Title: Fear of Change

Summary: Sophie is a relatively new vampire. She meets a clan of four and falls in love with the clan leader, Matthew. Matthew wants Sophie to join his clan so they can be together forever. She finds out she has more in common with the other vampires than they think. Sophie's POV in Chapter One.

Chapter One

I still remember what it had felt like. There was heart-wrenching pain, like someone had shoved their hand inside my chest and squeezed my heart. Then came the intense cold. It was colder than anything I had ever felt. Finally, my body became numb. I lost every sense. When I finally woke up, I felt that I was lying down on grass and leaves. I stood up, feeling extremely warm and worn out. I remember the first time my heart didn't beat, the first time I didn't have to breathe.

After waking up there was only the hunger. I walked past a man in the park and could smell something sweet about him. Realizing it was his blood, I followed him for hours until he was completely alone. I had no idea how to do this. All I knew was that I had to drink his blood or I would be extremely tired forever. I snuck into his apartment and grabbed a steak knife from a drawer. When the man came into the kitchen to investigate the noise, I slit his throat and drank his blood, crying the entire time.

It had been like that every time. I didn't know if vampires were supposed to feel that way, but I always did. Every single time. I smelled how sweet the blood was, stalked the person, slit their throat, drank the blood, and cried. It was like little pieces of all of their souls were inside me. I mean, their blood ran through my veins, but was it possible for me to have dreams of their memories? Was that supposed to happen?

I asked myself questions like this all the time, because what vampires were really like was not what I had seen on movies. Sunlight didn't do a damn thing to me. I mean, I couldn't get a tan or a sunburn, but I didn't turn to ash and I sure as hell didn't sparkle. It is true, however, that vampires can fly (my favorite thing to do). My strength and speed had been enhanced greatly from the time when I was a human. I was only tired if I hadn't drank any blood in a while. My eyesight and hearing were also greatly enhanced. Animal blood didn't work for the hunger. It pumped my veins with blood, but I always felt sick to my stomach a few hours later. So sick, in fact, that I regurgitated the blood itself.

I had begun traveling the world since becoming a vampire, taking Air Sophie every time. I had been everywhere that I could go, and I had not encountered even one other vampire. The only vampire I had ever encountered, in both lives, was the one that changed me. I had never gotten his name, and I had never seen him again after I had been reborn.

I was in Paris on the three-year anniversary of my rebirth. I had been to Paris before, but it was definitely one of my favorite spots to visit. I looked through the window of the huge pale yellow house. The man I had been stalking all day sat inside, reading his newspaper. It was only sunset, but the sky was so cloudy you couldn't even see the sun. I extended my arm and slowly opened the window. I crawled through the window without a sound and walked down the hallway. I grabbed the knife from my belt and turned it over in my hands. I opened the door quickly. Before the man had time to scream, I slit his throat, putting my mouth over the huge gash. Of course, the tears started flowing a second later.

"Hey!" yelled a woman's voice behind me. I turned to see a girl who was about twenty years old. She had dark brown hair and wore heavy eye make-up. I took my mouth off my victim's neck and moved quickly, running the knife against the girl's neck too. That's when I realized what her blood smelled like. It smelled like a mixture of many different types of blood. This girl was a vampire, and she was running on empty. The girl took the knife out of my hand and stabbed the wall with it. "You stole my victim! I've been stalking him all day!"

I wiped the blood away from my mouth and the tears away from my eyes. I dropped the man's body on the floor. "So have I! If we were both stalking him, then why didn't we ever see each other?"

The girl shrugged. She leaned forward a little and stared at my face. "Wait. You were crying. That doesn't make any sense. Vampires aren't supposed to be able to cry. How are you crying?"

"I don't know," I admitted truthfully. "It always happens like that. I find my victim, stalk him, slit his throat, drink his blood, and cry. I've never drank anyone's blood without crying. I guess it's because I feel bad that someone has to die for me to keep on living or whatever."

"It still doesn't make sense." The girl looked at the dead man on the floor. A pool of blood already surrounded him. The girl then looked at me and sighed. "Look, I have to go, so, it's been fun. Just please try not to steal one of my victims again. If it happens again, I'll kill you and make sure you stay dead. I'm not even kidding."

The other vampire opened a different window and flew out of it. I thought fast. I had never encountered another vampire before. Did they really travel in clans, like in the movies? If they did, I wanted to meet more vampires. I decided to follow her, flying out the same window she had. I caught up with the girl quickly. She looked over at me. "What the hell do you want from me?! Why are you following me?!"

"I've never met another vampire before!" I yelled over the wind in my ears. "Are there others?! Do you know other vampires?!"

The girl suddenly turned away from me. I sighed and followed her. She kept trying to evade me, turning and weaving through buildings and even spiraling a few times, but I kept up with her. About fifteen minutes later, the girl landed on the sidewalk in front of an abandoned building. I looked up and down the street, realizing that all of the buildings were abandoned. The girl looked frustrated to no end. "Go home! Stop following me!"

"No. I want to meet more vampires," I said. I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity just to make some emo-looking girl happy. I crossed my arms and glared at the other vampire. The girl glared right back.

The girl finally closed her eyes and sighed, defeated. "Fine. I'll introduce you to other vampires. You just have to promise me that you'll leave after you meet them. Promise?"

"Promise," I said.

The girl nodded. "Okay. I'm Dani. I never got your name."

"Sophie," I said.

Dani opened the door to the abandoned building without taking the boards off. We walked into the building, and Dani replaced the door. I looked around. We were in what appeared to be an old clothing store. Manakins wore various dusty outfits and wigs with cobwebs in them. Clothing racks without clothes dotted the huge room. Dani went into the women's changing room. She went into one of the individual changing stalls, and I followed her. Dani walked up to the back wall. She put her hand out and touched the wall, pushing in slightly. The wall suddenly jumped back and slid off to the side, revealing a set of stairs. Dani motioned for me to go. I did, seeing that there was another door at the end of the steps. Dani closed the wall at the top of the steps. She came down the stairs quickly and opened the door. "Guys and Morgan, I have a little surprise for you."

Dani swung open the door so that I was revealed to the room. The room was huge. It kind of resembled a basement, but with very stylish furniture, paintings, photographs, and electronics. Three other vampires stood in the center of the room. Two of them were guys and one of them was a girl. The guys were both very tan, but one was shorter than the other, and the tall one had long hair. The girl looked like a slightly younger version of Dani.

"Clan, this is Sophie," continued Dani. "Sophie, this is the clan; Matthew, Diego, and Morgan."

Matthew, the tall one with the long hair, stepped forward. He put both of his hands on my face and examined me carefully. He looked over the entirety of my body. Matthew leaned forward a little and pressed the tips of his fangs on my neck. I heard a small popping noise as he broke the skin. Matthew stepped back and smiled at me. "Welcome."

Dani faked a laugh. "Oh. Matthew, can I talk to you in the Underground Room, please?"

Matthew smiled at me. He looked at Dani. "Sure."

Dani walked over to the wall and pressed on it. It jumped back and slid to the side. Dani and Matthew disappeared into the room beyond the door. Matthew closed it behind them. I looked at Diego and Morgan. I held out my hand. "Hi. I'm Sophie."

"Yeah. We heard," said Morgan rudely, glaring at me.

Diego smiled and stepped forward to shake my hand. "Morgan, don't be so rude. I'm Diego. I've been a vampire for fifty years, and I'm originally from Spain. This bundle of joy is Morgan. She's Dani's sister, in case you already couldn't tell."

"That doesn't surpise me," I said.

Diego laughed. "So, where are you from and how long have you been living your second life?"

I thought for a moment if I should really tell him. I mean he'd been a vampire for fifty years and was from Spain. I had been a vampire for three years and was from the United States. How boring was I compared to him? I took a deep breath, preparing to be laughed at. "I'm from the United States, in North America, and I've been a vampire for three years today."

Morgan laughed and walked over to a corner in the kitchenette, where a new-looking refrigerator sat. She opened the fridge and took out a jar labeled "deer's blood". Morgan screwed off the cap and began drinking it. Diego didn't laugh. He just smiled at me. "Again, sorry about her. Please, don't think that being a vampire for only three years is something to be ashamed of. Morgan herself has only been a vampire for fifteen years."

I watched Morgan mock Diego into her jar. How was she not getting sick from drinking animal blood? I looked at Diego again. "Um, so I noticed that Morgan is drinking deer's blood. For some reason, whenever I drink animal blood, I just throw up."

Morgan laughed so hard she had to spit some of the blood out in the sink. Diego rolled his eyes at her and looked at me again. "You know, I'm just going to stop apologizing about her, because she'll just keep being rude. Sophie, animal blood is like alcohol for vampires. It gets you drunk. Well, it gets most of us drunk. You must throw up because you're a light weight."

"A feather weight," I heard Morgan mumble.

Diego sighed angrily. He clenched his teeth together. "Let's talk about something else. So, who changed you?"

"I have no idea," I answered. "I mean, all I know is what he looked like. I never got his name. He kind of looked like a skeleton. Like, his skin was pulled tight over his face. He had these dark circles around his eyes. He had a sharp jaw, really thin lips, and slicked-back gray hair. He was actually really creepy-looking."

As I heard the sound of glass shattering, I looked over at Morgan. The jar of deer's blood had shattered against the floor. Deer's blood now covered the cement around Morgan's feet. Morgan's eyes met Diego's. I looked at Morgan, then at Diego. "What? What is it?"

"That's Simon," said Morgan darkly. She swallowed. "That's the man who changed Dani."