Note: This story is some-what true. It happened to someone I know, but I twisted some things around a bit. I ask that someone if I can use their past life as an inspiration for this and the person said yes ^^ But As long as I don't use their name =_= So, I'm going to keep my word! There will be Spanish and French words in here. and I'll try to remember to translate them. Also, I think there is going to be a litte of japanese, but not much. ANYWAY, hope you enjoy ^.^

My life is complicated. I wasn't like other kids going up nor did I want to be. For my birthday, I didn't get nothing. Not a cake or one single gift. All I got was a slap across my face for not washing the dishes on time. My parents hated me, yet they still loved me. My mom would tuck me in at night and sing me a lullaby softly. I would sing with her quietly in the dark, and she would laugh and smile. She was beautiful when she smiled, but now she isn't. Her light brown eyes would sparkle in the night and my gray eyes would shine too. It was special moment for both of us, but my mom would leave my room and whisper goodnight.

I was scared. I was alone. The monster will come again, like it does every night. I would turn towards the wall and see the shadow roaming my room. I couldn't stop the monster from coming. It's hands would slide down my arms and over my back. The wet tongue would lick my cheek, wiping away my tears. I was immune to it. The monster grab my chin and I saw gray eyes similar to mines shining at me. I love my parents, and I have to love the monster too. For the monster is my father. I thought that I would never escape the torture of what I was going through, but I did. All because of a lady...

Mrs. Griffin gave me this black diary. This old, dirty, and stupid diary. She said that if I every had something on my mind, or if there was something I couldn't tell her I can write in the diary. When she first gave it to me I was about five or six, and I didn't speak English well at the time.

I was in her office, counseling office, and she had this "smell" to her. I couldn't describe the smell or ask her why she smell like that, because...she was the only person who listens to me at that time. She was like the mother I never had before and the one that I dream of. She smiled and ask me if I can write. I gave her a puzzle and ask her with my French/Spanish accent I said yes. She walk over to her dresser, and she pulled out a black diary. I got up and I look at the item she held in her hand. I was shocked, because I never saw anything like that before!

Mrs. Griffin walked over to me, and she handed me the diary with ease. She lean down so she was on my level, and she whisper to," I know there are some things that you aren't telling, besides the part you told me about your dad hitting on your mom. I want you to know that I will always love you, and I hope one day that you can tell someone what's really going on."

A tear fell through her glasses and onto my red shirt. She slowly lean into me, and she gave a small peck on the cheek. I shifted away from her a little, but I gave her a hug.

She hug me tightly and she began crying tears that I never though she ever had before. She always stay calm and kind, but this moment she didn't.

" I just wish that you can tell me everything, sweetie."

She pulled away from me and announced that our session was over for today. I rub my eyes, and I gave her a slight nod. Mrs. Griffin open up the dark brown door, and she gently push me out into the hallway. I hold onto my diary tighter, when she began whispering to some old man with a gray beard.

The older man was wearing a long black coat, and a pointy hat. He reminds me of Sherlock Holmes, but scarier. He has short and gravy hair that barley reach the back of his neck. The shirt he was wearing was white and his pants was black. I couldn't understand what they were saying, but form Mrs. Griffin's expression...she was distraught.

After, about an hour, or more they finally stop talking. The older man gave me a green lollipop. I gaze at the "object", than the older man told me to lick it. I glare at the item and I threw it at the older man, and I ran over to Mrs. Griffin. The gray-haired man look confuse, and Mrs. Griffin began talking fast to him.

I felt left out and unwanted. I wanted to know what they were saying!

" Sweetie, y-your m-mother is here to take you home."

I smiled at Mrs. Griffin and I gave her one more hug. Over the months I had been taking counseling here, and we have become family. She smiled and she ruffle up my black locks. I look at the old man who was leaning on the wall, staring at us with a blank expression.

For payback, he stick his tongue out at me and he turn away. I guess, the old man wasn't so bad after all.

Mrs. Griffin said her goodbyes and the old man just nod. My mum grab my small wrist and we left the building. I was still holding onto the black dairy with my small hand, and I began to wonder. Why did Mrs. Griffin talk to that old man? Did I do something wrong?

My mum must has notice me staring at the ground that she poke me on the forehead.

"What's wrong, musuko?(1)

I smiled at my mom, and told her that nothing was wrong. She nod her head, and we continued walking down the concrete.

As I gasp my black dairy, I felt like something was wrong. Something happen, and I didn't notice it. The way Mrs. Griffin cried, the old man, the goodbyes, the diary, and Mrs. Griffin's kissed. It all make sense. I turn my head around and I saw Mrs. Griffin in the window crying. She wave goodbye and she made signs with her hands: Goodbye and I will always love you. Remember that.

I gave her a small smiled and a tear fell out of my eye. My mum and I got further away from Mrs. Griffin's office, and I began to panicked.

I wasn't going to see Mrs. Griffin anymore....and...never again.

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oh..translation! (1) Musuko means son n japanese