I walked down the staircase and into the living room, dressed in a short, tight black dress, much against my will. My makeup had been done for me to make me look "like an elegant young woman" and my naturally straight, elbow-length, black and bright orange dyed hair had been pulled halfway up into a sparkly barrette with the loose half curled. I hate my parent's idiotic obsession with turning me, their only child, into a graceful and classy young woman. Even my fucking name, Anna Belle Smith, is nice, classic, and proper. I HATE it. Yet, here I am, smiling at this stupid family, who look a lot like mine. There's a woman, probably about forty, wearing a red, floor-length dress, a man, presumably her husband, wearing a suit, and a boy who looks about my age of seventeen, wearing a white button-down shirt, black slacks, shiny black dress shoes, and a black tie. He had light brown, slightly shaggy hair and dark blue eyes.

"Anna, this is the Winter family," my mother said cheerily. Oh, it's a good thing she bribed me to play nice tonight, I have so many witty remarks right now...

"Hello, it's nice to meet all of you," I lied sweetly, flashing a smile.

"Likewise, Anna," the old, balding man in a suit said. Mr. Winter, I guess. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

"This is Garrett and Lisa, and this is their son, Chase," my father interjected. I nodded to acknoledge that he had spoken.

"Why don't you show Chase around the house?" my mother suggested.

"Is he to be staying with us?" I asked.

"Well yes, you two are getting married, after all. I think you should get to know each other," she replied. I glared at her, no amount of money could make me marry this dipshit.

"Uhm, how about hell to the no," I seethed.

"Language!" my dad roared.

"Or what?" I demanded.

"Anna Belle Smith!" my mother exclaimed.

"Have you not told her yet? Howard? Rosalina?" Garrett asked.

"We thought it would be a nice surprise," my mother whimpered. Yeah, nice surprise my ass.

"Anna, Chase will be sleeping in the guest room across the hall and one door to the left of your room. Please show him there and have Mr. Groom bring his suitcases up," my father said. I nodded and stared at Chase, who looked totally idiotic and clueless.

"Follow me, Chase," I said impatiently. He blinked and stared for a minute, so I motioned him to follow me with my hand and started walking, not caring if he decided to do so or not.

"Oh, please excuse my daughter, she'll grow accustomed to the idea soon, she's just surprised, that's all. She'll make a very nice wife for your son, I promise," my mother said. Apologizing for my actions already. This is going to be one hell of a night. I heard Chase scuttle up to walk next to me in the hallway, and I was growing sick of the silence.

"Chase, how long will you be here?" I asked.

"Uh, until March, when we get married. Then Father told me he's found a nice house in Florida for us, should we choose to accept it as the wedding gift," he said. Oh, well at least he knows words. He easily could've had me fooled, with how dumb he acts.

"So, your parents will be staying with us as well then?" I asked. I hoped not, I don't like dealing with more idiots than usual, it gives me a headache.

"Oh no, my parents are much too busy with work. You know, our parent's companies are being merged. That's the reason for the wedding," Chase replied.

"And you agree to this?" I asked incrediously.

"My parents have my best interest at heart," he replied earnestly. Oh God, a good boy. Fuck.

"So, uh, where did you go to school?" I asked, attempting to make conversation to avoid silence.

"Well, I went to Villanova, but I'm supposed to go to your school now. You go to a Public School, correct?" he asked. I nodded curtly.

"Why?" he asked.

"I don't like all the Prep schools, they drive me nuts," I replied, opening the door to the guest bedroom he was supposed to be in. It was my favorite one, because of all the colors.

There was a red wall, a blue wall, a green wall, and a purple wall. The bed frame was pink, the blanket was brown, and the sheets were orange. The carpet was gray, the curtains were white with red polka dots, and the closet door was yellow. the desk was striped indigo and green, and the desk chair and lamp were both white with all different colors of polka dots, checkers, and stripes.

"Here it is, I'll go find Mr. Groom," I replied. He sat on the bed and I walked out the door, finding Mr. Groom in his room building a house of cards. Mr. Groom is our bitchy Butler.

"Hey, dipshit, get up. I need your help," I said loudly. He was very careful around the house of cards.

"Anna, that is not the way you are to talk to me, remember? Now, what do you require assistance with?" he inquired.

"I talk to you any way I want, and my mother wants you to bring our guest's luggage from the front steps to the guest wing," I replied.

"Which room?" he inquired.

"There will be a brown-haired boy on the bed, you'll find it," I replied. He huffed, obvioulsy annoyed, and hustled out of his room. See, the thing about the guest rooms, there are sixty-seven of them. I smiled, knocked the house of cards over, and casually walked back to the living room.