.illusion'd dreamscapes
blood stained cheeks cracked wide open
into ripening watermelon smiles;
our hands and legs and heart strings entangled
and our laughter ensnared by each passing beat,
sinking into these fresh folds of soft cloth
as we giddily trace delicate fingers
over the supple, violet and golden dappled skin
we painted so unconventionally ourselves—
falling to a million black and white pieces
(as our world is just that simple these days)
and putting each other back together again,
over and over and over;
until our cotton candy bubbles pop,
above these rolling, sweet light-rays
that we're swimming so freely over.
if there's one place i'm happy—
it's here in our spellbound wonderland.


music—'Your Body is a Wonderland' by John Mayer.
inspiration"Then I'd scoop you up and put you back together of course, silly. Piece by piece until you were whole again."