Chapter 12

"Hello Raegan, hello Maeve!" Melody exclaimed as she opened the door to their large house. "Everyone is gathered in the backyard, enjoying the weather while it lasts," she told us as she led us to the back door. We both nodded and smiled, commenting about the weather as we walked outside.

When Melody led us over to the group of people on the patio, she looked at me, and made a little shooing motion with her fingers.

"The rest of the teens are over by the pool," she commented. "The water is a little cold, but we have a heater for it, so if you want, you can swim with them."

Though I didn't like her attitude, I just nodded, and brushed my hand over Raegan's shoulder before going to join a group of people I didn't particularly like, but decided I could stand for one day.

Going in the general direction that Melody had pointed out, I turned a corner, following the smell of chlorine and the voices and shrieks of teens. I quickly picked out the two brunettes and two blondes I recognized, though I stopped shyly when six unfamiliar pairs of eyes turned towards me.

"Hey, Maeve!" Alexis said, smiling at me and waving me over from her spot in the middle of the pool. I nodded in a silent hello, and quickly skimmed out of my dress, into my red bikini. I immediately regretted it as soon as Matt's eyes turned towards me, and he me sent a rather predatory grin. I quickly jumped into the pool, splashing everyone with water, and not really caring. I grinned at Joelle and Jaimee as they both wiped water out of their eyes, sputtering a little as they also spit it out. They just rolled their eyes and giggled, but refrained from comment or revenge. After a few moments of me listening to idle conversation and merely floating around, one of the guys suggested playing a game of volleyball. Matt quickly hopped out of the pool and, with the help of a buddy, set up the net with relative ease. Then ensued a heated game of water volleyball, which the girls ended up winning.

"This is lame," one of the guys proclaimed. I think Joelle had said his name was Jesse. "Let's do something else." He turned to Matt, and tilted his head adorably to the side. "Didn't you say there was a stereo in the guest house? We can have a mini dance party," he suggested, wiggling his eyebrows.

The girls all jumped at the chance, hopping out of the pool and handing out towels, as well as putting their dresses back on and drying off their hair. Matt grabbed the spare key from the fake rock in from of the guest house, and unlocked the door, flipping the lights on to reveal a simplistically furnished den, complete with a huge entertainment system, and easily moved furniture. While the girls found a radio station with club music, the guys moved the furniture. When they had everything rearranged, the girls started to dance with each other, though they were soon enough pulled out of their group and over to the guys, where they started sickeningly grinding. I pushed my revulsion aside as Jesse grabbed my waist, and pulled me back into him. I grinned, and decide to show him what a REAL girl danced like. I quickly started grinding on him, rubbing against him in a rather 'sexy' way. I grinned when I heard his rapid breath in my ear, only grinding harder, listening to the rapid breathing turn into panting. I broke away when he starting all but moaning, shaking my head.

"It's not your lucky night, baby," I murmured as I moved away, casually going over to where a couple of the girls were rooting around in the fridge.

"Hey, look, I found beer!" one of them exclaimed, holding up the cans. That brought the flock of teenagers over as we all grabbed one, turning down the music and sitting down on the couch, starting to talk. We had each all gone through probably two or three beers by the time the idle conversation stopped, and turned to something a little more risqué.

"What do you guys say we play Truth or Dare?" Matt asked, a certain glint in his eye as he looked at the admittedly drunk, and rather tipsy, girls beside me.

Everyone nodded, and we started to play.

The first few rounds were pretty innocent, everyone picking 'dare' so as not to seem chicken. They consisted of things like chugging another beer, trying some of the tequila that was in the cabinet, running outside and screaming something obscene, ya know, something of the like. But, when it was Matt's turn to suggest a dare, it turned sexual.

"Adam," he said, grinning evilly. "I dare you to make out with Jesse."

Both guys glowered at the other, though they obligingly did so, obviously quite sound in their masculinity. Several rounds consisted in kissing, and heavy make-outs, of which I was subject to only one, with, again, Jesse. Inevitably, though, came the stripping. I was becoming uncomfortably wet, and unreasonably horny by the time that all the girls were topless, excluding me.

"Your turn Maeve," one of the nameless guys suggested, making an elaborate gesture. "I dare you to take off your shirt."

Seeing the all too avid look on Matt's face, I shook my head. "No thanks," I said, my voice firm. "I'm going to have to pass on that one." The guys all protested, telling me that I had to, and finally, I just got up and left. I was talking back to the patio when I felt a hand on my arm. I started, but didn't scream, and I turned around.

"What the fuck, Matt?" I asked, irritated, and a little scared. He was drunk, and much stronger than me.

"Maeve, you have to take off your shirt. It's a dare!" he said, his words slurring a little bit.

I frowned, and shook my head. "I said no, Matt. No really does mean no."

Matt hissed, and shrugged. "Fine, I'll do it for you," he said, pinning my hands against the wall of the shed, and starting to unbutton my sundress. I opened my mouth to scream, but he covered it with his own, swallowing my scream. He got my dress unbuttoned, and pushed it down, where it bunched around my curvy hips. He then pulled the string of my bikini, and my top fell off. Adrenaline kicked in, and I bit Matt hard, making him pull back.

"You fucking bitch!" he hissed, groping at my breast. "I know you want it, you slut," he said, squeezing hard and pinching my nipple. I screamed, only to be smacked. "Don't do that," he said in a low, threatening voice. Then, his hand dipped down to go underneath my dress, and into my bikini bottoms, running his hand against my pussy. I started to scream again, punctuating the raw shrieks with "NO, STOP!"

Eventually I heard people start coming over to us, though Matt seemingly didn't. When the shed light turned on, he jumped back, letting me go as I slid down the shed wall.

"Matthew!" a shrill voice assaulted my ears, making me cringe. "Maeve! What the hell is going on?"

I looked up at Melody, my eyes watering and my lips red and bruised, I quickly pulled up my dress, and huddled into myself. "What does it look like?" I murmured, making the adults strain to hear me. "He just tried to fucking rape me!"

"Mom, she's lying. It was all in good fun," he said, his words slurring again. "Honestly, it was just a little bit of fun."

I saw Melody roll her eyes, and shake her, pursing her lips. "Matthew, stop lying. Get off the ground, and come over here."

Through all this, Raegan had been standing silent, her eyes wide and her hand over her mouth as she watched what was going on. When Matthew extended a hand for me to lift myself up with, though, Raegan let loose a very primitive growl.

"Don't touch her," she snarled, her eyes narrowed as she stalked over to kneel down beside me. "Don't even fucking look at her!"

Everyone seemed shocked at Raegan's outburst, though Matt recovered quickly. "What does it matter to you?" he growled back, his eyes fiery. "She's just your slutty housemate."

Raegan got up, looking like she was about to punch the boy. "I care because she is my girlfriend, if it is any of your business. And she is not a slut. You're just a manwhore who can't take 'no' for an answer."

No one seemed to be worried about the probable fistfight, but instead, Melody and her husband, as well as several other guests (including Prudence, Amelia, and Mark) just stared at her in shock.

"… girlfriend?" Melody asked, her voice joked. "You're a lesbian?" she covered her mouth with her hand, and simply stared at Raegan. "And all the times you've seen me half naked. Oh, you disgusting bitch!" she hissed, spitting in Raegan's face.

Without missing a beat, Raegan used one hand to wipe the spit off her face, and used the other to deliver a stinging slap to Melody's face. Without saying a word, she picked me up, and carried me out of the backyard, back to our house.

Raegan put me down only to open the door, ushering me into the house and lifting me onto the counter. She grabbed some ice from the freezer, and handed it to me, telling me to "suck. It will help the swelling go down."

I did as I was told, not only because of the cold, but from shock. "Oh, baby girl," Raegan murmured when she saw me shaking, wrapping me in a tight hug. "Shhh, my love. It's okay, darling," she murmured into my hair, pressing kisses on the crown of my head.

I started to sob into her shoulder, trying to get words out of my mouth in between sobs. "I- have never felt- so- VIOLATED!" I sobbed, my throat and chest aching as I spit the words out, wetting Raegan's shoulder. "I was- basically- a whore!"

"Oh, chicky, don't say that. You did what you had to in order to survive," she murmured, hugging me even tighter. I couldn't stop sobbing and shivering, and eventually, Raegan picked me up off the counter, taking me to the couch, and wrapping a blanket around me before setting me down in her lap. She held me and rocked me until my tears stopped and I fell asleep.

Matthew leered at me in the dim light from the full moon. "Oh, you're so delectable when you're naked," he hissed, sounding very much like a snake.

I looked down and shrieked, starting to cry as his fingers slipped into the fold of my secret, special place, making what should feel good into a dirty thing. "No, stop," I whimpered, trying to scream, but not able to. It seemed no one was coming, and I started to suffocate, feeling hot. I started to thrash, feeling trapped…

"Maeve, honey, wake up. It's just a dream, baby. It's just me, Raegan," my girlfriend murmured into my hair as she held me tightly, so that I did not strike her. We were lying on the couch, my back to her front as she started to stroke my hair. I simply pushed away from her, running to the bathroom, and flinging myself into the showre, trying to wash the horrid thoughts away. When I got out of the shower, I walked tiredly into my room, glancing out the window as I did so. It was just beginning to get light, and the sky was a light, clear blue. I started to cry again, for no reason, cursing the sky for being so happy when I could not. I still felt violated as I laid in my bed, and curled myself into a ball, not even uncurling as Raegan came in and curled herself around me, rubbing my back in small circles.

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