Made: Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Time: 3:20p.m


What did I do?

Tell me
Tell me
Just what I've done

Say it
Say it
Isn't a wrong

You yell and you scream
You punish me a lot
You plot and you scheme
You tell me I'm not

But what did I do
What did I say
That's made you cue
In my pain today?

Explain how I am

I've created a sham

You lock me away
You give out more laws
You say not to stray
You're on the last straw

But what have I said
What was the deed
To make you so red
You won't even tell me?

Shut up
Shut up
And help me out here

Back up
Back up
Stop all the jeers

You slam the door
You ignore what I say
You complain even more
You do all through the day

But who have I wronged
What have I broke
To make you go along
And punish and hoax?

I thought I was good…