Author's note: I think I hate Jessica. She's a bland narrator. Please dear readers, brave through one more chapter. The next new one shall be the true start of Dorms.

~Jessica Speed~

"Hello Jessica. My name is Gabrielle Griffen." A tall, sandy blonde girl is suddenly standing in front of me.

"Oh… hello?" I say to her. I have no idea who she is or why she knows my name, and I'm a little creeped out being alone with her. Steven and I had to go our separate ways at the harbor, and Austin went on ahead to pick up his car that had been ferried over and to meet up with Amy, his wife who also teaches here. Leaving me all alone.

Smiling winningly, Gabrielle scratches something down on an official-looking clipboard and speaks again. "So, are you ready for the tour?"

Relief washes over me, followed by embarrassment. My cheeks flush as I hastily say "Oh, yes! Of course!"

Nodding her head once, Gabrielle sets off at a quick pace. With my big bag dragging behind me, I have to jog to keep up.

"This, as I'm sure you have noticed, is the center of Kronos Academy, where the college buildings are located, as well as most of the stores and student-run-businesses we have." She gestures left and right as she says this, highlighting the buildings in question. Most of them are cozy one-story buildings, which make the tall, multi-story education buildings stand out even more. All of them are rather spaced apart, leaving a flowing, natural vibe hanging in the area. I see on down the street several curious buildings, including a book story that has penguins decorating its front entrance, a coffee shop with a line going out the door, and a dark building that has a neon sign proclaiming "Trance Jazz Bar".

And then I saw something absolutely massive and unbelievable rising on the horizon. A giant stone building, curving as its walls turned off into places I couldn't see. It looked like… well, it looked like a Roman coliseum.

"What is that?" I ask, looking up as we drew nearer to it, stunned.

"That? Oh, that's Phoenixs Coliseum." She says it with a shrug, as if it isn't completely odd and out of place. She smiles knowingly at me. "I assume you didn't expect it to be so large, did you?"

"Expect it? What do you mean? Why is there a coliseum here? You don't…" My voice grew equally nervous and faint. "You don't have lions or anything, right?"

Gabrielle laughed, a pleasant, light-hearted noise. "Oh, no! No! That's ridiculous." Her face grew concerned as she said her next words. "So you really don't know? That's incredible… though I can see the reasoning behind it." Nodding again, though this time to herself, she explained to me. "The Coliseum is where we powered students go to test our combat skills. It's basically… cage-fighting, but without the cage. Instead the best of us have powers that can rough up anyone in our way." She says it with a wink, but notices my growing concern. "Oh, don't worry! No one has died since Ms. March was hired!"

My face fell even farther. "People have died here? This is, this is crazy! How can students fight each other for fun? That's barbaric!" My shame of not having a power slipped away as I focused on what really mattered- this school was insane!

"Things have come really far since people died! That was over ten years ago, and besides, it was only one or two idiots. And it's not barbaric, it's sport. Either way, only a few students do it. I for one would never be so simple minded as to use my power to harm someone for fame and fortune." A slight gleam appears in her eyes as she says this, and I can't help but fill in the end of her thought - for only a little fame and fortune. Gabrielle was truly sweet, but I knew, somehow, that she would always get what she wanted, some way or another.

"Oh…. Okay, then. So, what… can you do?" I ask hesitantly, not sure I want to hear the answer.

Smiling as if she had been hoping I'd ask, Gabrielle closes her eyes, and the wind picks up around us. At first I think that she can control winds, like Austin, but the air starts to crackle, and I feel myself getting slightly pelted by raindrops. Tiny lightning bolts start crackling in the clouds gathering around Gabrielle, and within ten seconds she is enveloped in her own personal hurricane. Before it can get too big, she opens her eyes, and the storm dissipates.

"Does that answer your question?" She asks my slack-jawed face. She glances at her watch, and gasps. "Oh, shoot! We have to get moving! I need to show you your room, and the Chancellor's announcement meeting starts in twenty minutes!"

Grabbing my head, she starts full out running, dragging me along. As we get further away from the college, a blue tram pulls up behind us on the street, and Gabrielle hops on board. The man working the door greets Gabrielle (and not me, which I think was rather rude), but she doesn't spare him a glance, sitting the two of us up front.

"Why must these metal beasts be automatic…?" Gabrielle murmured to herself.

A few minutes later, we hopped off the bus with a few other people, all of whom greeted Gabrielle.

"Were those all your friends?" I ask her, trying not to seem bashful.

"What? Oh, no." She smiles at me, all the while seeming amusingly embarrassed. "They're all in this dorm, BT. It stands for Blue Triangle, our symbol. You see, this dorm has a council of twelve students that lead it, which is a much more effective strategy than what the other dorms have." She had started frowning as she got sidetracked, but smiled again as she remembered the topic. "Anyways, I'm one of those leaders."

A bit surprised, I can just manage an "Oh" before she guides us inside the three story building. The front lobby is tastefully decorated, with a round fountain rising off the floor, with several sitting areas scattered around, adorned with potter plants and rugs covering the marble tiled floors.

We took the elevator, and Gabrielle waited by it as I quickly went to check out my room, number 238. Using the key I had received with my acceptance letter, I opened the door and looked around. The walls and carpet were a pale blue color, and there were two beds. Guess I would have a roommate. There were also two dressers, and two pale wood desks. For a dorm room, it was pretty spacious. The L-shaped room also had a bathroom, which I noticed we would be sharing with two other girls next door. I dropped my luggage on top of the bed that had my other luggage already on it, safely delivered from the ship. And also on top of the bed, I noticed a familiar fuzzy figure.

"Xi! What are you doing here?" My cuddly panda was sitting on a scrap of paper, I noticed, so I snatched it up and scanned it quickly, both mad and touched at what it said.

'You forgot something. Forgetfulness doesn't help here.


Smiling as I left to rejoin Gabrielle, I was glad to have Jack as a brother. While he was always saying rude-ish things like that, I knew he didn't mean any of it and that he was looking out for me, like always.

"And that's the BT Dorm. Now move it, Jessica! We have to be at that meeting!" She wrested hold of my hand again, and once more I found myself being dragged through campus, approaching the Coliseum.

"Due to its size, we use the Coliseum for all meetings. It can easily hold all of the students, staff, and whoever else may be visiting." Gabrielle explained, remarkably not out of breathe.

The two of us maneuvered through the students making their ways into the building, and managed to claim two seats in our dorms section a minute before the meeting started. Austin was in the circular center of the Coliseum, and several large television-screens showed his face to all of the students gathered.

"Good evening students. As most of you know, I am Professor Speed. I would like to welcome you to a new year at Kronos Academy, and I wish you all a happy, successful one at that. So, now, without further ado, Chancellor G."

A spotlight seemed to shine somewhere near the top of the Coliseum, dozens of meters above my head, and I saw a familiar figure flying there. Large wings tucking in, my father dive-bombed, swooping up just in time to land lightly on the Coliseum floor.

"Thank you, son." Daddy said, taking the microphone. His long, brown hair fell in front of his face, and he casually brushed it aside, a motion I myself did all the time. "YO NEW STUDENTS! Are you all ready for an awesome year at Kronos?" Gasping, I thought Is that really my father?

"What's the matter?" Gabrielle asked, clearly concerned.

"That's my father! My father is the chancellor!" Nearly choking on the words, a million questions run through my head.

"Well, of course. Didn't you know?" Gabrielle looks truly confused for the first time, and I assume I look the same way.

"Now for the official business." Daddy said, his facing growing serious. "We have a few new classes this year, and several new staff members are here to help with the added burden. If you have one of the new classes, good luck with that. New staff members, please do not maim or get maimed by your students. And with that…" A large smile covered his Asian face, and I couldn't believe he was as old as he was supposed to be. He didn't look a day over 30. "G OOOOOOOUUUT!" He shouted, and he took off, flying out of the Phoenixs Coliseum.

Author's note: Jessica is a bland narrator. I promise things shall get better. And with that, Dorms is officially open for business! The next few chapters shall be longer and essentially be mini-stories, adding up to no real plot but certainly being entertaining for quite a while. Jessica is done narrating, and you've met G, who is as awesome as promised.

Soon on Dorms: New narrators, and the reason that the Phoenixs Coliseum is actually Phoenix's Coliseum.