Fanfic Club: New Student

~English Teacher~

The hallway of the new school reigned with silence. The air-conditioning blew down on the transfer student, Ethan Moore, as he sat in the school office with his mother. The woman spoke with the man behind the counter, advocating that he be placed in the advanced English class. His two brown eyes though, watched out the glass window, as the milling of the students stopped.

He suddenly felt a sheet of paper shoved at his ear, and he glanced up to see his mother handing him his schedule. She spoke to him, in her broken accent. "The English class, is your first class. You need to be good. Understand?"

"As always," the boy stated, rubbing his eyes. Ashley, his small cousin had called the night before, distraught due to believing a rumor about her favorite character. Unfortunately, unlike before the move, there was a time difference. If it was midnight there, it was much later in the morning here. That meant problems getting to sleep. However, the alternative measured a lot worse, as his Aunt didn't need to deal with his cousins histarics, being a single parent.

Ethan grabbed a school map, and set out, heading down the corridor, looking for the classroom after that, and having wished his mother a good day. He glanced at the doorways, and saw the door, and opened it. A woman at the board, suddenly snapped. "Don't you know how to knock?"

"I apologize... I'm new..." the sophomore commented. Two eyes glared at him, as if he had said something full of hypocrisy

"I don't know what your talking about. My class is too advanced to take in a new student after the first six weeks of school," the woman griped.

"I don't think that is your decision, and it is up to me to decide whether the work is too advanced for me," the boy stated, his eyes narrowing at her.

"Let me ask you," the female teacher stated, while a bunch of the students stared at him, chuckling as they did so. "Why are you in this class, and not the regular one? Do you really think you are smarter then those students that don't know what true literature means?"

"I never said I was," Ethan sighed. "I am in the advanced class, because the regular class was too easy, too boring, and most definitely not a challenge."

"I teach a rotating class. Take it all the way up from Freshman to graduating. All the advanced teachers do," the teacher stated firmly.

"So?" The teenager reached up to scratch his brown head of hair. "Really, I don't see why there is a problem. Unless of course, you are elitist, in who you let in?"

From the other students, there came to be a muttering of sorts. The teacher crossed her arms. "I am very particular about who I let in, and go to the junior high, the last year, to hand select the students. I pick the best of the best, the ones with the best grades, the ones most deserving, who show that they can do what I want them to do."

"Lady, you're supposed to be teaching a class, to get students to learn, not brainwashing" Ethan wanted to say.

"Sorry..." the boy glanced at his schedule. "Ms. Peterson. But the principle is the one who put me in your class, so if you want to take it up with someone, talk to him."

The woman nodded, and pointed to a seat, which he took, next to a girl with brown hair, with fake blond highlights. The girl focused her eyes completely on the screen, he jaw slightly hanging. Out of all the students in the class, she seemed the only one who wasn't dressed in clothing that was reminiscent of parents who kept a tight leash. However, they still reflected her possible status, in the fact that they were high name designers.

The teacher though, went up to the board, and scribbled on it, her hand writing illegible. "Now, we were discussing yesterday, how to write a proper outline. Now, who can tell me, what we covered the day before?"

The woman pointed to one young man, who had raised his hand. "The roman numerals are for the subject, which needs to be a noun. The next rung, is the description, which needs to be an adjective."

"And why is this the correct way to do an outline?" the teacher suddenly asked, turning towards the class.

"Because you say so, and you're mixing up sentence webs with outlines," Ethan thought to himself, making a slight face at this.

However, the teacher gave him a look. "Someone please explain to Mr... our new student, why we do this."

"Because, when one talks about individual topics, the sub topics describe the topic in some way or fashion," the person she pointed to stated.

Ethan though, rolled his eyes back into his head, a tad miffed that this teacher was teaching the advanced class. She then spoke up. "Long sentences cause clutter, thus the less sentences you use, the better off you are."

"Except, two words also lacks description," Ethan commented in his mind, frustration building.

The teacher continued, his boredom growing with each word. "Now, let's make a practice outline, together as a class. The topic I have chosen is, "Hitsugaya receives a medal."

This caused the teenager to raise an eyebrow. "As far as I know, there is only one Hitsugaya, and he is a made up character from the Manga Bleach. There is no way that any teacher would be cool enough to make Manga a course of study... even though some would be good. What is she doing."

As the words were called out, he thought about why each could have been picked out. "Aggressive could come from the fact that many of the characters in Bleach could be described as that. Helpless, because his character might at times feel that way, but that seems more like Inoue Orihime then any of them. Cautious fits his personality, but what does that have to do with getting an award. Unsightly... if some characters didn't like him getting it. What is going on?"

It was then that the girl next to him, suddenly turned to him. "Why is it that most of those adjectives people used are negative ones?"

"I guess because Bleach is a rather dark storyline at times," Ethan commented, the first thing he thought of coming out of his mouth.

"Jessie, don't you remember! The teacher passed out a handout! Bleach is one of those vulgar, graphic novels. There is no educational value to the series," a boy sitting across from him in the set of four tables stated. The boy then turned to him. "I guess you wouldn't know, as your new. Ms. Peterson frowns upon Manga and Anime, and a good deal of us agree."

The new teenager simply gave him a weak smile. "The teacher has done enough research to know one of the most popular names, and is trying to brainwash her students into believing the way she does about certain topics, like the dislike of stuff I like. She and I are so going to get along..."

Author's note – No, I don't own Bleach, but truth is, you can mention popular media. This whole thing, came to me in a very weird dream. And no, that is not the best way to do an outline, but that was what Ms. Patterson taught in my dream. She also used Hitsugaya Toshiro from Bleach as an example. So, it should be no surprise, a good deal of my fanfics center around him. Talk about the psychology of a dream. Lol... Anyways, I don't know when I'll update, but I'll update when I can. Enjoy. :)