Mad Hatters Party.


Eric and I were best friends. Then out of nowhere he got told he was the price of stupid England. And now four years later him and his fiance have invited me over to to the palace for some time. Yipee.

Eric Elijahson.

First day we met we was ten years old. I was wearing my new Barbie shows that day, I loved them Barbie shoes so much. We was in a park, doing what normal ten year olds do, when a boy pushed me off my swing saying he wanted a go. I hurt myself so bad, I didn't have time to have a go back at the boy because there was a huge cut in my knee. But there Eric stood, pushing the boy back off the swing, telling him to wait his go. There Eric held his hand out for me telling me that he wouldn't let that boy touch me again.

"Want to be bwest friends,'' I giggled, my gappy teeth showing.

"Of course,'' he smiled back, that cute smile of his.

"Bwest friends forever,'' I said.

"Best friends forever,'' he laughed, holding his hand in mine.

12 years old..

By twelve years old, we were inseparable. Where ever he went I went. Where ever I went he went. I remember this one incident when we was riding on our bikes over the lake bridges when I accidentally tripped on some rocks and fell into the water. Being Eric he laughed about it and jumped in himself, to show that he was a mess and wet in water.

"Eric, I'm cold and my clothes are all wet,'' I cried, showing him my shorts I was wearing.

"Don't worry about it Violet, you still look pretty. And look I'm wet to now,'' he cheered me up pulling me out of the lake with him.

"But mommy's going to go mad at me.''

"No she want, not if I tell her I pulled you in,'' he grinned shaking his beautiful dark raven hair in the sun. I smiled up at him, hugging his wet frame.

15 years old..

We had gotten to the age where puberty had started to hit in. I had grown boobs, and Eric's voice had got a lot more deeper. People in our year said we were together too much. I always remember this year because it was the year I fell in love with him. The year my feelings changed for him. It was all because of a date two girls called Candy and Lucie had set up for me for the school disco. It turned out just like another horrible cliché movie that the boy stood me up. People laughed at me, calling me a freak, saying I had never had a boyfriend and had never even been kissed. Of course that was all true, but it still hurt. Other girls by my age had at least been with some boys, some had even slept with them, something I would never do at this age, but it was true. Everyone loved Eric, but not me. He had a girlfriend for a couple months last year, it didn't work out but still he had already had a girlfriend and had already been kissed. He was Mr. popular everyone loved him. People couldn't even believe he was best friends with the freak.

So what he did on the middle of the dance floor in front of everyone was kissed me. It was a quick kiss, nothing special but he did it to make everyone stop laughing. And it work, well, they soon changed those smiles into frowns.

"Why did you just do that for?'' I asked, gobsmaked myself.

"Had to give these bunch of jerks a lesson, right? What they did was unfair. Jimmy didn't deserve to have you has his date. You look really pretty tonight to, you know that.'' He mumbled, bringing me into his arms for a slow dance.

"Thanks, at least someone thinks so,'' I mumbled against his back, smelling his beautiful cologne smell. I knew had fallen, so hard.

17 years old..

It was the end of our junior year. And I couldn't wait to spend this summer just chilling with my best friend. I was running out my last class to find him, once we met up every end of the semester we would always go to the beach and go rafting, it was so much fun. Except this time when I found Eric by my closet he didn't look so good. He looked really sad, he had been acting a little strange all day but I just thought he was stressing about homework.

"What's up?'' I said, nudging his shoulder.

"Remember when I told you I lived with my aunt and uncle, since I was a little child because my parents were always to busy for me?'' I remembered clearly. Every time he spoke of his parents it seemed to upset him. The story was they had left him at a young age with his auntie and uncle because they were to busy to look after there own son. I didn't know the people, but I didn't like them anyway, to abandon your son is one thing but to make up an excuse your to busy, is just really sad. Eric would go on like it didn't bother him, but I knew different inside he was hurting. His auntie and uncle however were the kindest people you could of ever met, they classed me as their daughter because of how much they saw me.

"Yeah, I remember the bastards who neglected their son,'' I said. By the look of his face he looked angry, normally when I made a comment about them he would agree except this time he didn't.

"Their not bastards,'' he mumbled. "Listen, I've got to go, I've got things to do,'' he said storming off.

"What? Wait Eric where are you going?'' I screamed. And that was the last time I saw him, his back arching out of the door, never look back at me again.

I cried weeks on end. He never replied to my messages, phone calls, emails. He just disappeared out of Haywood valley, his aunt and uncle gone with him. His house was up for sale when I went there a week later, they had already moved. Some best friend he was. Best friends forever, whatever. I found out a month later by Haywood newspaper that the local newspaper boy Eric Elijahson was Infact a prince of the royal family, next in line for the thrown. Now wonder he had forgotten about me, I was some low class American girl. While he had high expectations now being rich, royal and famous and all.

It's been four years since then. A lot had changed. Senior year was hell, I got called so many names under the sun. And not having Eric to save me anymore, I had no one behind my back. I studied so hard that year to get into a good college, I had the qualifications to get into stuff like Yale and Brown, but in the end it all came down to being close to my family and went to a local college near my house. I did well in college though, and graduated just last month. I now work as an assistant for fashion designers. One day hoping to be a designer myself, but until then, go by, being as busy as I can.

So finding a letter in my mail box, with fancy writing on the front was something I was total not expecting this morning.

Inside said

Miss Violet Shore,

You have been invited to the royal palace. To serve some weeks time, in an opportunity that will not ever come round again.

To have tea with the royal Mr. Enrikca Edward Elijahson and his fiancé Cecelia Janet Pecan.

You are also invited to there wedding.

Do come before next week,

And bring this letter.

Your sincerely,

Your royal heiress.

Wow. Oh wow. The boy total ignores me for four years and all of a sudden tells me I'm invited to his tea party and wedding. He sure has some nerves.

Authors Note: Sorry, I had this idea for a very long time. And the ideas were popping out. So I was writing them out, while I had them filled in my head. Your thoughts would be great pictures will be up.