"You're not really doing this."

"Yes, I really am."

His hands were in his pockets; his head was facing towards the ground. I wasn't heartless, nor was I stupid. I knew what I was doing. It's not like it didn't hurt any less. I wouldn't be that girl, I just couldn't be that girl.

"But you can't!" He exclaimed, hands coming out of his pockets. His head rose so he could look me in the eyes, but I couldn't do it. The words had already come out. Our plans, plans to go to the same college, to get an apartment together... they were no longer plans. Just old dreams ready to fizzle out like this relationship.

"I know." I turned away from him. My actions had consequences. However, I couldn't just go back to him. My friends already knew he'd cheated. They'd ask why. They'd think less of me. I wouldn't be able to explain the reason, because the secret I now held wasn't just mine.

"I don't think you do." Harry took a step closer. I could hear it from the way the porch creaked. It was midnight and the sky was starless, but you couldn't expect much when you lived on the edge of a bustling city. I'm sure there were a million out there twinkling, but I'd never had a night like that. I was a city girl through and through, but I was sick of it.

"Gemma, wolves mate for life."

His hand touched my neck, brushing against the now faint scars he'd created.

My hand came over his. "I didn't ask for this."

"Please don't do this." His words came out as a whisper.

I walked to my door and opened the screen. "Maybe you should have thought of that before you hooked up with Natalie Sanchez." The name was like acid on my tongue. She was a nice girl, I knew. She'd apologized to me when she found out he was my boyfriend. She didn't know, she went to a different school.

Harry knew.

"I'm going to follow you."

I spared him one last glance. "Good luck trying to find me."

The door slammed behind me.

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