you know what it should be raining today because the suns making a goddam mockery of us all and shes so unpleasantly certain of her own perfection while that repulsive drill she calls the look is justly pounding its way into my skull that it becomes her downfall and I fucking hate her ugly fat putrid hairy ass oh by the way shes a good friend of mine so fuck off and leave her the fuck alone before I drop a few punches on you and then some more pointless profanity into this bottomless well-grave in which I am apparently to be thrown in the next few hours but I never got that memo so you can suck a fat one you detestable fuck Im no poet Im the fucking king of the entire world and heaven and hell are my right and left nuts so you can suck on those while youre at it and speaking of being a disgrace did I ever tell you exactly how much I hate it here because this place is making a fool of you and a drunken slobbering idiot of me so you and your prostitute of a mother can suck my dick too you infested fucking whore get your raunchy dirty pussy the hell out of here I dont want any of your stds getting anywhere near my dick because that shit is way too damn classy for your sorry ass oh by the way did I forget to mention how much I like you because I need you to give me money so I can get some more gin down and rotting my gut out before this wears off so if you dont have money then get the hell out but if not let me borrow some oh come on you fucking slut dont be like that slam oh whatever she was total trash anyways so fuck the world while me myself and I drunk ourselves to my left nut and fucking back hey bitch before you leave bring me a trash can cause its gonna be a long ass night and tell your eyes to shut the fuck up and go away because Im too drunk to listen and I dont have to take their shit