going to accomplish this while he boarded the airplane to his father's mansion.

"Stop worrying, Mister Yamada," Sadame said smiling at the young man. "You will have your good ending as long as I get to have your most cherished possession when we're finished."

Yamada took a sip of his drink. "Sure, you can take it when I get my father's fortune," he said before taking another sip.

A flight attendant walked by and Yamada held up his glass to her. "Can I get some more water?" he asked giving the woman his best smile.

The flight attendant smiled back at Yamada and took his glass. "Sure, I'll get you the water as soon as possible," she said.

The woman walked right through Sadame, since he wasn't visible to anyone other than Yamada, and shivered. For a second, she felt an incredible cold spot but while she was curious as to why she felt it, she ignored it while she refilled Yamada's glass. When she refilled the glass, she hurried back to Yamada.

And that's when Sadame saw the black and white writing above her head.

Once, I ran over a guy and left him to die. Next day, my boyfriend proposed to me.

Sadame was the only one who could see the writing above the woman's head but when he looked around, he saw that the rest of the passengers also had black and white writing above their heads. Nobody but the spirit noticed the writing above their heads.

Over Yamada's head...

Stole over a million yen from my father and I wasn't caught. He believes my mother was the one who stole it...

Tendrils of black and white crawled across the walls and when Sadame saw them, he knew who was there. Sadame knew what was happening and turned his head to where the tendrils were coming from.

Dancing on the tips of his black and white shoes on his way to the spirit, was Duke Karma, the being that came to exact Sadame's punishment for stepping into the domain of Father Time. The tendrils of black and white grew from where the tips of his shoes touched the floor while the man danced. Duke Karma flashed his perfect teeth and spun his top-hat, hundreds of black and white waves appearing as it spun. Black and white covered every inch of the airplane but only Sadame could see the effects the colors were having. Everyone touched by those black and white colors were showing Duke Karma every act of good or evil that they done and if they were rewarded or punished for it.

"Out of the thirteen Masters, you are the one that annoys me the most, Duke Karma," Sadame said to his executioner. "But I guess Miss Day would be a very close second..."

Duke Karma pointed his gloved finger at the spirit but kept dancing on the tips of his feet. "For the crime of trespassing in the domain of the great Father Time, the spirit Sadame Unmei shall receive his punishment from the Master of Perfect Balance, Duke Karma," the man said proudly.

"Don't give me that Master of Perfect Balance lie, Duke," Sadame said annoyed. "You make a bus run over a man just because he was lucky enough to get two candy bars out of a vending machine or give a man who murdered his wife enough money to get him out of the country and live the rest of his life comfortable. You do this and yet you make humans believe you reward them for good acts and punish them for bad acts. It's because of this that I find you annoying, Duke Karma."

Duke Karma continued grinning, ignoring Sadame's comment about him. "For your crimes against the Masters, I shall exact the existence erasing punishment upon the spirit Sadame Unmei!"

The man snapped his fingers and every tendril of black and white in the room whipped themselves at Sadame. The spirit slammed the end of his cane against the floor and from where he struck, thick chains shot out and protected him from the tendrils.

"Ever heard of the Chains of Destiny, Duke Karma?" Sadame asked.

The spirit pointed his cane at Yamada, revealing a thick chain wrapped his chest that the young man could not see or feel. The chain was also wrapped around the spirit's ankle.

"As long as my Destiny is chained to this man, nothing you or the other Masters do can separate me from him," Sadame said giving the man a wicked smile. "I am chained to this young man for as long as his request to me remains. I cannot be erased from existence while this man lives and I am chained to him."

To Sadame's surprise, Duke Karma started to chuckle.

"This is why the Lady thinks you are dangerous, Sadame," Duke Karma chuckled. "Destiny is not something you try to control, Sadame Unmei. There is always terrible consequences if you mess it up."

Duke Karma jumped off the tips of his feet and spun in a circle when he landed.

"You will be punished!" He yelled pointing at Sadame. "As the Master of the force called Karma, I will punish you for the crimes against the Masters!"

The moment after Duke Karma yelled, the airplane began to shake violently. Some of the passengers screamed as a result but the pilot assured them that what happened was normal for airplanes and that they shouldn't worry.

But unknown to the passengers and the pilots, the airplane was flying right into a thunderstorm.

Sadame noticed the thunderstorm in an instant. "It isn't the Fate of this airplane to fly right into a thunderstorm!" he yelled. "Your powers can't do this, Duke Karma! Only Mother Nature can manipulate the weather like this!"

Duke Karma continued grinning. "Oh, didn't I mention that Mother Nature and Mister Night want a piece of you too?" He laughed as he continued talking. "Since you're destined to be chained to this man and are unable to be killed as long as you are chained, then the answer to our problem is simple!"

"We got to crash this plane and kill the guy!"