Full Summary: When Harley's friend Jeff is bullied to the point where he is sick of her sticking up for him, he decides to take dangerous measures by summoning a demon, not knowing if it was even possible. When it does work a hit list is made. Harley finds out and wants to stop the bloodshed. Payment changes when the demon sets his sights on the challenging Harley.

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Note: Story is in Harley's POV unless stated otherwise in chapters.

"Blah blah" – Normal speech

"Blah blah" – Thought of character

Chapter One

Today is just another day of senior year in high school. Same boring classes, same annoying people, same everything. It's lunch hour, and I am in the bathroom, studying my face for any blemishes while waiting for my friend Tina. Finding none, I study my reflection.

Same old eighteen year old Harley Collins stares back at me. I have straight, light brown hair and brown eyes. My appearance is pretty average: oval face, small widow's peak, and slightly crooked nose. I run my finger over it, feeling the bump where it broke during a sparring match a few years ago. Others might fret over something like that, but I feel like it gives my face character. I give myself a small smile in satisfaction as I step away from the mirror.

Glancing at the time, I figure we should get back to the lunch table to rejoin the guys. The sound of the toilet flushing alerts me that Tina is almost ready.

"Sorry about that, my stomach has been acting up lately," she says as she washes her hands.

"No big deal, did you hea-" I'm cut off midsentence when we hear "Fight!" yelled across the hall from the cafeteria.

"Shit! Let's go!" I dash out of the bathroom leaving Tina in my wake. I enter the Caf to see a group of guys huddled around one person.

"Of course its Jeff…" I think. Ryan gives me a knowing look as he tries to pry his way in the group to stop it.

I run over and pull away the first boy I see to get in the circle.

"Hey! Wha-"

"Shut it," I say to the boy as I get in front of Jeff, guarding him from the group.

I notice right away who the leader of the group is. "Big surprise, it's Zack Tambil," I think sarcastically. Zack is what I would consider the stereotypical, high school jerk. He's tall, attractive, athletic and cocky. A horrible combination if you ask me because it just screams "BULLY!"

"Wow guys, the pussy needs a pussy to come to his rescue!" Zack exclaims with a boisterous laugh. His laughter is joined by the group of boys behind him.

I put myself into a tense stance, sliding my right foot slightly back. It's not a fighting stance but I'm ready if I need to be. I know I shouldn't let this escalate to that point, but the vibe Zack's body language is giving me suggests it already has. While I avoid using my karate skills in school, I might have to make an exception today. Zack may know I'm tough in spirit but he doesn't know what I'm capable of. In fact, as I scan the faces of the boys around us I notice Todd Johnson in the group. I teach his kid brother at my dad's dojo. He gives Zack an uneasy glance, a knowing look that says this is a bad idea but it goes unnoticed by Zack.

"So clever, aren't you?" I say as I stare him dead in the eye, "Whatever the problem is, it ends now. Go back to your table."

"Harley, you know as well as anyone that Jeff deserves a beating if he opens his damn mouth. The dude needs to learn when to keep his comments to himself," Zack explains with a sneer, annoyed by whatever was said earlier.

"Oh really? I think he deserves applause for not taking your shit like everyone else does around here," I reply, siding with my friend.

Sure Jeff has a smart mouth with no muscle to back it up, but at least he's not trying to be pushed around. Partly I blame myself for encouraging him to stick up for himself instead of relying on me, Ryan, or the rest of our friends to bail him out.

"Harley, it's fine. Don't bother. I can handle this," Jeff says from behind me.

I glace back to reassure him that it is fine when I notice he's already sporting a black ring around his right eye. Seeing this, my face heats up with anger. My loyalty for my friends fuels my passion to protect them from harm, especially in the shape of Zack Tambil.

"No it's not Jeff! Look what that fucker did to your face!" I yell as I face Zack again. "Normally I'm against strong language in school, but you, sir, are a complete ass!"

"Excuse me?! I don't like being talked to that way, especially from a five foot nothing girl who should mind her own damn business!"

"You heard me, jerk. And this five foot nothing girl, as you so nicely put it, isn't scared of you," I retort with my fists tightening at my sides "He just had to bring in the height thing didn't he…"

It's no secret that I'm short, but I'm toned from years of martial arts. I'm not someone he should mess with but guess he has to learn that the hard way. I slowly start to raise my clenched fists to my hip level when my attention is drawn to my injured friend behind me.

"Look Zack, I'm sorr-" Jeff tries to apologize when a random boy yells for Zack to show the bitch her place. I fight back the urge to roll my eyes at that one. "Wonder who that bitch could be? Hmm I wonder…"

"Looks like I'll have to, now wont I?" says Zack as he steps closer to me. My eyes narrow slightly as I quickly survey the large room. No one is doing anything to stop this. I even see some kids have their phones out to catch it on video. Where is a teacher when you need one? This is about to get bad…for Zack.

"Last chance to walk away Zack," I reply while sparing a glance at Todd, which he returns with a nervous expression. Smart boy, one less to worry about.

"I don't think you're in the position to warn me, don't you?"

"Nope, I think I'm just fine here."

"Your mistake bitch," he says too calmly.

"Here it comes," I think as my fists shoot up.

Just in time to block a slap directed at my right cheek. Typical man to use a slap. Zack gives a surprised look, but it disappears as his hand withdraws. He's not one to be shown up, especially by a girl. Getting serious, his hand forms a fist. This time his strike heads straight for my face. My left hand goes up this time to deflect it and deliver a right jab of my own. He threw the first punch. Now it's text book self-defense, my game all the way. My eyes harden as I watch my opponent, hoping this can end before it gets too serious. "Seriously where is a teacher? Hell I'd take a janitor if some older adult would intervene!"

Zack stumbles back with his hands on his face. Whispers murmur from the surrounding crowd. He recovers with anger clearly written on his face, telling me this isn't over yet. I challenged the alpha so now I have finish. I hear Jeff mumble a curse word behind me as I get into my fighting stance.

Another fist comes flying but I block it with a parry and wrap my left hand around his wrist, pulling him into me as I send an elbow strike to his cheek followed by a swift knee to the stomach. I end it with a right upper cut to his chin, successfully pushing him backward, probably with a bruised jaw, from the added force of him being bent over. Now he's the one looking weak, not Jeff.

"Fuck!" one of Zack's friends exclaims as they stare at me in awe.

"I warned you," I growl out as I look down at him, "Mess with my friends or anyone weaker for that matter, and you will have to deal with me. Got it, asshole?"

He just mumbles as he slowly gets up, clearly in pain. A look of defeat is in his eyes that I can't help but be glad about.

"What is going on here?!" yells Mrs. Gibs, my Bio teacher. "A little late, don't you think?" I can't help but think as I turn to her approaching form.

"Mrs. Gibs, I-" I start only to be cut off by Todd of all people.

"Here's what happened! Zack gave Jeff a black eye because Jeff pissed him off, and Harley stepped in trying to stop it. Zack didn't listen and decided to attack her as well. She was just defending herself and Jeff, Mrs. Gibs. Go easy on her, Zack's the problem. Ask anyone here."

Mrs. Gibs turns from him to me, to Zack, to Jeff, and then Zack again.

"We will discuss it in the principal's office. You three come with me. Everyone else, go to class. The bell is about to ring anyway," she says with a sour expression, obviously unhappy with the situation. "And has anyone seen Mr. Hoffmeir who's supposed to be supervising this lunch period? Honestly, when I find him, I swear…" Mrs. Gibs trails off, speaking more to herself than us. I just give a small shrug as she starts heading to the hallway.

Jeff looks my way, but his eyes are downcast. He says thanks to me as Zack walks past us. I tell him not to mention it, because that's what friends are for, and I follow Zack and Mrs. Gibs. I hear Jeff mumble behind me, but I don't quite catch what he's saying. All I thought I heard was, "No more." But I don't ask him about it, because I figure he's not really talking to me. I decide not to think too hard on it given what just happened, so over my shoulder, I just tell him to hurry up.

"No more…"

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