AN: New story! Now, just a warning before you start reading this: my main character here is a very violent, messed up and uneducated individual. Please bear that in mind when he uses derogatory terminology (mainly towards homosexuals, which is blatantly hypocritical). Most of the swear words and offensive language he uses, he doesn't actually mean-he just wants to hurt someone. This will also be generally rather violent in comparison to my other fics-it may not seem it at first, but it gets a lot worse.

Oh, and the secret mentioned in the synopsis? It ain't that he's gay. Though that is a secret, but it isn't his main one. I'm not that predictable!!

Anyway, enjoy this lovely, fluffy rom com! (Please note the sarcasm!)


It was after the fight that I had with Jonny McKinley that I met Fang for the first time. I say fight loosely, seeing as it was mainly just me smashing the bastard's face in. I didn't even attempt to count to ten like my counsellor had told me to when I felt rage consuming my whole body, fists clenching and shoulders stiffening as my teeth ground together.

Fuck that.

It took a few minutes for a couple of people to prise me away from him, knuckles bloody from breaking his nose and it bleeding all over me like a fucking fountain. When I got a hold of my surroundings, breathing harshly, I noticed that we had been surrounded by a few hysterical girls and people staring/glaring at me as though I were a monster from the pits of hell. Not exactly unusual.

I began to shove my way through the crowd, some students stumbling to get out of my way, clearly frightened by me, before I felt a hand firmly on my shoulder. I tensed before turning around to a familiar man in a white shirt and coal trousers, glasses poised on the end of his nose as his mouth twisted in disappointment. He sighed as he ripped off the piece of paper before handing it to me.

"When, exactly, are you going to grow out of this, Mr Campbell?" He asked, exasperated.

I didn't say anything, but narrowed by eyes into angry slits as I snatched the detention slip from him and stalked away. I didn't need to hear Mr Huxley's crap about how I could do so much better, and that if I tried hard enough, I could manage to get five GCSEs.

Condescending fuck.

That day is kind of hazy, seeing as it isn't exactly abnormal to be in a fight with anyone, let alone with Jonny Nob-Tosser McKinley, better known as my non-identical twin's best friend. They're both in the Athletics and Track team, being the perfect assholes that they are.

Anyway I guess I skipped lessons, seeing as that's my usual routine, but turned up for Huxley's lesson or else he'd phone my dad who'd then phone my mum (who's in Scotland) and then phone me but wouldn't get through because I'd ignore his call. He'd then go on to leave a message screaming at how much of a lazy fuck I was and why the hell couldn't I be like Romeo (my brother), then swear some more before slamming the phone down, most likely breaking it… Basically, I couldn't be fucked to have to go up to B&Q to buy a new phone, so I guess I would've just gone to lesson and sat by far window, scribbling lyrics in the back of my textbook next to my drawings of corpses drinking arsenic.

What I do remember, however, is trudging to detention, the chain on my trousers rattling slightly underneath my untucked shirt as it jangled against my leg. A few people filtered through the corridors as I glanced up at one of the cheap plastic clocks hanging on the wall, opposite the door to the hall, glaringly telling me that I was at least fifteen minutes late.

I pushed my way through the solid oak doors, making them clang and echo amidst the silence. A few people glanced up from the neatly lined rows of desks with some glancing away bored, used to my presence. Others, on the other hand (probably wusses who got into trouble for not doing their homework on time, or some shit like that), widened their eyes, averting their gaze elsewhere so they didn't catch my attention. I walked down the middle to the table at the front where Mrs Henry sat behind, not even attempting to hide her hate-filled expression at the site of me. I glared back at her before slamming my detention slip down in front of her, making her jump only slightly.

She pursed her lips, scanning the note briefly before returning her irritated gaze back to me. "You're late."

"I got held up." I remember grunting back at her.

"By what, exactly?"

"I needed a piss."

Her eyebrows furrowed as an even more annoyed expression ingrained itself into her face before saying, flatly, "It took you fifteen minutes to go to the toilet?"

Before I could reply, a guffaw of laughter could be heard from just behind us. I spun around to face a guy sitting at his desk snickering with his gaze focused on me. He looked familiar, and I was sure I had seen him in the corridors, or something like that; he was dripping in pure black, what with his leather jacket covering most of his school shirt and his dyed hair black, hanging over his face. His trousers were also coal-coloured, hanging loosely (despite him being very tall) and supported by a studded belt, accompanied by Doc Martins on his feet (also black). His eyes were also rimmed heavily with Kohl as he sported various spikes on his ear and rings on his eyebrow and lip. Perhaps even tongue.

When I took in his appearance, I remembered my brother talking about some guy named Fang, which he thought was hilarious because he looked like a vampire. Well, I had considered, I doubted you could get more vampire-like than that.

"What the fuck you laughing at?" I barked at him, making a few people nearby tense up.

He seemed nonchalent by my pissed-off face, and simply replied. "I was just thinking."

"About what?"

He grinned. "Your bladder control must be complete shit if you stayed there for that long."

For a few seconds, I stood there speechless. Then, when I heard snickering from other tables, I snapped. "The fuck did you just say?"

"No need to get your panties in a twist; just stated the obvious." People were outwardly laughing now, which made me even angrier.

My jaw locked. "What the fuck is your problem? You fucking queer."

At that, he jumped up, shoving his chair back and making it scrape across the floor. He stalked over to me with narrowed eyes and a glare so heated it could probably burn through metal. If he had superpowers, or whatever. "What did you just call me?"

I relaxed slightly with the knowledge that I'd offended him, despite being a complete hypocrite while doing so. "Queer."

"Say that again." He dared me darkly, fists at his sides turning white.


As soon as I had uttered that word, he whipped around his fist and punched me across the face. Not a second later, I retaliated by doing the same back to him, and so on and so forth until we were forced apart and taken to the head's office.

Another black mark against my name, another day.

As I trudged back to class, I didn't really think that I'd clash with Fang again; it was just one out of a mass of punch-ups that I'd had over the years, so I didn't really think of it as anything special. But the guy seemed to hate me with a passion after that, digging at me whenever he could just provoke me into some pretty fucked up fights. After a while, everyone got kind of used to our punching matches, and the only person I ever really seemed to fight from then on (apart from my brother's friends) was Fang.

To be honest, I didn't really care. In some sick way, I kind of liked it; it was something to do, at least, in my crappy life. What I didn't realise at the time was that it wasn't only the beginning of my unravelling, but the beginning of a hell of a lot of shit rolled up into one that I was in no way ready for.

AN: A bit short, but it's only the prologue. Whatcha think?

P.s. I was trying to count how many times Ty (the main character) said fuck, but I lost count... :(