I've been playing the cello ever since 4th grade and we were finally old enough to join orchestra. I joined since I had to wait another year to join band and learn to play the trumpet, but in the end I never joined. The cello becamed my calling and obsession.

I picked up the bow and started to play and I was awful-completely ear bleeding but I loved it. Often I'd forget to put rosin on the bow or I'd try to tune the cello myself but I'd only end up making it worse.

My teacher, Ms. Hill told me that I should quiet when I signed up again for 5th grade- she said that band was no open as an option to me and that I could be good at that but I ignored her. I started to practice more and put rosin on the bow before hand and let Ms. Hill tune it for me until I got myself a tuner.

I put hours of practice in and I became good, really good. Ms. Hill even went as far to call me gifted. She said that it just took a while for me to blossom or something.

I doubted her but then I got a private teacher who still teaches me to the day. His name is Mr. Krum and he's a kind soul, I must say. I played him a Bach piece that I recently learned at the time- to show what he had to work with and he was in awe. He smiled and told me that he'd love to teach me.

My dad left when I was six so Mr. Krum became my role model, my iodl- even though he's pretty accient. Then when high school came I joined the lacrosse team and then that too became my passion but cello always came first. I was built perfectly for lacrosse according to the coach; tall, bug, strong arms, large calloused hands- I moved up from freshman to varsity that year.

Since all my focus was on lax and cello and friend and consumed my thoughts, my grades slipped from straight A's to C's and the occasional B. My mom got me a tutor for school once I start to panic about my SATs- I got a 1850.

Now I'm a senior and things look better than before. I'm hoping to go to Notre Dame and I'm now the captain of the Varsity Lacrosse team. I've been practicing cello for hours a day and working on many of Beethoven's works.

"Cyrus, hey bro." Kade greets me as I close my locker.

"Hey lover."

"Ohhhh, so sexy man, wanna hook up tonight?"

"I'm down man." We both chuckle.

"But seriously- wanna double date? Rachel wants you to date her friend Clara- she says 'you're like oh so totally like amazing for like each other." He flops his wrist for more mocking emphasis.

"Nah, no thanks. I think I know which Clara she's talking about- boring airhead."

"Wellllll, Rachel is an airhead but I digress."

"Yeah sexually."

"Pretty much, but really bro, you haven't had a girlfriend or even hooked up with a girl-ever."

"Love and lust just isn't my thing man- at least not right now. I have too much going on- plus no girl, or guy, tempts me." Kade laughs.

"You know me too well- I was going to mention the whole gay thing. But okay, fine I get where you're coming from but hey sex will do yo some good."

"If I have sex with a girl she'd probably poke a hole in the condom."

"You betcha, you're a hot piece of man."

I shove Kade as we both laugh. Kade is my partner in crim and official best friend since seventh grade. Luckily he moved right after my best friend from elementary school moved to Canada- I still talk to him though.

Many have found it a myster that I've stayed single and a virgin especially since I'm a lax boy.

Which makes me automatically ugly with my six pack, muscular yet toned arms and legs. And then there's my baby blue eyes and shaggy yet medium length dark brown hair doesn't help my ugliness. But hey go figure right?

I'm stragith but girls at my school just don't attract me- I mean there are hot girls, most being whores- and I'm not even picky. I guess it's just that non seem interesting enough to date. I've had like 5 minute crushes but that's as far as it goes.

"Whatever bro, I've got orchestra so see you later." We nod at each other and part ways.

I smile as I enter the room and hear the sound of bows on strings and fingers plucking.

"Cyrus, I have a request if you will." Mr. Krum asks as I tune. At this point I'm able to tune by ear.

"Sure thing."

"As you know, my wife teachers violin and I'd like you to collaborate with her best student. I believe that she's in private school right by yours and she's applying for Julliard."

"Collaborate for what?"

"For your farewell performances at your last recital and for Solo and Ensemble festival. WE think that if you two work together, then you'll blow the judges away and show them something extraordinary. And it'll surly help Abby's chances of Julliard and your chances of Notre Dame."

Interesting, I usually don't do duets. And she want to go to Julliard and Mrs. Krum is a renowned violinist just like Mr. Krum on the cello- their duets are amazing and practically famous in the classical world.

"What will we be playing?"

"A piece the Mrs. and I wrote- brand new."

Extremely tempting. I've never played any of Mr. Krum's pieces- he never let me and most are duets anyway.

"I'll do it. When do I get to meet her?"

"Any moment- she should be arriving soon or is currently receiving the news like yourself. In the mean time warm up a bit before we talk."

I shrug and start to play my chromatic scale and my C scale before I play a short choral.

AS I played I didn't even hear the footsteps of people coming downstairs.

"Cyrus, this is Abby." Mr. Krum kindly introduces, snapping me out of my trance. I stand up and set my cello in a safe position.

"Abby Dillion, nice ot meet you." She says rather bitterly. She's gorgeous to say the least; short in height and long pin straight light brown hair and rather silky in appearance, hazel eyes that are more so on the green sige and a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Curvy hourglass figure and plump redish lips- she almost made me drop my jaw but I have enough self control.

"Cyrus Ulrich, my please."

"You play well, at least from what you just played there." She doesn't bother to take a second look at me.

"Thanks so uh-"

"You two will be playing a duet together, don't be too sour Abby." Mrs. Krum interrupts.

"But I don't want to, I think I'd be much better off playing a solo- my last duet went horrible."

"Says you, I thik it was beautiful my dear. Even if Rick was awful you picked up the slack and covered. Plus this time it's different, Cyrus is a genius cellist and Rick was a dreadful violist."

"God I hate Rick."

"As do I, now please give Cyrus a chance."

"Abby looks over at me and looks half satisfied.

"I expected someone less…vertically gifted and someone who looks less like a jock."

"The way I look doesn't affect my talent of skill." I add.

"Shut up, I'm trying to find a way out of this."

"Am I that ugly? Do I smell? Were yo lying earlier 'because if you think I suck then tell me."

She lets out a sigh, "Ugh, no I just love solos. I practice till my fingers bleed people just don't-"

"Get it?" I finish for her as I hold up my calloused, bruised and bloody, scabby hands.

Abby blinks as she shows me her small delicated looking hands- one side porcelain and other just as bad as mine or even worse.

"I guess you'll do." She caves in. I grin from ear to ear and so does Mr. and Mrs. Krum.

"Great," Mrs. Krum says, "We'll get the music. Now Abby warm up please as we do so."

The three disappear up the stairs. I didn't think anyone else's hands were like mine- even mr. Krum said that no one he know practiced till their fingers bled.

She's also the last person I'd expect if I saw her walking down the street. She seemed very proud, poised and graceful, take charge and bossy and commanding. She seemed more like a petite model or actress. But then when she spoke I got that she's dedicated to the violin-and hates that Rick character.

Abby appears and I'm still standing in the same place.

"Why are you still standing there?" She snides.

"Not sure." I grab my cello and sit down.

"Go ahead." I tell her. She sits in Mr. Krum's seat as she places her music there. She plays a B scale and it sounds heavenly and so smooth, like liquid gold.

She begins to play a saucy fast Spanish piece and I'm mesmerized. The way her fingers move and the sweet sound that commands the room. As well as her mesmerizing looks. She didn't seem to be particularly wearing some snobby expansive brand, just a simple red shirt that fit her perfectly and shorts that seem as if they were made for her. Legs that girls at my scholl would die for and guy swould droll over. Hrm, I wonder if she's a virgin too.

She stops in the middle of it and looks at me to play.

I play Opus 5. No. 1 in F major and my eyes drift shut as I glide through only the parts I could remember.

When I open my eyes she's staring at me with her mouth open.

"Wow…well now I feel like a bitch."

I chuckle, "No need, I'm not nearly as good as you are."

"You're kidding me right? You're amazing to say the least."

"I'm great- maybe fantastic but it doesn't mean I'm the best nor am I as breath taking as you are." I mean it in the way of her skill as well as her looks.

"You're too nice. I know I'm a bitch and bossy and whatever but I also know I'm pretty damn amazing, but when I know that someone is better I'll gladly let them know. Despite that we play different instruments, you're still better. Now stop arguing."

I hold up my hands in defeat and grin.

"You win. So who's Rick?"

"Oh God, Rick, well I was going to do a duet with this girl from my school who plays the viola, kind of bad but whatever- but then she got mono and I had to find a new person and so Rick volunteered and he goes to my school too and I needed someone and so yeah. I hate him, wish he broke an arm but whatever."

I chuckle, "Oh yeah, breaking limbs, I wish that upon all the people I don't care about."

"Mhm hmm, well that would be most people in my case. Most of the kids at my school are idiots."

"You go to East Briar Prep?"

"Yeah, great parties, but annoying snobby kids."

"So you party?"

"Yeah, party, drink, sex, violin, sleep, more violin, homework, eat, more violin- that's pretty much my life."

So she's not a virgin.

"You're pretty." I blurt out. God, my face probably is so red right now.

"Thanks, not really, whatever. So are you a jock? And I'll be visiting your school during my free period to practice with you, which is my 3rd block."

I rub my face, wow I'm an embarrassment. I open my mouth to speak but Mr. and Mrs. Krum arrive down the stairs.

A/N: So this is a newwww, short story that'll last probably just a few chapters. Just to release my love of cello. I used to play the violin but now I play the clarinet haha, so I do have musical knowledge which also prompted me to write this, and the movie the Soloist.

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