You make me happy.

You make me happy like Star Trek.

Like watching Spock raise an eyebrow and say,


You make me happy.

Happy like watching old cartoons and saying,

"I used to LOVE this show!"

Happy like curled up in a blanket, reading a book.

You make me happy like music.

Like pounding on the piano.

Like playing the prettiest song in the world.

Like sunshine.

Like hearing someone speak with a British accent.

Friend, you make me happy!

Like butterflies in my stomach when I talk to that special boy.

Like talking for hours about absolutely nothing.

You make me happy.

And even when I'm down and depressed,

And even when I feel so alone,

You make me happy.

You are like an anti-depressant.

Seeing you is like taking a happy pill.

And when you greet me with "Hello, Al... ex"

You make me happy.