Intro: A long time ago in the Glinkalation Galaxy, there was peace. Then two evil baddies named Zasher and Vale tried to take over. Can a ragtag hero and his band of friends save the entire universe from Zasher and Vale, diabolical reptillian outer space supervillains? Only time will tell.

Races and Species in Plinky's world:

Plinkies: Round antennied alien life forms. Most are friendly, some are not.

Dragons: Dragons are reptillian beings, most of them on planet Plibble can walk on two feet and act like an Earth human, as well as maintain their dragon nature and instincts. Some are more like regular mythological dragons and fly around and breathe fire most of the time, and only act human some of the time.

Martians: Loptopia is a martian who moved from Mars to Planet Plibble's ring because he found most martians to be uncivilized.

Lizard people: Vale fits into this category. There are many lizard people on Planet Plibble, they differ from the dragons in that they have no wings, cannot breathe fire, and are generally more obsessed with magic than science. Male lizard people on Plibble act much like women, stay home, cook and knit, while females are very warlike and on the go. Many enjoy collecting rocks and stones for their magical and spiritual properties.


Plinky (Plinky P. Plinky): Plinky is the hero of the story. He was born, not made, but was experimented on by Zasher, and is one of, if not THE most brave of his kind. He possesses a strong will, great courage, and great power. He's some kind of a superhero, and loves to eat Zooshy fruits, which give him special fighting abilities. Plinky loves nature, and hates to see it being messed with or altered in any way. He hopes he can convince his friends who were experimented on by Zasher that individuality and self-awareness are valuable traits. Plinky is strong, and is muscular. Plinky's antennas have psychic and telepathic abilities, and transmit and receive radio signals. He has very humerous facial expressions, especially considering his face makes up a large percentage of his body. Plinky can shapeshift into Sheep Plinky, Squirrel Plinky, and Fruit Bat Plinky, and has many amazing abilities. In some episodes/stories, he can teleport and become anything he wants to. When drinking zooshy fruit juice, he can lift up anything and toss things at baddies. Plinky fancies himself as the ultimate collector of Spaceman Spuzz comic books, and reads them with Blueberry all the time.

Blueberry: Blueberry is Plinky's biological brother. He was nicknamed Blueberry by Zasher, and he, like Plinky, was seperated from his parents at a very early age, but unlike him, he doesn't even remember his original name. He's addicted to blueberries, and refused to eat anything else he was offered while inside Zasher's secret island lair.

Zasher (Alan B. Zasher): Zasher is the villain of the story. He is a cold, shrewd, deceptive, patient, calculating reptillian dragon of the Vanckplirian race. Zasher loves only one thing: Power. He will do anything to achieve it, lie, cheat, steal, murder, anything. Zasher's four genetically modified experiments escaped from him because one of them was particularly rebellious and believed in self reliance. In the story, Zasher feels he has to apprehend his living experiments before they launch an all out revolution against his rapidly expanding empire. In order to apprehend them, he relies on several mystics, all of them proving useless. He ends up stooping to the lowest possible level, hiring F.I.S.H. secret agents to kidnap a telepathic baby dragon (the chosen one) and hooking him up to a telepathy reading machine. He begins his conquest for world domination as a secretive scaly dragon scientist. He starts out living and supporting himself on an island, but he works his way up, however, and takes complete control of the kingdom eventually by killing its original ruler after being forced to meet with him for harming the enviornment with his doomsday devices, that he claims are for peaceful purposes only. As king, Zasher is a tyrannical ruler, who wants the dragons and plinkies to hate and fear each other. He is referred to by the lady dragons as the "Charming Purple Snake." He is also a card carrying member of the Z.E.C.T.A.R intergalactic Enterprises, which is funding the creation of a living synthetic supercomputer called V.O.I.D. (VanckPlirian Order Implementation Device) which can assimilate all souls on a planet with the push of a button, unless it detects that resistance levels are too high.

Dhilgazhor: Dhilgazhor is the good king of the Dragon Kingdom. He gets killed by Zasher early on in the story, but his spirit lives on, and promises to return 1000 years in the future. He is also featured in the Legends of Archazia stories. Dhilgazhor's role model is Azlan the Lion from Narnia book fame.

Vale (Yuvulcriteck Von Vale): Vale is Zasher's right hand man, best friend, and assistant. He is an extremely effiminate wizard, more specifically, a level ten lizard wizard. He has the ability to absorb peoples life energy, when around them. More is known about him in the sequels than in this first story. He apparently is the reason why Plinky has a stronger will than others of his kind, because he thought Zasher needed an opponent. Vale was good as a child and early teenager, but became evil over time, possibly due to outside influences and drinking soul poison given to him disguised as vitality juice. Vale is skilled in karate.

Stacy (Stacy C. Dragon: Stacy is a pretty brunette female yellow-scaled dragon biologist, about 24 years of age, who once knew and dated Zasher and was going to work with him, until she found out about his secret plans. Now she fears for her life after finding out about Zasher's experiments. Stacy likes animals, nature, plants, belly dancing, and figure skating, but also likes making strange computer games that are not fun, despite the fact she is very proud of them. She is well liked by almost everyone, especially boy dragons (excluding Zoobly), but she is somewhat of a she-nerd. She sadly does not realize this. Her main role in future stories is flirting with Zoobly, who rarely returns any interest, but she does not seem to notice the fact she can be annoying. In addition, she aggrivates others on occasion, especially when she thinks people want to hear discourses on telescopes or protozoa, combined with her strong valley girl accent. Despite her flaws, however, she is generally a nice, sweet, warm, motherly and caring dragon, and often baby-sits Zebly. She also helps Plinky and the gang on their adventures, by providing them with valuable information, or by giving them band-aids for their bruises. Despite the fact she and Zoobly don't seem to have a relationship, she has some things in common with him, such as wanting to be the center of attention, and feeling she does not get as much time in the spotlight as she deserves. Her role model is herself, as she thinks hero worship is unhealthy, but she hopes there will be more and more female scientists in the world. She does not get along with Zasher's daughter, Wazewel, and the two almost come to blows on occassion, partly because Zoobly likes her. Another reason Stacy dislikes Wazewel is because her appearance is nearly identical to Stacy's, and she often gets blamed for what Wazewel does. Zasher even tells Wazewel to interfere with Stacy's life as much as possible. Zoobly relishes this.

Zebly (Zebly J. Dragon): Zebly is a baby dragon who happens to have incredible telapathic powers, because of the fact it runs in his blood. His mother is a mystical fortune teller, his father a powerful wizard overlord. He has telepathic connections to Plinky, his brother, and friends, and knows their whereabouts at all times on their adventures to stop Zasher, or when they are in need of him. Zasher views Plinky and his friends as high level threats to his empire. Thus, not having a clue as to Plinky's whereabouts, Zasher schemes to kidnap Zebly, and does so succesfully. He ends up chained to a wall, sad and alone, forced to look at a tasty cupcake on a dresser drawer, until he informs Zasher telepathically of where Plinky is. Plinky rescues him at the end of the story, however. Zebly is the "chosen one" of the dragons, and some day could become a greater hero than Plinky, but he has a lot of growing up to do first.

Spaz: Spaz has a very appropriate name. He is Zasher's most incompetent, moronic underling. He constantly exposes secret information without thinking, however, Zasher keeps him alive because he makes delicious pie, and because Zasher actually finds him amusing.

Loptopia (Victor J. Loptopia: Loptopia is a martian with 300 eyes, which fall off and grow back over time. He owns an ice cream company and lives on the rainbow ring surrounding Planet Plibble. Everything and everyone he touches turns green. Loptopia means well though, well, most of the time. He occasionally tries to make everyone worship him, and even funds Zasher, but the latter is due to ignorance, and claims by Zasher that his goal is galactic unity and peace. Loptopia has one of the largest families in the entire galaxy, and there are many famous martians in his bloodline, maybe even your favorite one. ;)

Gartroos: Gartroos is Stacy's uncle. I was originally intending to make him be a plinky, but decided to make him be a dragon instead, as that makes more sense (because Stacy is a dragon).

Grandpappy Plinky: Grandpappy Plinky is a hillbilly plinky who lives on the outskirts of Loggy Lagoon with his grandaughter Bubbles, who becomes Plinky's love interest. Grandpappy Plinky, like most grandfathers, is a war vet, and he loves freedom. He also loves firing rifles, and sometimes gets carried away with himself when doing so, but he means well, and is opposed to evil dictatorships.

Bubbles: Plinky's love interest. She eventually needs rescuing, of course. She is much more mentally stable than her grandfather, but loves him dearly, and often humors him. She's best known for her freckles, friendly playful child-like ways, and her bubble blowing skills. She also OWNS when playing a biper snitch (a living musical instrument native to the Plinky Planet, or Planet Plibble). Bubbles wishes she could help save the world, and her role model is Mother Teresa.

Other characters and species:

Zoobly (Zoobly J. Dragon): Zoobly is a blue dragon with a New York accent, but he is not in this story. He is in Plinky's Adventure 2 however. He does make a brief appearance at the end of this tale, but only to thank Plinky for saving his little brother Zebly from imprisonment. Zoobly likes baseball, is a total sports nut, and collects baseball cards. Zoobly is generally good natured, but will beat the living snot out of anyone who bullies his brother, or anyone who bullies. Zasher pokes fun at Zoobly because he cannot breathe fire, and considers him wussy. Zasher hates Zoobly, almost more than Plinky, and has an unusual attitude towards him (we're not entirely sure why) and even killed Zoobly's uncle, who had ties to the dragon mafia and Space Fish Squad. Zoobly undoubtedly has telepathic powers being related to Zebly, however it's not known what they are.

The Moofs: A race of floating creatures made of cloth with hats for heads. Not sure if they will have a part in this tale or not.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Heroes are made, born, and altered

Chapter 2: Loggy Lagoon

Chapter 3: Zasher and Dhilgazhor

Chapter 4: Zasher and Spaz

Chapter 5: Zashlar and the Dragark Cave

Chapter 6: Alligator Woods

Chapter 7: Nebula Nile

Chapter 8: Mt. Maleficent

Chapter 9: The Showdown

Epilogue: What Happened after the story etc.

Chapter 1: Heroes are made, born, and altered

In the dark depths of an underground laboratory on Planet Plibble, a maniacal purple draconian government scientist known as Zasher cackled insanely as his newest creation came to life. Using properties from mutagenic ice cream given to him by Loptopia, along with the properties of silly putty, he created pint-size powerhouse round antennied alien creatures. He had known they already existed, but they were a rare species. Two he found and genetically altered, while the other two, were created. Using magic given to him by a lizard wizard named Vale, he made all four of them very powerful, one of them however, he designed specifically to be his superweapon, so he made him almost indestructable. This one was the odd one out. His name was Plinky. He was small, round, antennied, and orange, and had a huge grin plastered on his face, a lot of the time.
"And now, you will be my slaves, and you will mine gems for my ancient reptillian race, BEHOLD, I call you, the PLINKIES! But you need not look up to me, Plinky is your ruler. I only ask that you serve my will and do my bidding, and that is pre-programmed into you anyway! BWAHAAHAHA" laughed the manaical Zasher. Plinky gathered the other plinkies into a corner.
"Now's our chance! He's gonna try to use us to take over our planet and make us all into slaves! I say we become superheroes! Whose with me?" said Plinky. They all agreed, and began beating up Zasher. Then they left the underground laboratory, bursting out from under the ground onto the planets surface, with Plinky leading the way.
"I'd kill ya if I hadn't made you almost indestructible" said Zasher the dragon scientist. Vale, the reptillian sorceror, who was his right-hand man, who provided the magic to balance with Zasher's science, reassured him that it would be ok.
"It's okay, I made that one particularly rebellious against you. He is not indestructible either, just very very powerful. But I made him have animosity towards you. That way you could have a challenge, and things wouldn't be completely boring! That is all!" said Vale.
"What did you do that for? You make me so angry!" said Zasher. Plinky flew off at incredible speeds dragging his newly created and altered heroic friends with them, and set off into the forests. Plinky banged his head against a zooshy fruit tree.
"We should eat these fruits known as Zooshy fruits!" said Plinky. "They make us even stronger and more powerful than we already are! They will enable us to take down the evils of Zasher and Vale!". One of the plinkies, appropriately named by Zasher as Blueberry, was addicted to blueberries. That was the only superpower he had. Who knows what Zasher was thinking.
"I don't know Plinky, I prefer eating blueberries to these zooshy fruits any day!" said Blueberry. Zooshy fruits were blue fruits native to the Plinky Kingdom on Planet Plibble. They resembled small grapefruits, only they were blue. They were delicious fruits, ripe with flavor. Suddenly, they were approached by a female teenage dragon geologist.
"My name is Stacy. I used to work for Zasher, until he tried to take over the world! You round people are so cute! I'm gonna take you into my treehouse lab!" said Stacy.
"NO! No more secret labs!" said Plinky. Stacy took them to her house, they traversed down a long narrow path in the woods together, till they came to a tree. Stacy opened up the door, and took the plinkies into her secret lab. It was a slightly more welcoming looking lab than Zasher's lab to say the least, and she placed all four of them in a jar.
"WE CAN'T FIT IN HERE LADY!" protested Plinky as he plummeted into the jar.
"Oh, well, how bout this fish tank?" asked Stacy, trying to put them in a fish tank.
"NO! You don't understand. We need to stop Zasher. We're the only hope for this planet" said Plinky. Stacy was confused. She called upon her uncle Gartroos, an older dragon, who often visited her in her forest house. She loved Gartroos dearly, and felt she could tell him any of her darkest secrets.
"Let me see these creatures," said Gartroos, pushing his glasses onto his snout. "Why, they're adorable. And they look quite powerful! I would trust what they say. Let them go about their business" said Gartroos.
"Trust what they say? I can barely hear them, they're so tiny!" said Stacy.
"Not all animals communicate with words, you know. Some are telepathic!" explained Gartroos.
"Well, I'm not telepathic. And, I certainly don't have a telepathy translator" said Stacy.
"Zasher already does. It's still in the planning stages though. And I, like you, do not trust Zasher, as much as I would like to have faith in our Dragon Kingdom scientists" said Gartroos.
"Zasher, yeah, about him, I know that guy. He's been doing dangerous experiments under the radar for years now. I wish someone in the know would just try to shut his operations down, but I was told by a friend of mine that he's got enough powerful weapons and devices to destroy the entire planet in the blink of an eye, so I guess that's why people are so scared of him! I'm not even sure King Dhilgazhor knows what's really going on though" said Stacy. The plinkies were shouting about how they were experimented on by Zasher, but neither Gartroos nor Stacy could hear them.
"Hmm, yes, you never told me you knew Zasher. How did you get to meet him?" asked Gartroos.
"After I went to graduate school, he dropped me a note telling me he thought highly of a thesis I had come up with, told me I was one of the smartest girls he'd ever heard of, and gave me an offer to work with him on some top secret sciency projects of his" said Stacy.
"And did you accept his invitations?" asked Gartroos.
"I told him I would think about it, but that I would have to look into it some more. Then I met him in person one day at a juice bar at Galasha Beach just south of here. I even started dating Zasher, and we were hitting it off pretty well, until a space fish buddy of his named Spaz blabbed to me in confidence about his secret plans to take over the world" said Stacy.
"Are you afraid for your life? Is that why you're living out here in the middle of nowhere?" asked Gartroos.
"Zasher overheard Spaz spilling the beans to me, and he told me to never expose his plans, or his minions would take me away to one of his secret hideouts and I'd never be heard from again!" explained Stacy.
"Oh, I see. Well, that certainly is scary news. If I were you, I would not even think about leaving Fruit Punch Forest. Anyway, these little creatures you found, they told me they were experimented on by Zasher" said Gartroos.
"How did you know what they said?" Stacy asked.
"Stacy, I can't hear what you're saying, I need to go get my hearing aid, dear. Where did I misplace it this time?" said Gartroos, rummaging through the spice cabinet. Gartroos had poor eyesight.
"I seriously doubt it's in there!" said Stacy. While the two biologists were talking to each other, Plinky, his brother Blueberry, and the other plinkies used an army laser they had found in Zasher's lab to get out of the fish tank. Then, one by one, they hopped atop one another, making themselves able to reach the treehouse window. They grabbed a map of the Plinky kingdom sitting on the windowsill, and sure enough, they slid outside, unbeknownst to Stacy and Gartroos.
"Where did they go? They could be in horrible danger!" said Stacy.
"Not necessarily, dear. I know you like the back of my hand. You love animals and creatures and native fauna. You study them all day. You, like me, care about the survival and growth of animals and plants. However, something innate inside me tells me those animals are self-sufficient. They know what they're doing, and I believe they will help save this planet!" said Gartroos. Stacy, being of a skeptical nature, was very confused.
"How do you KNOW all this? What's your hypothesis? What is the deal here?" asked Stacy.
"I had a dream last night. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Getting rid of them would probably be a good idea, if you were caught with them, considering they were top secret experiments, you wouldn't want to get in trouble. Anyway, good night, my niece!" said Gartroos, leaving the room. Stacy pulled back her chair, sat down, and began solving some math problems on her computer. Meanwhile, Plinky and Blueberry, and the other plinkies, were sitting outside. It was near nightfall, and they were gathered around a pile of sticks, trying to make a campfire.
"I can't believe I never asked you guys what your names are!" said Plinky.
"Names?" answered one plinky. "We don't have any. We have a name as a whole. We are Control Group C!" he explained. Plinky was in the middle of sipping lemonade, but when he heard this, he spewed it out of his mouth in an instant.
"Me and my brother both have names. We were born, not made!" Plinky explained.
"I think they need names, Plinky, so they can be different from each other. Life is all about being an individual, I reckon!" said Blueberry in his typical southern drawl, munching on blueberries.
"Well, maybe some fire for our smores would help inspire us to think up some names for our friends!" said Plinky.
"I reckon it would Plinky!" said Blueberry. Suddenly, as they were chatting amongst themselves, they felt a cool breeze swoosh by their small round bodies. They looked up and saw a baby dragon barely old enough to spread its wings flying above them.
"Wouldja like a marshmellow?" asked PLinky.
"He might think you're talking about us!" said one plinky.
"Wouldja like some...blueberries?" asked Blueberry with his mouth full. The dragon set flame to the wood Plinky had been using, and took off flying into the distance directly afterwards.
"That baby dragon gave us fire for our wood, so we could have firewood. He's mighty nice I reckon. Especially for a dragon!" said Blueberry.
"Them dragons aren't all that bad after all!" added another.
"Have...have any of you folks read the Plinky Bible?" asked Blueberry.
"Yeah, it says some baby dragons have telepathic connections with us!" said Plinky.
"Do you think he knows what we're thinking?" asked Blueberry. The baby dragon came flying back, and seated itself next to Plinky.
"He seems to like you Plinky!" said Blueberry smiling. "Maybe you should train him, and keep him as a pet" he added.
"That wouldn't be such a bad idea, but I need to eat something, what is it I'm craving?" Plinky wondered to himself.
"A mawshmellow" muttered Zebly in baby dragon talk. Plinky could not believe what he had just heard out of the baby dragons mouth.
"Did you hear that gang? The little man knows I like marshmellows" said Plinky.
"HE'S PSYCHIC!" said Blueberry. "What am I thinking of?" he asked.
"Bluebewwies!" muttered Zebly in baby dragon speak.
"He knew what I was thinking too! Let's see if he knows what the others are thinking" said Blueberry.
"The others? Shouldn't they have names by now? Name them, baby dragon" said Plinky. Zebly wiggle walked up to each plinky and named them appropriately.
"Ploshy!" said Zebly, pointing at the yellow scaredy cat plinky who was hiding behind a bush.
"Plooshy!" said Zebly, pointing at the plinky who was reading a book about how to be a stage magician.
"That's everyone then!" said Plinky. "Now we all have names. Speaking of names, what's your name?" Plinky asked the baby dragon.
"WAAMP! My name is Zebly" said Zebly the green baby dragon.
"Cool, so your name is Zebly. Well according to the map of the plinky kingdom, the first place we need to go to is Loggy Lagoon! Come on gang, let's pile atop Zebly. I trust he can take us there"

Chapter 2: Loggy Lagoon

Zebly flew Plinky and his friends to Loggy Lagoon. It was a watery river area covered with floating logs and patches of land, that usually contained houses on them. They were having trouble deciding where to land when suddenly they heard someone calling for them down below. Plinky turned his attention to the source of the sound, and saw a small fat bearded plinky with a cowboy hat, armed with a rifle. He was firing shots at Plinky and his friends.
"Evasive maneuvers guys, Zebly, we've gotta dodge these bullets!" said Plinky. So Zebly succesfully dodged the bullets, and after the fat plinky's ammunition had run out, Zebly flew down directly above him and set his beard ablaze with fire.
"Yeeee! That green demon set mah beard on fire. This is a Beard Emergency Alert, I reckon I'll have to jump in the river" said the fat bearded plinky. The fat, bearded, and armed plinky dove into the river and cooled off his beard, but began drowning. So Zebly saved him and brought him back to the small patch of land next to the house he lived in. Using the mouth to mouth rescusitation method, they were able to revive the fat, bearded, and armed plinky.
"What's your name?" asked Plinky.
"As far as mah granddaughter is concerned, my name is Grandpappy Plinky! And the only reason I was shooting atcha was cuz I was trying to get yer attention ya'll! I wouldn't have actually shot you or anything," said Grandpappy Plinky.
"That's not the smartest way to get someone attention" said Plinky.
"I know, I just like to shoot my rifle" said Grandpappy Plinky chuckling. "By the way, have you met my granddaughter?" he said, calling to Bubbles, his granddaughter.
"BUBBLES, sweetie, we've got company. Four handsome corn fed boahs wanna meetcha" said Grandpappy Plinky. Bubbles came darting out the door with a fishing net in tow.
"Scoop them up in the net" said Grandpappy Plinky. Bubbles laughed.
"I was going to go fishing, Pappy, what was it you were yelling at me about?" asked Bubbles.
"These guys showed up out of nowhere. I think they're just harmless travelers" said Grandpappy Plinky.
"Yes, we are travelers. My name is Plinky. To the left of me is my blueberry addicted brother, who is appropriately named Blueberry. To the right of me are Ploshy and Plooshy, accordingly. Ploshy's a scaredy cat, but I'm brave, and Plooshy likes the idea of becoming a magician and moving to Las Jaygas.I'm the leader of these merry men, and together we're going to take down evil" explained Plinky.
"Take down evil, awesome, I rootin' tootin' like that idea. I might join your team if I feel up to it. What's the mission?" asked Grandpappy Plinky.
"Yeah, well, we're travelling to find out more about this Zasher creep, not sure if you're familiar with him. He's been up to no good lately, his experiments are harmful to animals and the enviornment, and if he isn't stopped, he could end up destroying both the Plinky and Dragon Kingdoms" said Plinky.
"That wasn't on the 7'oclock news, how come I don't know about this stuff? You guys need some good grub, that's your problem. Your brain rots when you don't get good grub, I reckon. Come on inside, you too Bubbles" said Grandpappy Plinky.
"Ahh, but Pappy, I wanted to go fishing" said Bubbles, reluctantly heading towards the door. They all seated themselves at the family eating table.
"Bubbles, why don't you, Blueberry, and Plinky go into the kitchen and whip up a delicious meal. In the meantime, me, Ploshy, and Plooshy will play poker" said Grandpappy Plinky.
"Okay, cool. Alright Plinky and Blueberry, gosh you guys have funny names, heheh, well, come on into the kitchen, guys" said Bubbles. So Plinky, Blueberry, and Bubbles donned chef hats and went into the kitchen, accordingly.
"Let's make blueberry pie" said Blueberry.
"Mixed with zooshy fruits" added Plinky.
"And just a touch of lemon zest" said Bubbles giggling. The three of them whipped up the most bizzare but scrumptious looking pie you could ever envision, and when they presented it to Grandpappy Plinky, he was more than pleased.
"EXCELLENT work, that's the purtiest pie I've ever seen!" said Grandappy Plinky.

To be continued...

Note: Plinky, at some point, warns Dhilgazhor about Zasher's dangerous