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Chapter 5: Sticks and Stones


Hot. Everything's too fucking hot.

I think I groan, but I don't know anymore. Can't fucking think so I try to breathe instead but my eyes roll back as that pain surges through me, like a sharp blade or something. It pierces through my body and I dunno how I'm still conscious. But it feels so good. Too fucking good.

It's all dark, too, but that's how I like it. Can't see fuck all and it's like I'm somewhere else where my life ain't so shit. It's overwhelming and I can't control myself as I feel my teeth tearing into the gag in my mouth.

More pain rains down on me and I revel in it; it excites me. It's getting harder and faster and I've lost track of time, breathing escalating as a hand presses down on my back, nails marking into my skin.

I'm exploding now, furiously, and I drop. I feel fucking amazing.

It's the only time I feel amazing.

He's waiting for me when I pass the gates; I can feel his eyes following me as I get near him. The fuck does he want? Prick even accused me of fucking beating his friend up. I mean, why the hell would I want to do that? Like I said, I ain't some fucking retard that gets a boner over beating some guy up that I don't even know.

I ignore him and just stare at the steel gates just in front of the school and the backs of the people going in. I don't know why he wants to catch my attention: usually it's the opposite, but I never know with him. Probably because he's a fucking weirdo; he looks like some fucking black-obsessed retard.

In the corner of my eye I can see him and just when I think I've passed, he grabs my shoulder. I whip my head around to glare at him, making Fang raise his eyebrows.

"I need to talk to you." He says, frowning. I just hunch my shoulders and pull away from him, yanking his arm off me.

"Piss off." I just want to get away from him now; he really fucking annoys me.

Fang grits his teeth, the silver of his eyebrow piercing glinting in the sunlight. "What the hell is your problem? You're like some fucking caged animal in a human body." When I move to walk away, he pulls me back with a massive sigh. His eyes are really green. "Look, I'm sorry. I just wanted to apologise for accusing you of beating up Malakai… and also say thanks for helping him too." He's staring up at a tree and his face looks strange. What a spaz.

I don't bother to say anything and just walk off. Dunno what to really say.

"You really don't know how to take fucking apologies or compliments, do you?" He shouts at my back but I keep walking, even though people are staring at me as though I'm some fucking hunchback.

Trudging through the entrance I move over to my locker, barging past nervous year sevens so I can jab my key into the padlock. Just as I'm pulling the drawstrings of my PE bag I can feel someone behind me. I whip round to see Jonny McKinnley watching as he leans against a set of lockers. He looks pissed.

"What the fuck do you want?" I snarl with gritted teeth, making his face change as his jaw clicks.

"You know what I want." He says in a low voice but people are still watching. Not that I care-they're just fucking nosy. Pricks. But he doesn't look like he cares too much about that, though I can tell he's angry; just trying not to show it. Too much.

"Fuck off." I spit out. He makes me fucking sick.

"You shouldn't say that to me…" he says, fury in his tone now so people look even more interested than before. But within a flash he's grinning, but it ain't exactly that happy grin-I dunno how to explain it, it's… cold. He looks fucked up, like a madman or something. "Or maybe you're trying to make me angry on purpose." His smirk makes my skin crawl, hands curl into fists and my teeth grind so fucking hard. He notices and leans close to my ear, breath hot against my skin. His next words are so quiet only I can hear them.

"Fucking slut."

I pull my fist back to punch him but a hand catches it before I can do anything. I glance up and see that fucking PE teacher from before- the one at the Rugby thing. Tosser.

"Tybalt." He says with an irritated look on his face. "Isn't it a bit too early to be starting fights?"

I just narrow my eyes in response and stare at the ground before hearing him sigh deeply. Running a hand through his hair he turns away from me before crossing his arms over his chest. "Please follow me."

Scowling, I do so as we zigzag through the crowds of students, him striding along as I trudge. The more I follow him the more I realise how amazing he thinks he is-like some teacher God, or something. He's grinning at other people on the way-sometimes saying hi to some nerdy weirdoes or a group of popular people, but both seem to shit their pants when they see me trailing after Rugby-PE-teacher-guy. He winks at a few teachers as well, the fucking creep. He kind of reminds me of Romeo-he's even got the gold hair and large shoulders.

We turn down the stairs and straight opposite is the PE office. This time there's no one else here-not that other bitch whining about giving me Isolation, or anything. He collapses into a chair beside the open laptop and frowns at me.

"I thought you said you would turn up to the Rugby training, Tybalt." Oh fuck, it's about this? Fucking waste of fucking time. I move to get away, but he starts talking again. "You've got natural talent, Tybalt. Anyone would die to have what you have." He looks like he's being serious- must be even more of a dumb fuck than I thought.

"I ain't got talent." I reply, annoyed. "I'm good at fuck all."

He looks sad now and like he's fucking pitying me-I didn't say that to be fucking pitied. I was just saying the truth. "You are good at things, Ty."

"No I ain't." Because I'm not. He's just saying that because he wants to be the nice guy. Twat.

He pushes his eyebrows to the centre of his face. "Yes you are, Tybalt. You're good at Rugby- a natural talent, and you're just throwing that away." He glances down at a notepad in front of him and opens it up, beginning to write something down. "From now on, your detentions will be in the form of Rugby sessions. I will inform your teachers of this new development." He glances up and smirks at my irritated expression. "And if you don't turn up, you'll get two days in isolation."


"So, currently, you have one Rugby session outstanding from the detention you have received from me today." He rips off a slip and hands it to me before grinning. "Have a nice day, Mr. Campbell."


My other teachers are pretty pissed at Mr Smith's (just found out his name when some spaz was shouting his name in the corridor) idea to turn my detentions into Rugby sessions, which ain't exactly surprising. Especially Mr Huxley, who told me he ain't gonna agree and actually give me a reason to misbehave. To be honest, I couldn't give a fuck either way- Mr. P.E. guy is trying to be some hero but it just ain't gonna work.

But now I'm sitting in the back of English class (the thicko one where everyone looks like they ain't even got half a brain) and thinking about what Fang did earlier. Not cos I'm obsessed or anything like that- it's just weird. He's been really fucking annoying so many times, but he's never said sorry before. I guess I'm suspicious.

What the fuck is he up to? Why would he come up to me and say sorry? It don't make any sense.

"Tybalt?" I glance up and see my teacher frowning at me. "Did you hear what I just said?"

No one else in the class is looking apart from one kid at the front who's got learning disabilities. Everyone else in the class is drawing shit on desks, listening to music or slumped over the table, sleeping.


She rolls her eyes. "I don't suppose you could name the main antihero of 'Wuthering Heights'?"

Fuck, didn't Luke read that to me? I remember it was kind of boring cos of all the old language so I didn't really understand most of it. Luke said that most of the book was pretty sexual, but I didn't see it- all they seemed to talk about was the scenery and shit. But there was one guy who was I it a lot. His name was… uh…


She looks kinda shocked- guess cos she knows I'm a retard- but covers it up and smiles. "Yes, that's correct." She's confused and pushes her eyebrows together, lifting her chin and looking at me differently this time. "Have you read this book before, Tybalt?"

I shrug, staring down. I don't all this fucking attention-why can't she piss off someone else? "Yeah, kind of."

"Wow, that's amazing Tybalt," her smile brightens and I sink lower in my chair. "What did you learn about the book?"


She frowns, leaning against the desk with her hand. "You must have learnt something about the book- about relationships? Isolation? Eternal love?"

God, she's fucking annoying- it weren't about any of that shit. "No, it was just about this annoying fuck called Heathcliff who walked around punching his wife up." I say, and it's probably the most I've said in the three years I've been in her class. A few people in the class have looked up now, probably wondering why the fuck I'd talk in English.

She shakes her head and sighs. "Tybalt, please don't use that kind of language in class." Picking up the book from the table at the front of the classroom, she opens it at a page with a smile before glancing back up at me. "But don't you think the connection between Heathcliff and Cathy?"

Connection? The fuck? "That they're psychos?"

She throws me this fucking condescending look. "No, Tybalt. What about the quote from Cathy when she stated: "I am Heathcliff"?

"Then she's a schizo."

The English teacher frowns at me again. "Please stop using derogatory terminology." She puts the book down on the desk in front of her, knocking a pen onto the floor but don't take any notice. "What else did you learn about the novel?"

I really wish she'd stop fucking asking me stuff. "The scenery and shit is described on every page."

This time she ignores me swearing and her face lights up instead. "And what did you think about that?"

"It was fucking annoying."

"Language, Tybalt." I grunt and she carries on, way too excited for some book. She scans the room now, grinning. "Tybalt has brought up a very good point- scenery is integral to Wuthering Heights as it symbolises the sexual nature of the relationships when they were unable to graphically illustrate…"

I stop listening, bored. That woman really fucking talks.

I zone out for a bit and scribble shit onto the front of my textbook. I fucking hate English- dunno what she's on about half the time-like it's another language or some crap.

Then the bell rings and I'm fucking out. I make my way through the crowds and out of the entrance doors-not supposed to leave at lunch, but I couldn't give a fuck. Not like anyone's gonna really know, anyway. They don't care about random shitty rules like that at school anyway.

I get out of school a lot when I'm feeling like this- not really angry, but more pissed off and uh, I dunno how to explain it. All tight, like a knot or something. My school councillor said it might be frustration cos I don't understand stuff but I don't know. He said that's what can cause my anger issues so if I control it earlier, it won't get out of hand. But I know I can calm down from this, though-especially when I'm with Luke. So that's where I'm heading.

Ah, fuck. It's just started raining. A massive rain drop just landed on my hair, followed by another and another. I glance up at the sky and realise that it's almost black, making everything look dark when it's in the middle of the day.

I trudge faster, shoes splashing against the puddles and making the bottom of my trousers wet. Fucking rain.

Finally, I'm at the Library. I shove the door open, kinda relieved to get out the rain, but also to see Luke. It feels like ages since I've seen him.

I scan the room to find him and see him at the desk in front of a computer, organizing something. The light from the monitor shines onto his face, highlighting his serious expression as he concentrates, making my lips stretch just a bit. But then he glances up and I can feel my stomach turn cos that look is something I recognise: face drained, eyes wide and body frozen.

He's scared of me.

I sit down in a chair anyway and grab a book from the shelf- maybe I just imagined it. I am kinda fucked in the head, so it wouldn't be surprising. Plus, Luke's never been like that with me before, so maybe he's just tired or some other random shit like that- don't mean he hates me now. Yeah, that's it. Man, I'm fucking stupid.

He's probably stressed or something-he's got exams coming up and he's really brainy, so he's probably studying like fuck and not getting any sleep. Yeah, that's like him.

I mean, why would he be scared of me when he ain't ever been before?

Wait. Fuck. Maybe it's what he saw I was with Fang-maybe he knows I'm really fucked in the head now. That I'm some stupid dumbfuck… but that isn't like him. He knew I was stupid before and didn't change around me. That's right- it can't be about me.

Maybe it is just stress.

It's been half an hour and he hasn't even come to speak to me-not smile at me or nothing. Something's up. I might be fucking stupid, but I know something's up.

I'm staring at the pages of some book and I just can't concentrate. I just… I dunno, can't explain it properly. It's like I'm… sad. But I ain't ever sad, so it can't be that. I'm no fucking loser.

I've had enough. I'm walking over now and he's buried in some book. When I get even closer I realise he ain't even reading-just keeping his eyes down. That makes me even more pissed.

When I reach the desk his head jolts up, mouth opening before quickly closing again. He don't know what to say and he looks like he wants to get away from me, but I ain't letting him go that easily.

"Why do you hate me now?" The words sound fucking pathetic, but I wanna know why.

His face is stunned at my question, but then it softens and he reaches out to me, touching my fist on the table with his fingertips. I jump at the feeling, but I like it cos maybe that means he don't hate me. I was just being fucking stupid.

"I could never hate you, Ty." But then he pulls away suddenly and I don't like it. He's got this funny look on his face. "But I found something out and…" he pauses, messing around his a pen on the desk, "I know that you'll hate me if you find out something about me and I could never live knowing that you hate me. I'd rather not know the answer." He looks like he's about to cry and I feel angry.

"I would never hate you."

He throws me a sad smile. "That's what my dad said before I told him." He stares right into my eyes and I feel my body going all rigid. "That guy you hate told me something about you and I know you'd hate me if I told you."

"The fuck did he tell you?" I demand, voice getting louder but I don't care, don't give a shit. All I care about is knowing why Luke's being like this. He's really nervous; almost shaking but I can't help this feeling. I don't want to lose him. I don't have nothing else.

"It doesn't matter," he says, turning away and trembling. "I don't think you should come here again."

"What?" I can barely hear myself think and I dunno whether to clench or unclench my fists. But Luke isn't listening anymore-he's disappeared out the back and I'm just here like some fucking retard. I can't not ever see Luke again- what happens when I get angry? What can I do? I fucking need Luke. I need him.

I'm out of the Library. It's pissing it down but I'm practically running, barging kids out of the way and all I can think of is Fang's smug face. He fucking wanted this to happen-made Luke sad and hate me. I fucking hate him.

The anger is building up inside me and this time I ain't doing anything to stop it. It's taking over me and everything's just a blur. All I can think about is Luke, and how I ain't gonna see him again-I'm nothing without him. And Fang just fucking ripped that apart.

My teeth clench together as the rain water drips down my face and onto my lips. Even the rain tastes differently from how it usually does-it's salty. My hair sticks to my forehead, eyes not even blinking when the drops of water hits them.

I feel hot, boiling, even though my clothes are soaked and the rain won't fucking stop. It won't fucking stop.

"Oi!" Some guy yells at me as I knock into his shoulder. "Watch where you're fucking go-" He stops when his eyes widen at my face, but I really ain't in the mood for this so I keep going until I see the gates of the school.

My hands are numb when I grip the door to the entrance and yank it open. Some kids glance up, startled, but I stride through, shoes squelching against the floor.

Then I see him. That fucking bastard who's just walking around and don't give a shit about nothing. Just fucking grinning with that group of spastics like he ain't just fucked up everything. Like he ain't just turned Luke against me.

He only sees me coming when I'm right in front of him and my fist slams into his cheek. He staggers back, shocked, and I think someone screams but I punch him again. And again.

"What-" he tries to say but he stops when I shove him into the lockers. I think we've been surrounded and someone's trying to pull me away but I'm still up against him, ripping his shirt and punching him

I can't stop.

Finally, I'm wrenched away and someone's got my arms trapped behind my back. I think it's one of Fang's friends. I look down at my shirt and it's all dark red-his blood.

He's crumpled over with people surrounding him. Someone's shouting and dragging me off but everything's blank and soundless.

Still, all I can see is Luke's scared face. And everything goes to fucking hell.