I have found that your perspective of life is only clear and untainted in its final moments.

Throughout all of my life, judgment, idealism, theory, hypocrisy and sensibility have fogged my vision like sheets of rain billowing past my sight. But now I stand facing my immanent and impending death: a dying star named Violet. In the face of my destructor, the unimportant in life fades away, leaving only what matters lying directly before me.

Violet—the last source of life in this dead void. It gave us life, and now it will take it away. Hour by hour our ship loses power and inches closer to death, following the endless amount of ships that have already been erased from existence in one second of bright light. Rather than dying by loss of energy and oxygen, our captains have decided for us to fall into the dwarf star's remaining heat.

It seems that my acceptance of death has given me new meaning to life, for someone now stands across from me; another who has accepted our seemingly-grim fate. I only know her as the girl with the blue eyes. How her beauty shines in Violet's dim red light. There are others here, as well, none of them anything more than a fly on the wall to us. Men, women and children scurry by, as if any amount of effort will divert this unquestionable end. They are nothing but blurs of light in the corners of our sight.

There was one hope for what was left of us—one ship that had enough energy and resources to live on. It lies in the distance, on the opposite side of Violet, circling the dwarf star with its myriad of solar panels extending from its hull like wings. Some are still fruitlessly trying to obtain a spot on the ship, but it had exceeded its full capacity long ago and I see no point in wasting our time on hope for life any longer.

Violet is growing larger now. Its glow is illuminating through the window into every crack and gap in the room.

My embrace with the girl with the blue eyes grows tighter. Half of her face is glowing red with the sun's light; the other half is shrouded in shadow. One eye glows blue against the sun's shadow, the other shines red with its light.

She opens her lips to talk. I hear nothing.

I try to speak back, but it's as if my ears have died. Our consciousnesses are beginning to wink in an out of existence.

Our eyes are not an inch away from one another's. The sun's red and her blue create a violet shine in her eyes as the sun's heat is moments away from engulfing the ship, us along with it. At the ending of life, and the beginning of death, it is clear. Yes, life is finally clear to me now.