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"Ryan, we have new neighbors now! Now, I can finally show off my cake, hun." I took a bite of chocolate chip pancakes, and laugh at my mum. She is always like this in the morning and everyday. Plus, she always wants people to try her delicious cakes that she makes from scratch. I use to be he only person who devours her cakes, but I guess now she wants to expand.

"I know mom. I saw them yesterday, when I was walking home. The lady over there seems really hyper."

Mum ruffle my hair, and took a bite of her eggs. "Oh really....oh! Did you see a kid or something? Wait! We can invite them over today for dinner!"

"Mom.....", I mumbled, but it was too late. All I saw was my mom's black ponytail bouncy up the stairs. There's no way out of it now. I look at my red watch and I saw 8:00. I quickly drunk the last of my orange juice, and finish my breakfast. I walk over to the couch and grab my black & white checker backpack. I turn my cell phone off, and my mum came running down the stairs.

" Have a good day today, Ryan! Ya lyuboty(1), "my mom said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I nodded and walk out of the house. I look next door, and the bouncy lady was in the car, while tapping the stirring wheel. She looks happy while honking the horn. The same boy from last time came walking out with a stern look on his face. Ha! That what he gets, for mocking me! The boy got in the car and he talk to the lady for a couple of minutes. The lady back out of the driveway and speed off down the street. I kept walking, and I met up with Joseph at the end of the street.

"Ryan, If I would of known that you was going to wear red, you should of told me man. Now we look like twins or some shit", Joseph complained. I punch him in the arm and told him to shut up.

My t-shirt wasn't even full red. The words, Ge a Holit(2), was written across the front in white. My mum got me this t-shirt when she went to Kazuka one summer. She said that the shirt 'suits" me in the way, and it was on sale.

By the time we made it to school, the bell have rung. Joseph and I parted ways and I went to my locker. Hostu and his friends was by my lockers smirking at me. Those sneaky little freaks. I walk past them and went to the first period. I wasn't in the mood to deal with Hostu at this moment, because the guy will just pissed me off as usually. The hallways was thinning out, which was a good thing. Now, I don't have to worry about someone bumping into me or something. People need to watch where they are going, instead of trying to stop every five seconds just to hug someone.

I walk into Professor Kolti's class, and I took my normal seat. Yelena gave me a wave and went back writing in her notebook. Zoku walk up to desk and poke me with a sharp yellow pencil.

"What was that for?"

" You are something else man, " He said while grinning. He look around the class and told me to come back to his seat. I follow and he said, " There's a new kid in this class, you know."

"No there isn't. Even if there was, we won't even know. There is a lot of people who go here Zoku."

" I know that, but there is! Professor Kolti was talking to some bouncy lady and some dark-haired kid was with her. The kid about our age, but I couldn't understand everything what they were saying though."

Bouncy lady? "Well, that doesn't mean nothing. The kid is probably in some other class or someth-Ring!!!

I strolled back to me seat and Professor Kolti came into the class. The girls in the front row giggled, and Kolti dusk the chalk off his pants again. He began writing on the chalkboard, than a knock came from the door. He open it and his face automatically lit up into happiness. I tried to lean to the right to see who it was, but I still couldn't see. Kolti smiled to us, and the same kid from next door came waking in.

"Class, this is Zhenya, he's new here. And he is from Kazuka, so please be nice. He doesn't know Japanese that well, but he knows Dobulïya. He is very ni-"

My whole just stop completely. He isn't just a new kid, but he is from Kazuka! They are hardcore down there. My mum didn't even let me go there one summer, because she said it's very different. I remember one time I asked my mum how come I couldn't go and she mumbled They don't like northen that much. Plus, we kind of betrayed the teachings by learning Japanese and not having marks. I really do want you to come Ryan, so you can see where you came from, but you aren't ready yet. Just remember that you are a Devïķå(3) and you are no less than the people who still live in Kazuka.

I still don't understand what my mum meant, but I don't dare to ask to go there anymore. I like it up here in the northen. Professor Kolti whisper to Zhenya and he set in the seat to the left of me. He was wearing a blue shirt and some dark jeans with chains falling down his leg. His hair was different this time, his black hair was messy, but I notice that it went to about his shoulders. Also, on his nose was some glasses that somehow, completed his whole look.

"Ryan, do you mind if you show Zhenya around the school."

I nodded at Kolti and he continue talking about the Zöökazi war. Zhenya was looking around the room with his unique eyes, and he pouted. He took out a black pencil form his bag, and began twirling it in his right hand. Yelena look amused and she whisper, "Someone has a little crush. And he does the that exact same thing you do." I glared at her and told her to mind her own business. She rolled her eyes and took notes. I don't have no stupid crush, and especially on a guy. That's just sick and wrong on many levels. First Period was over quick, and the bell signal for next class. Kolti gave me a smiled and clean off his chalkboard. I pack up and waited on the new kid.

He slowly gather everything and look at his schedule. He flipped it around a couple of times, than he walk out of class. I came up from behind him, and snatch the paper from his hands. Well, lucky fro him. He has most of classes, but besides two. The kid glared at me and try to get the paper back, but I dodge his hands.

"Look, I'm trying to help you, " I told him. The kid gave me a puzzled look and stuff his hands into his jeans. I forgot. He doesn't understand Japanese. Damn. Let's see if I can say it right.

"Uh..I am going to help you, okay? This school is pretty huge and you have the same class as me."

The kid nodded his head and he followed me down the crowded hall. As we walk, Hostu came walking the opposite way and shove me up against the lockers. His hair color today was red and his friends was not with him.

" Hey e.b, whatcha doin?"

I glared at Hostu, but he just winked back at me. This guy is a freak. Hostu ran his hand through my hair and surprisedly onto my waist.

" Move Hostu! Stop acting like a ass, " I push his hands off my waist and shove him off. He back up from me and turn his attention to Zhenya who was just watching with interests.

"Oh, I see now Ryanko, you have a little boyfriend. How sweet.." Hostu rub his hands on Zhenya's neck and he walk back into the crowd. I shook my head and I continue walking with Zhenya following. Boyfriend? Hell no. That's sick! Guys with guys! What the hell? People like that should go to hell. Stupid Hostu and his freaky hands.

We came upon our class, and I saw Joseph in the back waving me down. I laugh and I took a seat behind him. Joseph was with Kari, Skyler, Koroyo and Naomi. Just the six of us. We all met in 8th grade, when we was all sitting in the office. We all was late to our first period, since we were new to the school.

"Hey, Ryanku! Wadz up?"

I grin, "Nothing, Skyler. Just got held up by Hostu again..."

Koroyo was doodling on his paper, and he jab Naomi in her side. Naomi glared at him, than jab him back. Kari was smiling at Skyler and I as we talk about Hostu and his weird hair color today. As I was laughing at Skyler funny remark, I notice that Zhenya was standing in the front of the class. He kept looking around, and he pouted his lips. Some of the girls up front, was giggling and winking at him, and Zhenya gave them a shy smile.

I got out of my seat and walk over to him. All my friends followed me too, curiously. Zhenya's eyes lock onto mines and he adjusted his backpack on his shoulders.

Standing by Zhenya, I said," Guys, this is Zhenya. He's new to the school."

Awkward silence is something that is very weird and scary. Skyler have a dumb, yet amusing look on his face, Kari was twirling her hair way too much, Joseph said hi and went to talk to his friend in the back, Koroyo's face was red, and Naomi was just..Naomi.

I let out a small laugh, " Guys..say something....."

Kari was the first one, and she let out of hand, " Hi. My name is Kari."

Zhenya look at her hand and scratch the back of his neck. He than shook her hand and smiled. I let out a sigh and mouth a "thank you" to Kari and she wink in return. She than spun around and walk back to her seats with extra flaunt to her hips. Someone is trying to impress someone.

Just when I was about to punch Skyler for acting like a dumbass, the bell went off. We all, besides Zhenya and me, went back to their seats. Our Professor, Mr. Takashi, came walking in the class in his black suit. His black hair was cut short, and his brown piercing eyes was staring at Zhenya and I.

" How come you guys are not in your seats," he ask in his deep, yet heavy Japanese accent voice.

" Because Mr. Takashi, Zhenya here is new and I'm just..uh..um..."

Mr. Takashi turn his full attention to Zhenya who was staring at him as well, which is pretty impressive. The guy has guts! Zhenya stuff one of his hand sin his pocket and took out a wrinkle paper, than handed it to the professor. I slowly walk back to my seat, in front of Joseph who was snickering behind his hand.

The Professor gave the paper back to Zhenya and cleared his throat. He open his mouth, than close it. He look confuse and unsure of what to do, but than he pointed to a empty desk next to me. Zhenya walk over and drop his bag, and took a seat. He look bored, yet excited. I rub my eyes and began to twirl my black pencil in my right hand. Naomi, who was seating on the right row on me, was watching Koroyo doodling on his notebook. They get along well.

Mr. Takashi began rabbling on about Japanese's grammar, when I notice that Zhenya was staring at me. He slid his chair closer to mines to the point where our legs was touching each others. I gave him a confuse look, but he completely ignore that and lay his hand on our cold desk.

Think! Think! What the world is he doing!? Hello, has he ever heard of personal bubble. Maybe he is one of "them"? Is he?

I quick a peek at Zhenya and he was staring at the board, but he wasn't writing any of the notes down. I wasn't either, since I don't need to. My mind was going crazy and my whole leg was going numb. I can feel Zhenya's leg..leg!!

I tried to move my left leg, but Zhenya move his even closer. It was frustrating! I heard a small snicker from behind, and I turn around and saw Joseph grinning at me. I flicked him and turn back around facing the board.

I lean towards Zhenya and whisper, " What the hell are you doing?"

Zhenya smirk and tilt his head to the side. His black hair fell over his gray eyes, and looks kind of attractive. Hold up! What! Attractive? Yuck, hell no! That is sick!

I rolled my eyes, "What are you doing?"

His smirk fell to a frown and he turn towards the front, and move his legs, so they weren't touching mines. He dug into his bag, and pulled out a black pencil and started to twirl it in his left hand.

"I'm bored and I'm just trying to have fun. I don't need to learn Japanese, because I hate Japanese, Ryan-chan."

Never in my life, had I ever been made a fooled of. However, Zhenya just did and I can't help but feel insulted, yet I softly laughed with him. Although, I didn't notice a pair of interesting and amusing eyes gazing at us.

Maybe my neighbor isn't so bad.

I stole a quick glance at Zhenya to still see him twirling his black pencil in his left hand.

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Dobuliya translation!! 1) I love you

2) It means, " go to hell" *inside joke* lol

3) it is NOT pronouce as devil. the "way" I say it is, Duel(like duel)-va-ka