I munch on some chips as Kade rumbles on about something to Richard. Everyone else at the table is absorbed in their own conversation and I start to zone out…one, one e and a two and e and a three and e and a four…

"Cy!" Kade shouts as I snap back into reality.


"Do you have your homework done for 3rd block?" He knows I sometimes don't finish my homework when I have my private lessons.

"Uh yeah-yeah I did, I'll be leaving 3rd block early. I'm working with this girl who goes to East Briar Prep on a duet." Kade knows nothing about music besides that he likes what's on the radio and heavy metal, but he digresses.

"Really? Who is it? Is she hot?"

"I think so-she's like perfect. But she doesn't seem to like me much-likes to do things her way."

"She likes to top huh?" Kade and I laugh.

"Dunno- but I kind of want to." I say a bit shyly, and that snaps the whole table out of their conversations and into ours.

"Oh my god- Cy boy wants to sex up a girl? A miracle!" Austin shouts.

"Shut up," I shove him as I smile, "It'd be more of a miracle if she wanted to."

"Okay, so just charm her like you charm every other girl and this time, actually ask her out, kiss her and maybe end up taking your clothes off and pull out a condom." Kade laughs.

"Okay, I know how to do everything- I'm not naïve, I'm just now a man hoe."

"I dunno, I'd buy if you're selling." Richard nods.

"Me too,"

"Same here." The whole table nods in agreement, including Riley's girlfriend-but not Daisy, who's just blushing.

I shake my head, "Nice to know I have a back up career as a hooker."

3rd block rolls around after our 2nd block lunch and about ten minutes after class started I hear a knock on the door and Abby walks through in heels, a skirt that seems to pass her navel and a white button up-that's unbuttoned except for one- and black tank top underneath.

"Hello? The front office-"

"Oh, Cyrus-go ahead and leave." I look back at Kade and he shrugs, and makes a hand signal for legs and a ok sign along with a smirk.

I sling my backpack over my shoulder-that's filled with music and my cello stuff and a small binder- and leave.

"You're class looks like they're fresh out of the Jersey Shore. At least the girls."

"I know right? That's why I'm a virgin." Oops, probably shouldn't have let that slip.

"Aww," She coos, "you're a virgin?"

"Uh-uh- I –uh yeah." Smooth Cyrus.

"Who's the lucky girl who'll de-flower you?" She smirks, not bothering to look at me.

"Oh gee, that makes me sound very masculine. But I don't know-anyone who catches my eye."

"Well good for you-sometimes I wish I saved but virginity but then I like sex too much. Helps relief stress and burn calories."

My face slightly contorts and my eyebrow rises.

She gives a light shrug, "Sounds like I'm a whore-great."

"No! Not like that it's just…I don't know."

"Okay, well this is the room right? Time to practice." She opens the door without waiting for my answer and there's a violin on a chair. I take this opportunity to check out her ass- hey I have my moments!

"I borrowed someone's violin- this guy I saw earlier-Mike or something- in here and he was ecstatic to give it up."

I snort, "Yeah- probably wants to give you his virginity too." I say it quietly but she hears.

"Probably- not my type and sucked."

"Sucked dick…" Hrm, I need better self control.

"HAH!" She laughs, "You're funnier when you let loose and stop stammering."

"Okay, now uh practice…good…yeah." Now I've lost my usage of forming grammatically correct sentences.

She gives a light laugh, "Loosen up. But yeah, time to practice."

I silently get my cello out and sit down next to her and put some rosin on my bow. She tries to tune and warm up.

"What is wrong with that kid? This is so out of tune."

"He's a loser." I deadpan as I pluck a few strings to check how in tune I am. I turn the peg for my A string a little bit and I should be fine.

"And you're not?"


"I'm just saying- you're not being specific."

"He's a loser, desperate, awful and he broke my bow last year right before a concert by sitting on it." I grumble. I hate Mike…I had a mini heart attack and totally freaked out even though the last cellist gave me her bow. My cello and bow are precious to me.

"Mhm hmm, so you hold a grudge but by the sound of how out of tune this is, I believe you. And when I met him earlier."

She puts her music on the stand and adjusts it to fit her height and I raise my stand. I reach down and rummage through my bag until I find the piece.

The Last Kiss, I have to say that the title sounds so cheesy, but the song is amazing. Like- shivers man.

I begin to play a low steady open G that last for about four beats until Abby comes in with a C and soon enough we get lost in the music.

My eyes shut and I listen to the soft yet commanding intro, I play the undertone and she continues with eighth and quarter notes. Even with Mike's violin it sounds like liquid gold- fluid, rich, decadent, heavenly and beautiful.

Of course we both stumble as I end up getting lost and we play some wrong notes but all in all it's really great.

"That was awful." Abby concludes.

"It wasn't that bad."

"It's bad until it's perfect."

"You're very positive."

"Look, it's true- I strive for perfection with my music and I don't stop until then."

She's got a point, I do that too.

"So when did you start playing?" I ask, changing the subject.

"Um- seventh grade."


"Yeah, it's a disadvantage that I started late but my mom didn't have enough money-but then she worked on this business and now she's loaded, my dad is some dead beat so I wouldn't know about him." She replies so nonchalantly.

"Oh- man…"

"Whatever, it's not much of a big deal to me. One day I'll be famous and a legend and my life will be published in a book so I don't care who knows."

She's damn determined, it's kind of hot.

"Seems like you've got your life planned out."

"Only the major events- except just watch me have some sex scandal and then I'd probably be on a gossip website and possibly in a movie just because I'm young and talented."

"Would I be involved?"

"In what, the sex scandal? Only if you want- once I get into Julliard though I'm so cutting back on everything."

I'm pretty sure I'm blushing and God that's embarrassing- guys shouldn't blush like this.

"So uh- wanna come over this weekend?" I scratch my head apprehensively.

"For what?" She isn't looking at me but her voice doesn't show much interest.

"I don't know- hang out. I don't usually-"

"Sure I guess." She stands up and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. Man she's pretty.

"Great!" I say a little too enthusiastically, "Um I'll pick you up?"

"Sure- add me on Facebook and we'll talk." She waves me good bye as she exists the door with her music.

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