A/n: Once upon a time, there was a person who liked reading mpreg. In the quest to find more mpreg stories, they searched the internet and instead found a livejournal rant about why it was wrong. No, the person who wrote the rant wasn't a homophobe, they just said that most mpreg stories weren't feasible and objected on the basis of logic. And the amateur writer read the post and was inspired to find a way to make male pregnancies feasible. All hail. After much thinking, it was done.

"Wait, wait, wait. Explain this again to me in laymen's terms."

I can feel the stress headache building at the sides of my temples. I try not to glare at the person standing in front of me and fail miserably. He's my height, around 5'9 and has the lithe build of a runner. His brown hair is short and his brown eyes are just a few shades lighter. He is in almost perfect health and he would be a prime subject for the experiment. But I am legally required to make sure he understands the experiment before he signs the papers. It's not that he's an idiot, it's that I'm a scientist, I don't particularly like dealing with people, and I can't dumb down the six years of research that I've put into this. But I was only given clearance for one test subject of each gender, and they both have to be willing and aware of what's going on. The lab doesn't want its reputation tarnished by an expensive and fatal failure, and it took me months of pleading and their own desperation before they agreed to this. It will be a success. That doesn't mean that I can't dislike Alex Smith, it just means I have to be professional enough to hide it. To be honest, I don't actually dislike him, I'm just stressed out. And explaining everything to him isn't helping matters.

"Have you heard of strain X30127?" Maybe if I go slowly he'll understand it and I won't have to explain yet again.


"Tell me what you know about it."

His face scrunches up in concentration. And then he tentatively answers.

"X3 was a bio weapon that came out in war three. Only girls could get it at first and when they did it made it impossible for them to have kids. They could pass it on to guys, who could pass it on to other girls. Soon, almost everybody had it. A lot of people died from it, and the ones that didn't die immediately because they had X3 got sick from something else and died."

"You're missing something though you seem to know the basics of it. It can only be passed on through blood exchange or sex. It left the majority of females dead, and of the 12% left by the end, only .3% were left with the ability to have children due to complications of X30127 that caused autoimmune conditions within those who contracted it. Because of this and the causalities of war three there is a severe population decline. The males were attacked by it and the majority died as well, but they managed to come out with a smaller number of causalities. A total 26% of the male population survived and a staggering 14% percent of them never contracted the disease. Do you know why that is, Alex?"

He shakes his head. And I look at him. What I know was never released to the public, though I have clearance to tell him. And I will tell him.

"For whatever reason, males can only get X30127 from infected females, though they can pass it on to other females, infecting them. There is preliminary research suggesting that X30127 can't thrive in males due to the higher levels of testosterone. Going from one male to another is more than X30127 can take. By the time it reaches the second male, the amount of testosterone causes the strain to reach its limit and it dies. And when X30127 dies it releases a chemical toxin."

"I don't understand."

"Homosexual men don't sleep with females. Unless they come in contact with an infected male, they're not likely to contract X30127. The majority of the male population decline was actually caused by war three. Or, if they were infected it was from the response of their immune system to the X30127, which ultimately released deadly levels of toxin in their blood."

"I still don't understand."

"I'll try to dumb it down a little more for you then. Some non-drug users survived provided they avoided doing anything that could result in the exchange of body fluid with someone infected. Gay men survived as long as they avoided the same things and didn't have sex with an infected male. And people like me survived by the virtue of never having sexual intercourse."

"You mean, you're a virgin?"

I want to kill him. Based on the IQ results and the other tests he's fairly intelligent. He's a fairly intelligent fuckwit, and I'm quickly losing patience. Hopefully I made it simple enough for him.

"Do you understand now?"

"Why can't someone like you do it?"

I can feel myself flinch when he asks the question innocently.

"I have a natural autoimmune disease. While it doesn't affect me directly, any attempts to have children would lead to miscarriage."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"You didn't know. As for the remaining .3% that have the ability to have children, they are already undergoing fertility treatments. But it isn't enough to stop the population decline. And ethically speaking, the youngest fertile females born shouldn't have to bear children for at least another decade and a half."

"And physically speaking?"

"Physically speaking they won't be capable of pregnancy for another decade."

"I want to keep the child."

"Of course. I'm trying to increase the population to safe levels, not steal your first-born child."

"I still have questions."

"Come back tomorrow."

And then I watch Alex leave, knowing that he will return. At this point, with only research to back me up, I can only hope that Project Renaissance is a success.