KAREN:Hey, Ernie, it's Karen. Jeez, why don't you ever pick up your phone? Well... anyway. I'm, uh, just calling to say that - well, I know we've been doing this whole... this whole friendship thing, and I really like that. I mean, I'll come by the garage and help you with the cars, and you'll come by the shop and help me with the cupcakes... and I mean, I like that. But it's just, I... Well, remember that time? That time I handed you that wrench and you hugged me? And I sort of... Well, that's when it started. Ernie, I think I'm in love with you. And I know what you're going to say! "We can't,Karen, I'm five years older than you! You're only in high school,Karen, you've got your whole future ahead of you! Your parents don't likeme, Karen, I'm not whiteenough for them!" But I don't care! I don't care, because I LOVE YOU, ERNIE RODRIGUEZ. I love you. And... I mean, I could... I could hand you other things too! Like... wrenches... and... y'know... motor oil... I mean, we'd helpeach other, Ernie, like we always do. It'd be hard, but it'd be okay because we'd be together and - message too long? But I - dammit. If I'm satisfied with my message, press 1? To listen to my message, press 2? To erase and rerecord, press 3? [stares at phone in hand, lets out sigh. Presses button.]