Beeeeeep! 7:00 A.M. Beeeeeep!

One eye lid fluttered open, lazily, followed by the other. Still groggy, I cast my eyes sluggishly around the room, looking for that alarm clock of mine. Dresser… no. Lamp… no. Utada Hikaru poster… no. Luggage… no- luggage?!

A long, curdling scream tore from my throat. In a rush, I raced around my room, throwing clothes and pillows and sheets around as I got ready for today. Today! I have to look perfect for Kronos. So what if both Dad and Austin taught there? It's still the best academy in the world! And I don't even have powers, despite what Daddy and Jack think will happen! I mean, I'm just this plain girl!

"Jessica, love!" My mother's voice carried up to my room.

"Yes mum?" I called back, trying to sound calm.

"Chill." And I instantly did. Mum just has that affect on people (not to mention the fact that she can read minds, ha ha. Not really, of course… at least, I don't think so….).

Looking in the mirror, I made sure that I was at least more than plain looking.

Soft brown eyes stared back at me, and long, brown hair trickled down my face. With a sigh, I picked up my comb, attacking the bed head. At least it was long, Asian hair, courtesy of dad. Most of my genes are from daddy, I think. Jack looks most like Mum, with his pale, British skin and silky black hair, and I look the most like daddy, with my darker, smooth Asian skin, and silky brown hair. Parting it behind my left ear and leaving the right side untouched, I decided that I was probably as good as I was going to get.

Throwing on my white blouse and artistically-holey jeans I had picked out the night before, after hours of intense comparison of everything I owned, that left… breakfast. Heading for my door, I cast one last look around my room. My suitcases were all packed, I would get a bed with all of its odds and end when I arrived, and I had a different Utada Hikaru poster carefully protected in my suitcase that wouldn't leave me during the entire ride.

As I started to turn away, satisfied, my eyes were caught by a soft plush shape sitting on my bed. Xi: the most adorable and potentially humiliating little panda bear you have ever seen. Not for the first time, I thought about bringing him, but no! I'm 16, and going off to live at Kronos Academy, which is filled with all sorts of amazingly talented students who are undoubtedly all mature enough to sleep without a panda bear. Nodding in regards to my swift logic, I closed the door and went down the nice white staircase, seeing that it was now just 7:03. Wow, I really was anxious if I was going that fast.

"How about a nice slice of wheat for your tummy?" Mum asked me as I walked into the kitchen. Okay, okay, 'walked' is gentle- I was practically bouncing off the walls.

"Umm, yeah, yes please. Thanks mum". I sat down as I said it, glancing up into those big brown eyes that look so much like my own; I only gained most of my genes from dad. Behind those eyes was that jet black hair, so much like Jack's, just now beginning to gray. Of course, mummy's still beautiful, and it's actually really impressive she made it this long- she and daddy are 49 and 50. Austin's 26, after all. Jessica, darling, I thought to myself, she can't read minds. So chill.

Mum just slide a piece of toast in front of me and gave me a motherly smile. "I know how much you love your eggs, and I would love to make you an incredible last meal while you're still here, love, but eggs and ships don't mix. Eggs and boats make floating yokes." She doled out. "Any who, at least you're riding with Austin to the harbor. Driving with Jack or Rayou would mean no breakfast at all."

I smiled, even though I was suddenly sad. This was my last meal here, at least for the year. I ate my toast in silence, trying to focus my mind on things that didn't involve leaving. In the end I just imagined A Boy by G-Dragon (*hearts*) was playing in my head, over and over again. Finishing my toast and draining my orange juice, I started to head for the sink, but mum took my plate for me.

"I'll take care of it later, ducky." Mum gave me a sad, happy smile. "I just want some time before… before you leave."

"Oh, mummy…" I hugged her, wrapping my arms around her waist as I buried my head beneath her chin. "It won't be so bad! I'll visit as often as I can, as long as I don't get dad in trouble! And Auntie Em's coming, isn't she?" I smiled up encouragingly at her, and she gave me a wide, proud smile.

"Umm, yes, yes love, she is. And don't worry about your dad, he'll be fine." What was with that odd look on her face? Pushing it out of my mind, I hugged mum one more time, grabbed my luggage, and went out the front door.

And there was Austin Speed, my oldest brother, in his custom silver Carrera GT. If you haven't seen one, you need to. I'm not as much of a car freak as all my brothers are, but I can still appreciate the really nice ones. He pops open the trunk, and most of my luggage goes in. He lives on campus, so he only had a few groceries in the trunk.

"You ready, Jess?" He asks me. He's kind of aloof, as usual. I mean, we're close, but we've never really been friends or anything. We're 10 years apart, so I suppose that does it.

"Yeah…" I say, nerves returning full force. Nodding, I smile as the back doors close, and a strong gust of wind blows through the car.

"I could have closed them while I was back there, you know." Smiling openly, I watch as he begins to grin.

"Jess, when you're part of the Speed family, you use your powers however you want to." His grin widens, but it's still soft. Austin has always been the peaceful one of the family. "Of course, powers are meant to be used wisely. They aren't just tools." Seeing the look on my face, he adds "And don't worry, you'll get yours one day. And if you don't, that's fine too." He says it gently, but I'm not convinced.

After all, Kronos Academy is a school built for children with powers. What will I do if it turns out I don't have any?


Author's note: YO FICTIONPRESS! I've been meaning to write this for a while; I'm glad I finally got to it. This is the first chapter of a very long series all about the adventures of students going to Kronos Academy, where almost everyone has a power or ability of some kind or another. The narrator will constantly shift, until you know EVERYTHING that happens at Kronos. So, let's hope you people all liked the story. I beg of you to review. Quite literally, I BEG you. On both knees. And I promise it will get better, once it focused more on plot, and less on the introduction.

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