Falling gently

From the sea of clouds

The tears of Angels

Gentle slap upon the earth

Or upon the skin of humans

Who stare up at the heavens

Wondering what would make the graceful beings cry

While some themselves have rivers of salt

Running down their cheeks

The answer why the Angels cry

is one so simple

Though complicated as a web from a black widow

Yet sharing the beauty

of a morning dew

The heavens cry not only because of sadness

But because of the feeling of joy

As they watch us

From above

They are proud of our accomplishments

Love us for our beauty and faith

And excitement and loving

As they watch our dreams

Yet the angels cry for sadness as well

As they watch us crumble

Under pressures

Cower in fear of something

And watch as many turn from the beautiful path

Of love and friendship

And choose to walk alone

So why do angels shed tears

Upon our skin and earth

So that we do not walk alone

That we feel the love from them

That the angels are watching us

And for the sun to shine behind the clouds

And paint the tears

Into something of hope and dreams

An ark of colors

Streaking across the sky

As the angels give their last farewells

And anticipate the next moment they have

To observe us

And to let us know

That angels do cry