In the silence,
I miss your arms around me.
The touch of your skin on mine.
Your smell.

Do you even know what you do to me?

In the rising sun
I feel so incredibly alive.
I've never felt so confident
In my life.

Did you know you're helping me find me?

This could be just a moment;
A blip in the film of life.
But it's my moment to shine,
And it's all because of you.

So kiss me til the sun goes down;
Keep me floating so I don't drown.
I'm alive, I'm here,
I'm beating down fear.
Brush the hair out of my eyes;
Silence broken by my sighs.
I'm stronger, I'm tougher;
To stand on my own if this gets rougher.

The future unknown; somehow I'm fine. It doesn't matter if this ends in a day, a week, a month, or a year. In the here and the now, I'm learning more about me than I ever have. I'm finding a strength and beauty I only dreamed existed. If we walk away from this, I always have these things to remember why you were good for me.

So hold tight;
This is one wild ride.
And I kinda, maybe, might
Like having you by my side.